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WTF Tuesday? Weird Fish, Cat Black Out And Matt Damon

By | [email protected] | November 10, 2015 5:47pm


Today you might have read that David Beckham is here in Buenos Aires, that there was a violent protest in a town hall in Tucumán and that Macri’s adviser, Abel Albino, has decided that sex leads to malnutrition.

But right here, right now, The Bubble brings you the real breaking news of the day: a weird new fish has been found in the southwest of Argentina, a cat tragically passed away while causing a mass electrical outage in the center of Santa Fe and Matt Damon’s Argentine chica, Luciana Barroso, has apparently decided that, after ten years of marriage, she’d like not only to break the US heartthrob’s heart with a divorce but also his wallet with a US$140 million claim.

Weird Fish Found:

A Facebook user recently uploaded a picture of a whacky maritime species found in the waters of the Limay River in Neuquén. It is a type of parasite, known as a lamprey and, apparently, it has a large, angular mouth. Cool.

Carlos Valenzuela was the discoverer of this aquatic mystery and it has since been revealed that this type of fish habitually migrates from salty sea waters to sweeter rivers in order to reproduce. (I wouldn’t have sex here if I were you, fishy, Albino will be on your case).

It’s bloody ugly though, have a look:

Photo via minutouno

Photo via minutouno

Cat Causes Electrical Outage: 

Santa Fe was recently the victim of an hour and a half black out, but no one felt the blow as much as one particular creature: the cat who caused the whole conundrum.

The feline in question got itself trapped inside the San Gerónimo Transformer Center and caused an imperfection in the power cables. When asked about the outage, the power company in question explained, “It wasn’t the result of the heat or over-consumption, but rather a cat that got itself trapped in one of the cells and this affected services running throughout a large area of the micro and macro center of the city.”

Sadly, the cat was electrocuted in the process.

Photo via youtube

Photo via youtube

Matt Damon’s Argentine Wife Asks For Divorce:

Ok, so a few days ago, international media outlets such as Gossip Cop and Parent Herald dispelled the now-old myth that, as Argentine beauty Luciana Barroso and US actor Matt Damon go through their devastating divorce, Barroso has been trying to claim US$140 million off of her outgoing husband.

But local media was all about that bit of news today and delighted in plastering shock-horror headlines accusing Barroso of being a money swindling so-and-so.

Calm down, guys, they are getting divorced (sad face) but she is not suing him (smiley face).

Photo via Infobae

Photo via Infobae

Now that you have heard these binding tales, you can go on with your weeks.

Happy Tuesday everyone.