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World’s Smallest Roundabout Inaugurated in Chivilcoy; Internet Explodes

The hilarious memes included comparison to a cake and a UFO.

By | [email protected] | June 12, 2019 5:46pm


I’m guessing it started out like quite the promising day for Chivilcoy mayor Guillermo Britos from the Cambiemos coalition. He probably woke up early and planned his schedule in detail while sipping on a cup of coffee and taking a gander at the newspaper. At the top of his to-do-list was the inauguration of a piece of infrastructure, one of those can’t-miss events for politicians, a materialization of their success in office, if you will.

Britos was about to cut the ribbon a roundabout located on Calixto Calderón avenue and he even had his speech written out, one that explained that this was just “a part of the improvements for organizing traffic and guaranteeing road safety in an area with a massive flow of cars and motorcycles.” It was taking place during Road Safety Day in Argentina, for God’s sake. What could go wrong?

Well, turns out, a lot.

The main picture of the inauguration of the roundabout (rotonda from now on, for its Spanish name) was insanely meme-able and the Internet is not very forgiving with these things, especially in a country as polarized as Argentina is at the moment. I mean, look at this beauty.

Where to begin with this one? Well, the most obvious one is that it’s laughably small. Like, insultingly small almost. I mean, how needy do you have to be as a mayor to actually make an event to open a rotonda that’s the size of a large pizza, honestly? But the meme potential for this one doesn’t stop there.

There’s the creepy, funeral looking pose of the attendees, the weirdly-shaped green cones that surround the thing. There’s just so much going on that it’s making my head hurt. So let’s check out some of the best memes that arose from this unfortunate event and just get this over with. We wish you a more pleasant tomorrow, Mayor Britos.

“In Chivilcoy, the mayor and his cabinet pray to UFOs”

“Chivilcoy is innovation. They opened a rotonda made of butt plugs”

“The Chivilcoy rotonda with gnome hats”

“They opened a rotonda in Chivilcoy. A heartfelt, emotional presentation”

“Don’t be fooled by the fake opening of a rotonda. Chivilcoy is actually declaring war on the nearby city of Bragado”

“The Minister of Public Works of Chivilcoy is a pastry chef”


Internet, otherwise known as the gift that keeps on giving.