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Where To Kill A Hangover: Palermo Edition

By | [email protected] | November 6, 2015 5:38pm


Come Saturday or Sunday “morning”. Ok, sure, it could also be a Thursday. No judgment. You’re in bed, and keep asking yourself the same questions you struggled to answer the week before – and the one before that too. Why? Was that last margarita really necessary? Wine and fernet… What was I thinking? You feel the numbing sensation of alcohol-induced agony sink into your bones. Your head is about to explode. Ok, now what? Is this feeling ever going to leave you? Calm down, you’re going to make it friend. We’ve got the answers you’ve been looking for, and they’re all in your Palermo comfort zone. Here are our 5 favorite spots to kill the worst of hangovers.

Nola – Gorriti 4389 

Beer is the best cure for hangover. Yes, it is. It’s been proven by science, and your faith in science is unbreakable. So when you wake up on a Sunday afternoon with your head on fire, we know which four letters come straight to your mind: N O L A. I mean if this isn’t the perfect place for a treatment in recovery, then what is? Nola has it all: refreshing and hydrating craft beer, crispy finger-licking fried chicken – with just the right amount of fat and salt your body’s been craving for – and that oh-so-glorious brioche. Add some spicy sauce to the mix and you got perfection all up in one place. Happy hour you asked? Yes friends, the happiest time of the day happens daily in this heavenly refuge. Pangs of photophobia dissipating already?… Just grab a seat outside and let the sun do its job while your body embraces the scientifically proven cure of the hair of the dog.


La Fabrica del Taco – Gorriti 5062:

Saturday, 2PM. You struggle to open your eyes as you grope for your phone. After many failed attempts, you finally manage to unlock it, and there it is. That one friend (the same who got you shit faced the night before) asking that one and only question that could make you get out of bed: “Fabrica?”. No need to say more, you crawl into the shower (pfff, yeah right), get the first pair of jeans you can reach, and your sunglasses – obviously. As you get into the bus, you start craving the sweet taste of resurrection. You’re there, you curse the bright colors on the front sign and the line outside. But it’s OK: that heavenly smell of steamy carnitas feels soothing enough – for now. You get your table, and don’t even need to look at the menu, you know your stuff: Chelada – or Michelada for severe cases. Keep them coming, please. Then you pronounce the sacred word: Pastor. Topped with cheese, of course. You can feel your heart beating again, and … are those tears running down your cheek? Or is it just the alcohol making its way out through your pores? Whatever, you’re back to life. And ready for more.

Burger Joint – Borges 1766:

You didn’t think we were going leave it out, did you? Yeah, sure it is a pretty obvious choice, but hey… there’s a reason for that. One reason??? What are we saying… There are millions. Let’s just face it. Burger Joint is to hangover what milk is to cereal. They’re just meant to be. No medicine could ever taste this good. This his burger oasis does come with a major drawback: there are too many options to chose from, and they’re all just as insanely delicious. Should you go for a boost of jalapeños? Or just stick to the comfort of bacon? Maybe some blue cheese will ease your suffering? Chimichurri? Pineapple? Breath. It’s OK. They will all feel like a warm energizing hug anyway, so just point at the board and pick one. Best of all? This case scenario doesn’t have to be on a weekend day. Yes, Burger Joint’s healing powers are available every single day of the week. Stop reading: it’s lunchtime already. Just leave the office already and go get yourself one of this curative treats.


Sheikob’s Bagels – Lattente & Lab:

It’s been a while since our Saturday drinking got free from remorse. Good news is Thursday’s will be just as guilt-free since resident genio Jakob (please read Sheikob with a proper Argentine accent) has added a second bagel-healing session on Fridays to the regular Sunday therapy. What? You hadn’t heard from them? Well, sit down, listen carefully and take notes. Our Sunday mornings finally have a spiritual purpose. As many good things do, it all starts at Lattente… You haven’t quite processed out all the alcohol from the night before and going for a cup of coffee with an empty stomach might be a little bold. So first thing’s first: bagel. But not just any bagel… A homemade authentic New York style bagel: plain, everything, poppy or sesame seeds… Just pick one before the bike’s basket goes empty. And what about the toppings? The – also homemade – cream cheese is good enough to boost this round puffy bread’s flavor, but if you’re looking for a more audacious experience try adding salmon, or tomatoes, or red onions… Could we just have them all? Once you’ve devoured the first half, you’re ready for that caffeine shot you’re Sunday netflix-watching-date wanted. Friday, the process is similar: Jake knows exactly how to pair his bagels with great coffee, and has chosen Lab as his weekday spot.

Al Rayan – Honduras 5638:

No, guys, shawarma isn’t the food you eat when you leave the party. shawarma is the party. Yeah, stop crawling to the 4AM so-called-shawarma-place and get yourself the real deal. Where? Well right beneath your noses, in the very heart of Palermo Hollywood, Al Rayan has been bringing joy to agonizing dried-mouth souls. But shawarma wouldn’t be as rigorous by itself. Hummus is a must when embracing this middle eastern recovery experience. Oh and what if we invited falafel to the party? Would it be so bad? It would probably make things better. Wait what? Is it one of those I-can’t-leave-the-bed cases? No worries, this shawarma delight is just one phone call away from you.

Al Rayan Palermo

Al Rayan Palermo

Bonus: Fukuro Noodle Bar – Costa Rica 5514

We’re aware of those severe cases when your stomach is trying to give you a lesson for that last tequila round the night before. The thought of a burger might upset him just as much as a salad won’t do anything for your condition. What you need is to play it cool during the day, and then take your stomach into a gentle, more subtle – yet soothing – setting: Fukuro. Ramen, yes! That’s what you’ve been needing to win your stomach back. And man, Fukuro chefs know exactly how to make the perfect Ramen. If that helps you make peace with your angry belly, you can always top your soup with a couple little dumplings.

You’re welcome.