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Why Has There Been So Much Trash In Buenos Aires Plazas Recently?

By | [email protected] | October 4, 2016 11:52am


Plazas across the city have been overflowing with bags of green waste over the past few days as the huge green recycling points dotted around the city remained closed over the weekend.

The 30 “green points” were inaugurated in 2014 as part of the City government’s drive to push residents to recycle. Separate from the green bins located in certain neighbourhoods of Argentina’s capital, the “green points” are supposed to be huge gathering places for recycling efforts.

The Buenos Aires City government has explained that the points were closed because it had terminated a contract with the company it had outsourced to run them. The 34 workers whose job it was to sort the green waste were laid off on Friday morning, according to La Nación. Some of the employees had been working for the company Cunumi for more than two years.

“There weren’t any warning notices because we did not anticipate that the green points would stay closed,” a government official told La Nación. “The weekend issue was due to a last minute logistical problem.”

From this week onwards, the recycling points will be attended to by government employees specifically trained in recycling.