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What to Do This Weekend in Buenos Aires: September 21st Edition

The Bubble's signature, eclectic guide to making the most of your weekend.

By | [email protected] | September 20, 2018 4:00pm

Galácticas MareasPop band Galácticas Mareas will be performing at emerging music festival, Tono Fest this weekend. (Photo via Facebook / Galácticas Mareas).

As the winter season finally draws to a close, this Friday marks the day of the Southern Hemisphere’s spring equinox, meaning it’s official, warmer days and balmy evenings are on their way (hallelujah!). With temperatures even breaking the 20-degree Celsius barrier over this week, it seems we may have a much needed sunny weekend in store. Additionally, as Friday is the Día del Estudiante, students can look forward to a whole day without classes.

With plenty to choose from this weekend in Buenos Aires, make sure to get yourself out of hibernation and celebrate the new beginnings that Spring brings. With no cold weather excuses, this is the time to be active so plenty of this weekend will be taking place outside. Whether you’re looking to relax in a park, eat plenty of Vietnamese food or dance the night away, there’s something for everyone on this first weekend of Spring.



Just as excited about the arrival of Spring as we are, groups First-Hand and  Disconnect have collaborated to host an English storytelling night aptly themed around new beginnings today at Sheikob’s Bagels. First-hand, who have been running since 2016 are the pioneers behind the simple yet effective idea that brings people together over a well-told story. Well matched with Disconnect, the group is all about encouraging people to get off their phones and somehow make their nights all about real connections – I know it’s a struggle. Hosting between four and six speakers during the evening, expect to hear plenty of personal anecdotes and a joke or two. Each event is also open to audience participation – if anyone has a moment of inspiration and wants to tell a tale of their own, they too can take to the stage. If you prefer to watch, however, there’s no pressure to take part. 

8 PM | Sheikob’s Bagels – Uriarte 1386 | Free | More info

Progressive funk band Funktásticos Genitales will be performing tonight at La Quince Espacio Cultural. (Photo via Facebook / Funtásticos Genitales).


Celebrating a long-awaited spring, Villa Crespo based cultural space La Quince Espacio Cultural will be holding a party tonight. Taking first prize for the best name ever is band Funktásticos Genitales who will be playing their progressive funk and rock blend. Soul and R&B band Free Positivo will also be performing a set to welcome in the new dawn of spring. Entrance will be free until 2 AM so best turn up on time when the party gets going at 11 PM.

11 PM | La Quince Espacio Cultural – Av. Corrientes 5426 | Free | More info



For those keen on giving yoga a go but who perhaps don’t want tto splash out on a whole month’s package, Buena Onda’s donation based class is perfect for testing the waters. Taught in English, it’s ideal if you’re not up to speed on the local lingo just yet, or if you want to practice your English a little more. Aimed at getting everyone involved regardless of level or experience, the Vinyasa flow session will take place in San Telmo boutique hotel La Mariposita. Known to be a more energetic form of yoga, get ready to sweat it out and feel you’ve worked. While the class is donation based, the suggested contribution is AR $200.

2 PM – 3:15PM | La Mariposita – Carlos Calvo 950 | Voluntary contribution | More info

Red meat lovers must head to the annual national Asado competition in Mataderos. (Photo via Buenos Aires Gobierno).


Plenty of great weekends in Buenos Aires start with a good hearty asado. If you don’t care to make one yourself or haven’t made friends with anyone with a parrilla, head to Argentina’s annual national asado championship. Looking to honor and pay homage to Argentina’s favorite food, the competition is serious business. A team from each of Argentina’s 23 provinces as well as the city of Buenos Aires will be cooking up a storm and grilling classic cuts of meat to be judged by a collective of representatives from the city’s most distinguished parrillas, as well as by food critics and organizations. If you’re in it mainly for the tasting (who can blame you), there’ll be plenty of price-friendly menu options to choose from, as well as opportunities to try classic Argentine products like mate.

10 AM – 6 PM | Mataderos – Lisandro de la Torre (between Av. de los Corrales & Av. Directorio | Free | More info


Porteño barrio Barracas is somewhat of a hidden gem. Nestled somewhere between tourist haven La Boca and a more authentic working San Cristóbal, it’s beginning to make a name for itself as an upcoming arts district. Packed full of street art and picturesque pavements, it’s ideal for a Saturday afternoon wander. Today, group Pampa y la Via will be offering a cultural walking tour that ’ll take you through the heritage of this historical barrio, which will no doubt give you, whether a newbie or local, a new perspective on the barrio. No reservations are required and although the tour is free, tips are appreciated.

