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What To Do In Buenos Aires This Weekend: September 30 Edition

By | [email protected] | September 29, 2016 6:13pm


We know you’ve got a lot on your mind between fangirling over the lineup Lollapalooza just dropped, and trying to comprehend the US political happenings this week. That’s why we’re here to bring back your focus to the present moment. The weekend is finally here, and is full of events that are the perfect antidote to lighten up a heavy week. Sit back, pull up your google calendar, and start filling in your rectangles…

Friday, September 30th

Los Peyotes

PLANETARIUM: Having trouble convincing your compadres that museum-going is what all the cool kids are doing? BAIS has made it its business to round up like-minded folk for an afternoon of astronomical delights. Check the Planetarium off of your Buenos Aires to-do list, and spend the afternoon poking around the landmark with your newly minted museum crew. You’ll get event time specifics once you sign up here, and your adventure will only cost you the normal AR $60 ticket price. Planetario Galileo Galilei (Av. Sarmiento and Av. Belisario Roldán)

ART: For a fresh take on Lewis Carroll’s infamous adventure seeker, check out Alicia en el País de las Maravillas. The Centro Cultural San Martin is playing host to Kuki Benski’s latest show constructed around the heroine. The idea behind the exposition is to convey Alice’s candid virginal virtue through Benski’s hybridizing and ‘culturally kitsch’ style. Intrigued? You can learn more about the artist, and check out a few photos of what’s on the walls at the cultural center here. There’s no fee to get in, so show up anytime between 3:00 PM and 9:00PM to get your weekend dose of wonderland.

ART: This one’s for those who have yet to have their first Casa Tomada experience. The funky art and idea space is putting on Trrueno, combining music and art for a unique party experience. The show will feature works by Anakta, Andore, Astrosuka, and many more. Scroll through the Trrueno tumblr page to pick your favorite, and get to the repurposed digs at 7:00 PM to kick off your Friday night. Best part? Your evening’s entertainment is free of charge! Casa Tomada (Riobamba 985)

ART: Last one, I promise. If Alice isn’t really your homegirl, and Trrueno is a little bit too out there, make your way to Galeria UNION for the opening of Origen. Pedro Perleman’s collection deals in both canvas and sculpture to transcend ethnic diversity. Best known for his murals and urban art, the artist has sacrificed his larger mediums to bring you his work in gallery form. Head to Union between 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM to see the how he navigates the transition in scale. There’s no fee to get in, just look for the small sign above the doorbell and get your art on. Galeria UNION (Costa Rica 5929)

MUSIC: Representing the coolest bands you maybe haven’t quite heard of yet, the Festival Ibermúsicas brings Latin American groups together under the same umbrella to show them off to the world. Their latest combo includes local favorites Julio y Agosto and Persona, who are joining forces for a show at the Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti. You can find out a bit more about the bands and the festival in general here, or simply show up at the cultural center at 9:00 PM with empty pockets for your free show. Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti (Av. del Libertador 8151)

MUSIC: Even if the description “sixties garage rockers” isn’t enough to get you excited about this next group, one glance at Los Peyotes outfit choices is sure to change your mind. How can you not want to experience a group wearing matching short-sleeved leopard button-ups, leather vests, and Fred Flinstone style necklaces? They’ll be hitting the stage with The Carbon Copies and Rocco Posca at Kirie Music Club, and certainly promise to keep you evening entertaining. The show starts at 11:00 PM and tickets are AR $100. Kirie Music Club (Bolivar 813)

HAPPY: Hour that is. Trova Wine Bar has the perfect wine to snack ratio to solve any problem that might be casting a shadow over your weekend. Their dimly lit, casual atmosphere is the ideal setting for boozy lingering with your favorite after-work companions, and their prices can’t be beat. ‘After-office’ wine specials start at 7:00 PM with two glasses for AR $80, but their stellar tapas selections will probably have you spending a little more. Trova Wine Bar (Honduras 5903)

PARTY: Niceto is keeping their DJ selection on point with their latest guest, Matias Aguayo. He’ll be joined by his collective musical fantasy, Cómeme, to bring you an unforgettable night (if you’re unfamiliar, you can see what they’re known for here). The agenda for your epic evening also includes favorites like Le Mosc and DJ JMP. Tickets start at AR $200 and you can get them in advance here. The whole affair gets going at 11:59 PM and will last well into Saturday. Niceto Club (Niceto Vega 5510)

Saturday, October 1st


RUSSIA: This weekend Mother Russia is not so far away after all: Buenos Aires Celebra’s latest installment will pay homage to the massive country right in your own backyard. The festival will bring together Russian vendors, music, dancing, and food for all day party. You can get your pirozhkí, blini, and pelmenis fix between 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM. The event is free, but don’t show up empty handed because watching the folk dancers will probably leave you with empathetic exhaustion induced hunger. (Avenida de Mayo y Bolívar)

GUITAR: Help celebrate one of the most recognizably versatile instruments around with a gang of people who have turned it into their profession. The Festival Internacional de Guitarra “Santa María de los Buenos Aires,” will include masterclasses, a competition, performances, and even a guitar making workshop at the day-long event. La Usina del Arte will host the shindig, and you can look over the agenda of events and invited musicians here. It all starts at 11:00 AM an La Usina is willing to dish out two free tickets per person, so get there early. La Usina del Arte (Caffarena 1)

