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You Can Now Vote for the Seven Natural Wonders of Argentina

By | [email protected] | April 17, 2018 4:36pm


What is the nicest place in Argentina? It’s a tough question to answer; from the regions of Salta and Jujuy in the North to the southern lands of Tierra del Fuego, the country is full of stunning national parks, forests, waterfalls, mountains, deserts, and rivers (oh, and a glacier or two). With so many breathtaking locations, narrowing it down can be more than a bit daunting. Therefore, to establish a proper ranking, Argentina is choosing its Seven Natural Wonders, and you – yes, you! – can pick the winner.

If you’re not Argentine but have traveled around the country and want to promote a special place, you can participate: The vote is public, free, and open to everyone worldwide.

The Iguazu Falls have already been nominated as a Wonder of the World (Photo via Dronestagram)

The Iguazu Falls have already been nominated as a Wonder of the World (Photo via Dronestagram)

The vote is organized by the New7Wonders association, a foundation that creates lists of wonders of the modern world. Argentina was integrated in 2011 to the list of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, where Iguazú Falls was selected along with Ha Long Bay (Vietnam), Jeju Island (South Korea), the Amazon rainforest, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (Philippines), Table Mountain (South Africa), and the Island of Komodo (Indonesia). Check out their website for incredible photos and more info on all these fabulous locations.

It should be noted that Iguazú Falls aren’t elegible for this contest and will instead be used as a sponsor: The foundation believes that it would be unfair for a Wonder of the World to run against the other lesser-known locations, and let’s be honest – they do have a point.

Here’s how the vote will work: from now until June, anyone can suggest places anywhere in Argentina, and the numbers of likes that a place earns will define its final ranking. From June 7th to August 21st, a committee of tourism experts, journalists, and photographers will choose 28 finalists from an initial pool of the top 77 sites (based on likes). Then, from September to the beginning of April 2019, the online community will select the finalists. The seven winners will be announced on April 7, 2019.

The region of the Seventh Lake, near Bariloche, is one of the favorite (Photo via Expedia)

“Siete Lagos” (Seven Lakes) near Bariloche, is one of the favorites to be chosen – maybe seven is a lucky number after all! (Photo via Expedia)


“We want to make history together, to create a national memory and a global respect for our heritage,” said Garlos Giménez Vetere, the General Director of the program in Argentina. Jean-Paul de la Fuente, the Director of the New7Wonders Foundation, also declared proudly that it was a “public vote, an exercise of democratic participation where people debated, participated, discussed, and chose which one will be elected. The results for the chosen sites have an enormous repercussion, something which we saw in the Iguazú Falls, since it has the potential of bringing a lot of tourism to the location.”

Votes can be cast here, where you are also be able to see the presentations of the contestants.

So far, three sites are frontrunners in terms of likes. The first one, Valle de la Luna, the deserted regions with an otherworldly landscape (hence the name), is located in the Northeastern corner of Argentina. The place formed 200 million years ago, and was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000. Coming in second is Sierra de las Quijadas National Park in San Luis, and in third place is Los Alerces National Park, in Patagonia.

However, the votes aren’t finished yet, and you still have until June to choose which locations should win – don’t hesitate to suggest your own!

Near Jujuy, the Valle de la Luna is a must-see for any tourist (Photo via El Sitio del Turismo de Jujuy)

Near Jujuy, the Valle de la Luna is a must-see for any tourist. (Photo via El Sitio del Turismo de Jujuy)