3:20 PM | Plaza Gran Colombia | Free | More info

Street art mural project, Proyecto Persiana will be creating murals live at PØLVO arts festival today. (Photo via Facebook / PØLVO).


Saldías Polo Cultural are back with their alternative arts and music festival PØLVO. Bringing together 200 photographers, 20 bands and 60 muralists, the free festival is set to be a cultural extravaganza. All day, local musicians will be taking to the stage while Proyecto Persiana  (a collective of street artists who set out to transform Buenos Aires’ gray shop shutter fronts into works of art) will be creating new murals live at the center. For those always thinking of their stomach, food trucks will be on hand to provide you with some much-needed nourishment.

Midnight | Saldías Polo Cultural | Free | More info

Dust off your bike and head to Amo Villa Crespo’s Spring bike ride. (Photo via Facebook / Amo Villa Crespo).


Making the most of the sudden influx of warm weather, local organization and publication Amo Villa Crespo is hosting a bike ride. Around 5 KM long, the scenic ride will take you through the highlights of Villa Crespo and end up at the space observatory in Parque Centenario. Taking around 3 hours, the ride will be at a relaxed pace with plenty of opportunities to stop for a chat. Cyclists are encouraged to bring some food to share with the group during the many pit stops. Prior inscription isn’t required, although participants must bring their own bike.

3:30 PM |  Vitrius, J. Alvarez 386 | Free | More info



Whether you’re irritated or fascinated by the frequent presence of living statues in tourist hotspots, they’re undoubtedly a little intriguing. Perhaps a little slow to the party, it’s still not entirely clear to me how these performance artists manage to stay totally still all day. Opening its doors the wonderful wackiness of the many characters living statues brings us, UCES are holding their 19th competition of this particularly dedicated set of street performers. Taking place outdoors at Paraguay 1318, events are set to go ahead even in the case of rain – an ode to the strength of these characters. Prizes will be handed out to the best.

3 PM – 6 PM | Paraguay 1318 | Free | More info

Deliciously tempting cupcakes will be on sale at Feria Juntas this weekend. (Photo via Facebook / Juntas).


In a double date of fancy fair goodness, Fería Juntas is back for a bigger and longer weekend of their popular, aesthetically pleasing fair. Comprised of local designers and vendors, expect to see products that range from vegan-friendly cosmetics to handmade jewelry and independently published novels. Whether you’re looking to inject a little bit of sparkle into your stationary collection or apartment, Juntas is a reliable bet. The fair which once monthly has steadily grown and is now an excellent showcase of local and individual businesses. Make sure to check out the cupcake stand which stalls out at each fair.

4 PM – 8 PM | Ciudad de La Paz 502 | Free | More info

Gregorio Lopez Greno will be leading a class on the mysterious art form of puppetry this Sunday. (Photo via Gregorio Lopez Greno).


Providing an inside look at a childhood classic, puppetry, paraguayan Gregorio Lopez Greno will be leading a class on the theoretical elements of what makes a good show as well as handing over the reins to participants to have a go. Participants are encouraged to bring their own materials like cardboard, pens, pencils and old toys from home to create their own version of a puppet. The idea is that alongside their new creation, participants will be able to learn how to manipulate their puppet and make it perform. Suitable for those with no prior knowledge, it will no doubt make a great activity to bring kids to as well. 

4:30 PM – 6:30 PM | La Minga Club Cultural – Maza 1165 | AR $600 | More info


Celebrating the very rioplatense tradition of carnival murgas, today Esapacio Cultural Nuestros Hijos will be hosting the fourth edition of their Uruguayan and Argentine Murga festivities. Including a variety of talks and workshops, there’ll be a chance to learn about the current challenges that Argentine murgas face, as well as a talk on how to manage your own murgaIf you’re keen to participate in next year’s carnival, the day will include plenty of opportunities to take drumming workshops, as well as light and sound how-tos. Workshops should be signed up to beforehand.

3 PPM-Midnight| Espacio Cultural Nuestros Hijos – Avenida del Libertador 8151 | Voluntary contribution of AR $120 | More info

The dates, times, and locations for each of these events reflect the information that was available at the time this edition of ‘What to Do in Buenos Aires this Weekend’ was published. The dates, times, and locations are subject to change at the event organizers’ discretion. For the most up to date information, click on the ‘More info’ link when it is listed under the event summary. If you have an event you would like to include in this column, please send us an email at [email protected]