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Where to Celebrate Halloween in Buenos Aires

A roundup of the best places to get scary this year.

By | [email protected] | October 25, 2019 8:00am

max-bender-XIVDN9cxOVc-unsplashPhoto via Unsplash

Halloween is the greatest day of the year. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. Luckily the trickle down effect of pop culture (and capitalism?) means that dates or events that haven’t typically been big in Argentina are now comfortably installed among the local milieu, having progressed from trick-or-treating in Zona Norte (posh elementary school kiddos) to full-on fiestas where everyone’s put on their best costume.

Though the lead-up to October 31st is already pretty scary as it is – presidential elections and a shaky economy have gotten everyone on edge more than usual – think of Halloween as the perfect time for you to blow off some steam, dance the night away, and put more effort into what you’re wearing than you do for the rest of the year. We’ve rounded up a list of places where you can celebrate Halloween in Buenos Aires this year – don’t worry, you can thank us later. One more thing: Put some fucking effort into your costume, people. Throwing on a pair of cat ears does not a proper #lewk make; you’ve got almost a whole week to get together, brainstorm some ideas, and bring them to fruition. I’ll be watching.

Before we get started, direct your attention (but not for long, please come back) to our recently published Weekend Guide, which has a few options for the days leading up to Halloween, just in case you’re anxious and impatient.

Fiesta Plop!

It’s not a party in Buenos Aires if La Plop! isn’t involved. This time around, they’re moving the festivities from the usual digs downtown to Museum in San Telmo. Bring out the glitter, the glam, and the drama – this is guaranteed to be one of the most fabulous Halloween parties out there. Pre-sale tickets have already sold out, so keep your eyes peeled for the next batch going up online.

Fiesta Plop! | Club Museum – Perú 535 | Friday, November 1 | 11:45 PM | More info

Leche Pop

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?? TRICK OR MILK ?? . Prepara tu look porque el viernes 01.11 en Random (Jujuy) y el sábado 02.11 en Jagger (Salta) te esperamos para darlo todo en la fiesta de Halloween más pop del condado ? . < ANTICIPADAS > . Entradas ya disponibles en: . ?SALTA: . ? @magoyasalta: España 425. . ? @ilsaporepasteleria: Mitre 1199. . ? Leguizamon 474. . ? @kraffoptical: Sarmiento 240. . ?EN JUJUY: . ??‍♂️ @argentos: Otero 280 . O con nuestros promotrolos jujeños: . @camila.iriarte . @rodrigarcia98 . @gonchuvallejos . < LOTES DE ANTICIPADAS > . ? Primer lote: del 17.10 al 24.10 o hasta agotar stock. . ? Segundo lote: del 25.10 al 29.10 o hasta agotar stock. . ? En el caso de agotar anticipadas, se puede pagar en puerta ? . < SORTEO > . Participá del sorteo por un par de entradas para para nuestra fiesta siguiendo estos pasos: . ?? Seguirnos. ?? Dejá tu comentario etiquetando a tres amiguis de tu puticlub. El comentario tiene que empezar con la ciudad de donde sos. Ej: SALTA/JUJUY ?? Compartí este flyer en tus stories para triplicar tus chances! Etiquétanos así podemos verlo ? . Los ganadores se van a anunciar antes de la fiesta! . It’s Halloween time babyyyy ???? . . . *Evento para mayores de 18 años.

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I think I’m officially too old for this party, whose tagline is “trick or milk” – but that’s probably a perfect sign that it’s cool af. Hosted at the ever-hip Niceto Club right in Palermo Hollywood, the fiesta will be happening on Halloween night proper (that’s next Thursday, just in case you have no idea what a calendar is), with happy hour specials starting at 9 PM. Bring your best costume, dancing shoes, and ganas to bop along to the best pop hits all night long. Also, make sure you’re following them on Instagram for info about special discounts, prizes, and more (like hot, semi-nude people).

Leche Pop | Niceto Club – Niceto Vega 5976 | Thursday, October 31 | 9 PM | More info

Chicken Bros. Haunted Halloween

Honestly, what would you do without Chicken Bros. in your life? They feed you (unlimited wings, spicy things, and dishes that your body generally won’t be able to process after the age of 30, so enjoy it now), keep you hydrated with plenty of boozy bevvies, and ensure that Palermo Soho never loses its party hearty spirit of reckless abandon. So of course they’re planning a big Halloween bash to add a nice ghoulish touch to the usual shenanigans. Things kick off early – 7 PM sharp on Halloween night – as the Haunted Hen House hosts a costume competition, flaming fireball shots (omg), spooky hot sauces – literally one of them is called “Devil’s Tears” so good luck, and music to shake your tail feather.

Chicken Bros. | Thames 1795 | Thursday, October 31 | 7 PM – 1:30 AM | More info

Faena Disco Inferno

Sometimes you just need some Phillippe Starck-inspired glamazon realness to get your Halloween going. Why not leave the comfort of your boring neighborhood and head down to Puerto Madero to celebrate at the over-the-top Faena Hotel + Universe? The Library Lounge will set the mood with loads of candles, themed cocktails by Johnnie Walker, and live music to get things going. You’ll have to wear a costume to get in, so remember to dress to impress. Remember, this is a place that has unicorn heads on the walls so the bar is set a little higher than your typical hole in the wall.

