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Youtube Music Star ‘Brushy One String’ Is Coming To Buenos Aires

By | [email protected] | April 4, 2017 12:55pm

Youtube Music Star ‘Brushy One String’ Is Coming To Buenos Aires

You have to love Youtube sometimes. Thanks to the power of the internet many musicians have made it from tiny towns to world-wide tours. One such fortunate gentleman is Jamaican talent, Brushy One String. Brushy will be gracing La Tangente from 9PM on Thursday with folky, blues, reggae type sounds produced from his unique musical tool, a one string guitar. Because who needs six strings when you’re that talented anyway?

Brushy’s curious instrument was spied by filmmaker Luciano Blotta in rural Jamaica and his talent was quickly uploaded to the globe via Youtube, with his track “Chicken in The Corn” on display. Four years later it has been viewed over 12 and a half million times. The power of the internet, right? Since this Youtube fame Brushy has managed to trot the globe and early last year released his most recent album his “No Man Stop Me”, which he will showcase at La Tangente.

His most recent eight track album is not one to miss, delivering a mixture of messages and soundbites all from Brushy’s one string. From the slower, blues infused song of praise of the opening track “No Man Stop Me” to the smile fuelled chirpy number “Drummer Man”. The final track of the album, “Home Away From Home” was actually recorded here in Argentina. What better way to see off the week?


Thursday April 6th | 9PM


La Tangente | Honduras 5317

How much

AR $250