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The Best Places to Watch the Copa Libertadores Final in Buenos Aires

Besides the stadium, of course.

By | [email protected] | November 23, 2018 1:11pm

reu_2588746(Photo: Squawka)

The second leg of the Copa Libertadores final between River and Boca will be a clash for the ages. A historic, once-in-a-lifetime even that will be talked about for decades. And if you are in Buenos Aires, it will be too much of a dramatic event for you to waste it watching it alone at home with a can of cheap supermarket chips.

But fret not. For those of you who don’t have a membership to River Plate or don’t have the absolute fortune to buy a ticket in the black market, we have put together a group of bars in Buenos Aires for you to go on November 24th at 5 PM, and optimize your experience depending your personal preferences and location.

The Bars

Locos por El Fútbol (LxF)

(Photo: LxF)

Locos por el Fútbol (LxF) is one of the most famous sports bar for locals in Buenos Aires, the name pretty much sums it up. Be sure to see the place full of passionate fans for their respective sides. The bar is designed to watch sports so if you consider yourself a super-fan, you best get there an hour or two (or more) before kick off to secure a viewing spot.

LxF | Av. Las Heras 2101 | Tel: 11 4807 3777 | 

El Álamo

(Photo:ComoBeba) One of the many viewing areas available at El Álamo

El Álamo  is undeniably the first place that comes to mind for many when they wonder where they should be going to watch any football match, known for being a favorite meeting spot for international and local college students who come to play quarters, beer pong and drink themselves silly. The live sports section of this huge multi-storey complex is the perfect location to watch the match as there’s plenty of space for everyone. Not to mention the food from El Tejano and the cheap pitchers available.

El Álamo | Uruguay 1175 | Tel: 11 4813-7324 

The Gibraltar & Company Ltd.

(Photo: The Gibraltar) A classically styled British Pub with multiple TVs to watch the match

If you want to stray away from impassioned Argentines who will be on the brink of emotional collapse, you can make your way to The Gibraltar. Known for its selection of curries and bar food, this British pub located in San Telmo also has an old-school sports bar vibe from the Isles that sees punters gather together around small circular tables and roar in unison when a goal is scored. The Gibraltar is frequently visited by expats and British students studying abroad giving it a ‘home away from home’ kinda vibe. If this sounds like your ‘cup of tea’ then make sure you get there early to get a good view of the TV in the front bar.

The Gibraltar | Peru 895 |  Tel: 11 4362-5310 | 

Die Hard Fans

If you would rather spend your evening with devout, die-hard fans of one of the two clashing titans, we have selected two locations that are perfect for you (depending on your religion, of course). They are close to the respective stadiums, meaning that you can also have a post-match revel in the stadium, or commiserate together as a family.

La Glorieta de Quique

(Photo: Cassio Minoru Miaguchi) Definitely won’t see any River Plate fans here

If you’re a die-hard Boca, La Glorieta de Quique is  the place to be. Within throwing distance of La Bombonera stadium, you’ll only be seconds away from your beloved stadium and fellow passionate supporters. Remember any experience is not complete without a choripan.

La Glorieta de Quique | Brandsen 810 | Tel: 011 4301-6470 |

Estadio Sports Bar

(Photo: Estadio)

Whilst it isn’t a stone throw away from El Monumental, it’ll definitely serve as fitting location to watch the game from if you’re not heading into the stadium. Estadio Sports Bar is sure to be full of other River fans settling in for the biggest game of the century, With plenty of screens to watch from in the bar and the noise of fans from El Monumental echoing through the streets.

Estadio | Cuba 3282  | 0810-444-0755 |

Location, location, location

The match is certainly going to be not one to miss, with so much on the line, all these bars will be showing the game but, each one will offer a very different experience so make sure you pick the one that suits that type of evening you prefer.