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What To Do This Weekend In Buenos Aires: April 14th Edition

By | [email protected] | April 13, 2017 5:43pm


Easter is here, so your week is ending early. Really early. Get up early and hit the park with your mate equipo and some facturas, or out late and get down, down, down. Or go to Church or whatever. It’s your life.

Friday 14th



Buenos Aires isn’t just milangas and that squishy white cheese, it’s also delicious gourmet food and artisanal producers. The proof? Buenos Aires Market, a gourmet food market that brings the very finest in Argentine fare to the streets of the city.  Back by popular demand for the ninth time, the market is divided in two parts: one half includes a produce market, with 70 stalls; the other, a food court with an abundance of food trucks and stalls. Get the best argentine cheese, oil, fruit, veg, bread, sweets, pasta, snacks, aromatic plants and farm products, all for a reasonable prize. On this occasion, there will also be an auditorium with cooking classes.

10am-7pm | Free | Plaza Parques Nacionales Argentinos (Sucre and Av. Figueroa Alcorta) | More info


Remo Bianchedi

Remo Bianchedi

Painter and poet, Remo Bianchedi, lives in a sleepy town in Cordoba, in a world that is “extremely small: a landscape, a house, a body, work, a love and a way of being.” Witness his universe with Periféricos Paisajes, a collection of landscape paintings. It is showing at Colectivo Periferia in Colegiales, as part of an attempt to bring regional artists to the big city.

4pm -8pm | Zabala 3091— Colegiales | More info

Peronist Party

"He who gives bread to somebody else

“Soy macanudo” =  “I’m awesome”

“Music, wine, chori, social justice and economic independence” are the elements that make-up the “Hoy es una noche peronista” fiesta, happening again this Friday in Palermo. If inflation is getting you down, then get on up with live music, a “people’s DJ”, and limitless beer and mojitos until 1:30 and 2am. Polarizing, sure. But this particular group knows how to put the “party” in political party.

Midnight – 7am | Open bar until 1:30am, mojitos until 2am | Palermo Club, Borges 2450


GROW UP will be hosting a “Black Music Edition” of their classic party night this Friday, with a delicious blend of soul, funk and hip-hop at Niceto club. There will be live shows from Killer Larrosa (who will be presenting their latest album, Mamba Negra) , Rey Hindu, NATURAL COCALEROS and CuatroCientosOnce.

Midnight | AR $100 | Niceto Club, Lado B, Humboldt 1356, Palermo.

Saturday 15th


Via Mundo Cactus Villa Crespo Facebook

Via Mundo Cactus Villa Crespo Facebook

Get your succulents at the best price this Saturday afternoon, at the “Big Succulent Sale” in Villa Crespo. Succulents (from the Latin sucuswhich means juicy) are those fat, fleshy plants made up of water-storing tissue that look like they came from another planet. They are very difficult to kill, and therefore perfect for the lazy gardener with an inner-city balcony. The sale kicks off at 9am and will run through to 3pm, and will happen one block from Juan B Justo 350 (though you have to contact Mundo Cactus Villa Crespo on 1132741948 to get the exact address.)

9am-3pm | Mundo Cactus Villa Crespo (PM Facebook page for precise address)


Image Credit: New York Times.

Image Credit: New York Times.

Jennie Livingston’s award-winning documentary, “Paris Is Burning,” will be playing at La Mansion this Saturday night. The documentary covers the underground drag scene in New York in the 1980s, focussing on the black and Latino lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender folk who formed these richly diverse, tight-knit communities. Shot over a two year period and with a DYI aesthetic, the film includes interviews with some of the more prominent members of the community – including Angie Xtravaganza, Willi Ninja, and Dorian Corey – interspersed with footage of drag balls in which queens vie for first prize in competitions such as Femme Queen Realness, Executive Realness and Town and Country. Entry costs AR $50 and includes popcorn and a raffle ticket for a make-up kit or $40 without the extras. They will also be accepting donations (food, books, clothing, and anything else) for Higui de Jesús, a gay woman who has been in custody since last October for killing a man who, alongside ten others, was physically attacking her.

8pm-1am | AR $50  (includes entrance, popcorn + raffle ticket) AR $40 (entrance) | La Mansión, Fabrica de Arte, Bartolome Mitre y Libertad, San Nicolás | More info

Bomba del Tiempo

Bomba del Tiempo. The best thing to do on a Monday night will be happening this Saturday with a special edition at the Ciudad Cultural Konex. If you haven’t been in a while, then go. In these times of misery and woe and airstrikes over “beautiful” pieces of chocolate cake, there isn’t anything like drums to make your body feel alive – really, really alive. Truly.  Even your most leaden-footed English friend will feel the music pulse in their cold, cold bones, and transform into a molten dance monster.

6pm -9pm | From AR $135, Tickets | Ciudad Cultural Konex, Sarmiento 3131 | More info

Sunday 16th


From Museo del Humor Website

From Museo del Humor Website

Jorge Luis Borges is the face of Argentine literature, so why not celebrate the mug that accompanied the man on his journey? The Museum of Humor (MuHu) has put together an exhibition of the many caricatures and cartoons artists sketched of the man over the years. “The Illustrated Borges” includes work from famous artists Antonio Berni, Hermenegildo Sábat and Carlos Páez Vilaró, and is showing until May 14th in the Edificio de la Munich in Puerto Madero. One can easily imagine the maestro wandering about this exhibition with his cane and dry irony, and making comments like “this drawing is better than the original” (blindness notwithstanding.)

10am-8pm | AR $10 (Sundays), Free (Mon-Wed) | Avenida de los Italianos 851, Costanera Sur | More info

Diploma in Bachata

Get your diploma in bachata, salsa and rumba this Sunday afternoon with Nahir Romano, at Dance Club Congress. This four hour intensive is the first of three covering different latin dance styles. Each intensive is considered a module, and each module builds on the skills you built in the previous session, so you’ll want to do all three modules. Finally you can get the skills to dance with a partner, not just alone and slightly despairing to techno music. All are welcome, and the only thing you need to take is the ganas to dance.

5pm-9pm | AR $400 per module | Dance Club Congreso, Sarmiento 1753 | More info


This one is kind of mysterious. “Thought-up for people who don’t anywhere and especially those who can’t go anywhere, so you know in advance,” miniMOOG will take place at everyone’s favorite late night/early morning watering hole, Levitar, in Palermo. There will be dancing, storytelling and poetry, as well as the classic Levitar bazar that, at some point in the night, will transmogrify into a place to barter goods (their words, not mine.) With words from Rita Gonzalez HesaynesBob ChowFacundo R. SotoPaz Busquet and Gabi Luzzi

5pm-Midnight | Levitar Ambient Bar, Godoy Cruz 1715 | More info