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Top 10 Post-Boliche Joints in Buenos Aires, Volume 1

By | [email protected] | February 16, 2018 10:46am


Just in time for the weekend, we bring you our pick of joints to head to post boliche to fight that dreaded early morning bajón. As a nocturnal city, surprisingly not many places beyond the obvious McDonald’s are open for our post partying munchies in Buenos Aires.

But here we are, having done the hard work for you, carefully selecting what will prevent your fernet induced hangover so you don’t have to. This is just volume one, so if you have any suggestions for volume 2, send us your tips to [email protected]

Here’s the gist:


Tempted yet? (Photo via


A classic for those heading out of Kika or Rosebar in the early hours, Sinior Shawarma dishes up post night out kebabs like no other. Long lines begin to form around 5 AM, but don’t be put off, it’s worth the eternal wait. What awaits you is a solid greasy bite that’ll stave off the hunger pangs for a little while longer, while you can think about where, and what you’re doing with your life at a kebab shop at 6 AM.

Honduras 5328 | Mon 12 PM – 1 AM | Tues – Sat 12 PM- 7 AM | Sun – closed | Around AR $140

Bright lights of Kentucky. Photo via Las Mejores Pizzerias.

Bright lights of Kentucky. (Photo via


If grease is your post night out passion, head to classic pizza chain Kentucky. Usually packed with both locals and foreigners, Kentucky is a safe bet for rapid and gap filling cheesy pizza. Open for 24 hours on Friday and Saturdays you can party all night long, safe in the knowledge that a carb loaded cheese stuffed breakfast awaits you.

Serrano 1550 | Sun – Tues 12 PM – 1 AM | Wed 12 PM – 12 AM | Thurs – Sat 24 hours | Around AR $40 for a slice 


The only way to go. Photo via Pick up the fork

The only way to go. (Photo via


Sometimes Argentine is the only way to go, if it’s empanadas you’re looking for, you can stop looking right now. Pekín is the one for you. Open until 7 AM on weekend nights, their spicy lamb empanadas will save your soul from any kind of crushing hangover. You’re welcome.

Honduras 5303 | Sun – Wed 6 PM – 3 AM | Thurs – Sat 6 PM – 7 AM | AR $ 23 for an empanada

How could you possibly say no? Photo via Mis Dos Cafes.

It would be rude not to. (Photo via


Crossing the frontier from Soho into Hollywood will see you’re right outside sacred joint that is Perez H, code word for the best burgers in town. With a selection of various burgers to sink your teeth into, try the one with added morcilla (blood sausage) for a taste of parrilla. With on the tap beer you continue the party (afters anyone?) Or if the night’s most definitely over, at 8 AM you can pretty much consider it a hearty weekend breakfast, the lines are blurred if we’re honest.

Honduras 5509 | (Also Defensa 435 in San Telmo) | Sun – Wed 12 PM – 1 AM | Thurs 12 PM – 6 AM | Fri – Sat 12 PM – 8 AM | Around AR $100

If you

If you’re lucky you’ll catch the sunrise mid choripan. (Photo via Puerto Madero Diario.)


If you’re dancing the night away riverside style over in Punta Carrasco, your best bet is to head to the food carts that sit along the Avenida Costanera. Depending on how late (early in the morning) you’ve stayed out, it may be a scenic end to the night, as you watch the sunrise over the Rio de La Plata. Mainly selling a fast food selection consisting of choripanes and burgers, there’s plenty of cheap eats to send you happily off into the sunrise.

Avenida Costanera | Open till late / early AM| Around AR $100

Go gourmet to avoid the bajón. (Photo via La Madeleine)

Go gourmet to avoid the bajón. (Photo via La Madeleine)


If you’re feeling more gourmet than grease, La Madeleine in Recoleta will offer you a finer dining experience than most. Offering pizza, pasta and other carbey options, you can even go super high end and order a tenderloin steak. Or if it’s more of a breakfast date, go for a medialuna and a café con leche. If you’ve really overdone the fernet and can’t stomach the thought of public eating, Madeleine has a delivery option, so you can munch in privacy.

Avenida Santa Fé 1726 | Mon – Sun 24 hours | Pasta is AR $185

Because nothing says drunk food like fruit salad, right? (Photo via flickr)

Because nothing says drunk food like fruit salad, right? (Photo via flickr)


What started as a classic post night out burger and hot dog van has now fully converted into a restaurant that’s located near the Obelisco. But wait, there’s a twist: El Rey del Sabor also offers smoothies, salads, and virgin cocktails. A little different to the other traditional burger joints along Avenida Corrientes, it isn’t classic drunk food, but their sugary sweet virgin cocktails are said to be the holy grail of fighting a night of alcohol over-indulgence.

Lavalle 905 | Mon – Thurs 10 AM – 2 AM | Fri – Sat 10 AM – 6 AM | Sun 10 AM – 3 AM | Around AR $100

People watch in 1234. (Photo via Trip Advisor)

People watch in 1234. (Photo via Trip Advisor)

Open 24 hours on both Friday and Saturday, Santa Fé 1234 is a choice stop on the way home from either microcentro or Palermo. Open since 1959, it looks as though the dimly lit dingey interiors have barely changed since then. A place that pulls pedestrians in 24 hours a day, it’s a great people watching space at any hour of the day.

Avenida Santa Fé 1234 | Sun – Wed 6 AM – 3 AM | Thurs 6 AM – 12 AM | Fri – Sat open 24 hours | Around AR $100 for a sandwich

Sometimes it

Sometimes it’s only steak that’ll do. (Photo via

If you happen to be living Villa Ortúzar way, and it’s asado you’re craving, head to 24 hour parrilla joint, Lo de Charly. Going for twenty years, it’s a cheap and cheerful option to sate those burning hunger pangs.

Avenida Álvarez Thomas 2101 | Mon – Sun open 24 hours | Around AR $100

Possibly the ultimate hangover prevention. (Photo via PedidiosYa)

Possibly the ultimate hangover prevention. (Photo via Pedidos Ya)

Located in San Telmo, enormous burgers can be bought from Toto’s for around the AR $130 mark. If it’s cheese that’s your post boliche craving of choice, go for the four cheeses, which seems to contain more cheese than cow. They also offer delivery at their original location in Palermo Soho.

Avenida San Juan 1470 | Mon – Sun 11 AM – 4 AM | AR $ 140  

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