Disco Inferno | Faena Hotel – Martha Salotti 445 | Thursday, October 31 | 8 PM | RSVP [email protected]

416 Snack Bar

On the other side of Juan B. Justo, 416 Snack Bar is extending its anniversary celebrations through Halloween, so get ready. Come in costume and get a free snack (!) – which is awesome, because the world should have more free things these days. The scene at the local outpost of Toronto’s favorite lil’ gastropub is always a healthy mix of porteños and transplants alike, with a generous splash of groovy tunes and beats, awesome cocktails, and some of the best damn food the city has to offer. Maybe if you come in a Canadian-themed costume you will get extra free bites, but don’t quote me on that.

416 Snack Bar | Angel J. Carranza 1940 | Thursday, October 31 | 9 PM | More info

Fiesta Parálisis

Mom, I’m scared, can you come get me? I’m serious – this party looks creepy af and I am fully too wimpy to actually go, but think you should check it out and then report back to me. If you’re into a more alternative scene that blends drag, goth, industrial, latex, and genderfuck antics, this is the event for you. Featuring the incredible Lest Skeleton and Shiva the Destroyer, Parálisis promises to be a true “celebration of the carnival from hell” set to the sets of some of the city’s coolest underground DJs. Leave your inhibitions at the door: the dress code is strictly “paranormal.”

Fiesta Parálisis | Club Dorado – Hipólito Yrigoyen 951 | Thursday, October 31 | Midnight | More info

Fiesta Piso Compartido

A total classic at this point, the Piso Compartido Halloween party is a safe bet for a great night of goofy, ghoulish fun and celebration. Gather up your group of best amigues, prepare your best costume – again, don’t leave this part until the last minute unless you want to bring shame and dishonor to your family – and get ready to boogie. Do people actually say boogie anymore? Sorry not sorry. This tends to be a popular event, so buy your tickets in advance if you know what’s good for you.

Fiesta Piso Compartido | Niceto Club – Niceto Vega 5976 | Friday, November 1 | Midnight | More info

Haunted Mansion Halloween Party

What better place to celebrate Halloween in Buenos Aires than in San Telmo? One of the city’s oldest barrios, it’s certainly got its fair share of eerie side streets, creepy old buildings, and potential for paranormal activity. Also, cobblestones! Anyway, you won’t want to miss this incredible party hosted at a secret 120-year old Art Nouveau mansion. From tarot readings to all the candy you can dream of to dancing and plenty of other mayhem, this promises to be a night you won’t soon forget. Note that costumes *are* mandatory and you need to confirm your attendance in advance to get the address.

Haunted Mansion | San Telmo – Secret location | Friday, November 1 | 10 PM | More info

Scary Cinema Series at MALBA

Photo via IMDB

Maybe you’re not in the mood to dress up and dance the night away. I wouldn’t blame you (also, you can always just go to the store and stock up your own personal candy stash and eat it in the privacy of your own home – no judgment). If you’re into something slightly more esoteric but no less Halloween-y (?), MALBA has just the ticket. Head on over for a truly terrifying double-header, where both 1961’s Creature From the Haunted Sea and 1957’s Not of This Earth will be screened in their 35mm format. You don’t have to dress up, but you’ll probably score some serious bonus points with your fellow moviegoers if you do.

Halloween Film Series | MALBA – Av. Figueora Alcorta 3415 | Friday, November 1 | 10 PM | More info

Japanese Halloween at Mirutaki

El Viernes 1ro de Noviembre festejamos Halloween en @mirutaki ? ? – Si venís disfrazado té regalamos un 10% de descuento y participas por increíbles premios!! COPATE! #mirutaki #halloween #HalloweenEnMirutaki

Gepostet von Mirutaki – ミルタキ am Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2019

Did you know that Japan is like, totally nuts for Halloween? It’s actually incredible and yet another reason it’s one of the greatest places on Earth. But I digress. Mirutaki – located for your convenience in Palermo Hollywood rather than Tokyo – is planning to join in on the fun with its own celebration next Friday night. Show up to the restaurant in full costume and not only will you get 10 percent off your bill, but you’ll also be in the running for fun prizes and treats! What could be better than ramen *and* Halloween? Nothing, my friend. Absolutely nothing.

Mirutaki | Angel J. Carranza 2339 | Friday, November 1 | More info

BONUS TRACK: Spooky Tour of Chacarita Cemetery

Photo via Airbnb Experiences

Don’t miss this unique experience hosted by Hernán Santiago Vizzari, a researcher of funereal customs (!) and cemetery explorer (!!). He’s spent the last 12 years of his life’s work by studying Argentina’s cemeteries and sharing his wealth of knowledge with the community at large. In fact, in 2017 the City of Buenos Aires honored him with the title of distinguished person in the area of culture thanks to his efforts to share and protect the heritage of BA’s cemeteries. Basically, dude knows his stuff and you’re guaranteed to have an incredible time.

With Hernán Santiago, you’ll explore Chacarita cemetery, admiring its art, architecture, and history. For example, did you know that those that fell victim to the yellow fever epidemic in 1871 are buried here? Also, ex-president Juan D. Perón was buried here until his tomb was relocated to San Vicente in 2006. Other notable internments: María Elena Walsh, Carlos Thays, Antonio Berni, and Jorge Newbery. You’ll also learn fun facts about other cemeteries around the world, because why not. If you’re keen to try something that promises a different kind of Halloween celebration, look no further. You can get all of the details on how to book your spot here.