LITERATURE: The MALBA isn’t just good for visual stimulation these days. This weekend along with La Abadía, they’re putting on FILBA, the eighth International Literature Festival, and Saturday’s lineup is worth getting off of the couch for. Events including Cartographer podcasts, Drama text writing workshops, Poetry workshops, expert panels and lectures, and much more are on deck, along with an all day open library. Details about all of the events can be found here, and you can rub elbows with fellow literary aficionados for free from 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM. Various locations, but mostly La Abadía (Maure and Villanueva)

BOOKS: Once FILBA gets you excited about reading, head to the Gran barata de libros nuevos y usados to augment your book collection. They’re boasting bare-bones prices for new and used books, and offering discounts for purchasing multiples. Show up at Los Libros Muerden to recreate your very own Notting Hill moment, or just stop in to see if they’ve got that hard to find book you’ve been looking for. Los Libros Muerden (Valentín Gómez 3734, planta baja C)

ART: If you didn’t quite get enough art in on Friday, or its three events left you wanting more,  head to Moria for the opening of the creatively titled, Colección Privada. Mauro Cruz’s latest collection shows off his classical mediums and imagery with unexpected twists. You can get a sneak peek of what will be on display here, or save the surprise for 7:30 PM. There is no charge to get in, so keep up the weekend art streak. MORIA Galeria (Estados Unidos 541)

BEER: We know you had a weekend off, but (again, creatively titled) Beer Festival is here to bring back all of your frothy beverage needs. Sample the hoppy delights, check out beer workshops, and eat to your heart’s content at this day dedicated to the storied brew. The event will last from 2:00 PM to 2:00 AM, so you have ample time to get your fix. There’s no fee to get in, but I assure you, you will be very sad if you forget some cash to participate in the consumption of the available goodies. (Lavalleja 1343)

OPERA: Nothing pairs quite like Shakespearean and operatic drama. Verdi worked hard to condense Macbeth into a couple hours of glorious music, and you should definitely get tickets to see the final product. Study up beforehand with an overview of the opera, and make sure to listen to Maria Callas singing one of the opera’s famed arias for a little inspiration before you go. The show starts at 8:00 PM and you can get standing room tickets for as little as AR $50. Teatro Colón (Cerrito 628)

MOVIE: Speaking of good pairings, what pairs better than a documentary about the lives of famous pianists with a top-notch pianist to accompany your movie experience with live music? Auditorio Amigos de Bellas Artes will be projecting La Calle de los Pianistas, with artist Manuel Fraga at the black and white keys at 8:30 PM. Here’s a quick synopsis of the award winning Argentine documentary to get you excited about your evening. The show will only set you back AR $150 and you can get your tickets at the door. Auditorio Amigos de Bellas Artes (Av. Presidente Figueroa Alcorta 2280)

PARTY: Is it considered a Saturday if you don’t go to a party? Probably not. Get nostalgic for the early 2000’s because Bandana is back to help Fiesta Plop celebrate its 10th birthday. The epic bash will get going at 11:00 PM and will include everything you’ve come to know and love the Plop parties for. There are drink specials until 2:00 AM, but the party itself will likely outlast your dancing ambitions. Tickets are AR $300 and can be purchased here. Estadio Malvinas Argentinas (Gutenberg 350)

Sunday, October 2nd


MARKET: Start your lazy Sunday off right with a stroll through the Buenos Aires Market. This weekend they’re setting up shop at Parque Santojanni in Liniers with all of their delicious treats. Check out all of the fresh local offerings from vendors before you sit down for a food-truck inspired spring picnic brunch. The market will be set up from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM and, like always, there’s no charge to get in. Parque Santojanni (Pilar and Acassuso)

ITALY: For yet another backyard foreign escapade, head to Avenida de Mayo to get your Italy on. Buenos Aires Celebra is back for the second day in a row to show off everything our European brethren have to offer. The festival will include the usual shrines to Italian culture in the form of music, food, and dancing. Best of all? It’s free! Come to fill your belly and soul with deeply satisfying Italian treats starting at 11:00 AM. (Av. de Mayo, between Chacabuco and Bolivar)

CEMETERY: Here’s another chance to check one of the essential Buenos Aires items off of your to-do list. Join the Ayres Viajes guided visit through the legendary Recoleta Cemetery, for a spooky story themed afternoon. The guide will chaperone you through the graves, and will dish on all of the macabre tales surrounding their famous inhabitants. Tickets are only AR $80 and the tour lasts about three hours. Make your reservations at [email protected] and get to the cemetery at 2:10 PM for your hair-raising exploration. Cementerio de la Recoleta (Junín 1760)

MUSIC: Join fellow Afrobeat fans for a free concert that will make it impossible to keep you from dancing. The Espacio Cultural Chacra de los Remedios is bringing together three bands under the same roof for a show even Fela Kuti would be proud of. Metaiponga, Don Genaro and Marabunta will be performing their latest and greatest starting at 5:00 PM to keep your weekend vibes alive through Sunday evening. The Espacio Cultural Chacra de los Remedios (Av. Directorio and Lacarra)

TANGO: Tango is paramount to the Buenos Aires experience, and now you can join those who want to protect its practice under penalty of law. Those in favor of Ley Fomento a la Milonga, are putting together their second Milonga Abierta to raise awareness for their mission. What is their mission? To make sure that all of the musicians, dancers, and artists behind your favorite Milongas, are protected and not taken advantage of. Show your solidarity with a tango class starting at 5:00 PM and open Milonga starting at 6:00 PM. No ticket pricing, but you can send a message here to know how many pesos to show up with for maximum tango enjoyment. Polo Cientifico Y Tecnologico (Godoy Cruz and Paraguay)

Happy weekend y’all!