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Love Wine? Don’t Miss These 3 Awesome Events in November

Red, white, sparkling, or all of the above? Read on for details.

By | [email protected] | October 28, 2019 8:00am

winePhoto by Douglas Lopez on Unsplash

The onset of warm weather in Buenos Aires is synonymous with a few pretty cool things – jacarandás, polo season, and sweating through your underwear before 10 AM – but the one topping our list is always the abundance of food and drink-themed events happening all over the city. It’s as if porteños spend winter hibernation biding their time and making grand plans to jam-pack the calendar with an array of activities that put booze and morfi at the forefront.

Luckily, this year promises to be no different. While we’re still reeling from the collective stress and tension that resulted from Sunday’s presidential elections (no matter who your candidate is, we can all agree that everything is pretty much a dumpster fire), there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon. And they all involve wine. Yes, lots and lots of wine. Read on for the details about three can’t-miss events for wine lovers this November in Buenos Aires.

Feria del Mercado | November 8

Now in its second edition, the Feria del Mercado brings together more than 15 wineries and distributors, chocolatiers, queso y fiambre producers, and loads of other gourmet-focused brands. Unlike some of the other large scale wine fairs, this event maxes out at around 200 attendees, ensuring everyone has more than enough to eat and drink along the way. There will be celiac-friendly gourmet offerings as well as plenty of mineral water to stay hydrated (blacking out is so 2003, don’t you think?).

Feria del Mercado | Gorriti 4968 | 8PM – 12:30 AM | Tickets AR $800 | Buy online

Sparkling Nights | November 13-15

Champagne kisses and cookie dreams! Wait, this isn’t Troop Beverly Hills (best movie of all time, bye). BA’s biggest, bubbliest sparkling wine event is back once again, bringing attendees three days and more than 200 labels from 25 of the country’s top wineries. Consider it a chance to check out the latest and greatest espumosos that Argentina to offer in a killer location in downtown Buenos Aires. The Palacio Paz, just steps from Plaza San Martín, adds a hefty dose of glitz and glam – after all, that’s what sparkling wine is all about, right? Early birds that book tickets online before October 31st enjoy a 30 percent discount (!) but you can also purchase directly at the door during the event. Entrance gets you a glass to use for the tastings; you’ll also be able to nosh on a wide array of gourmet bites, from finger food to ice cream.

Sparkling Nights | Palacio Paz – Av. Santa Fe 750 | 6 – 11 PM | Tickets AR $800 (30% discount if purchased before 10/31) | Buy online

Alta Gama: Luxury Edition | November 16

Photo via Accor Hotels

Take a hike out of town and read to the posh Sofitel Reserva Los Cardales out in Campana to enjoy a night of gastronomic hedonism from start to finish. As you stuff yourself silly with premium chocolates, cheese and charcuterie – not to mention loads of other tasty treats – you’ll wash it all down with the best wines and spirits that you can handle. Basically, if you feel like you should have been born into the royal family (or at least just the 1 percent), this event will speak to your soul. Your ticket will give you all access to a degustación libre of the wine and spirits on offer, free parking (maybe find someone to be your designated driver?), and a seat at a Master Class that sounds pretty cool. Our recommendation? Tirar la casa por la ventana and get totally smashed, spend the night at the hotel, and nurse your hangover poolside the next day.

Alta Gama: Luxury Edition | Sofitel La Reserva Cardales – Campana | 4 – 11 PM | Tickets AR $1,110 through 10/31; from 11/1 – AR $1,200; AR $1,500 at the door | Buy online | Facebook