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What to Do in Buenos Aires This Weekend: October 4th Edition

The Bubble’s signature, eclectic guide to making the most of your weekend.

By | [email protected] | October 3, 2019 1:24pm


October is here, and so is the overpowering realization that this year, which still feels very much like it just started, is barreling rapidly to a close. Oh gosh. The resolutions! We kept putting them off, and now all of a sudden it’s somehow ten months later and you’re back in that familiar old shame spiral. It’s fine. We’ve all been there. Don’t stress.

October is, of course, the spookiest month, because not only is it Halloween (keep an eye out for Halloween related events later in the month!), but it’s also the month of the very terrifying election that is keeping us on our toes and full of dread. What’s going to happen? Nobody really knows just yet, but keep an eye on our video series WTF: Race to the Casa Rosada where we break it all down for you. Of course, that doesn’t make the election any less scary, or October as a whole any less spooky.

Now without any further ado, here are this week’s selections!



Thankfully, a great way to get your mind off of that scary election is to bask in the simple joys of art, culture, music and good food. And a great way to enjoy all of those things at once is the wonderful Ciudad Emergente Festival, which returns to La Usina del Arte for its twelfth installment. All sorts of things are happening during this four-day festival: music, stand-up comedy, film screenings, extreme sports, dancing, art exhibits, food trucks, all that good stuff. And the best part? It’s all free! Well, except for the food trucks. You have to pay for those.

6 PM – Midnight | La Usina del Arte – Agustín Caffarena 1 | Free entry | More Info


Photo by Sandrachile . on Unsplash

so much depends / upon / a reed wheel / barrow / and also going to hip / events / recommended to us by / the bubble. Do you get it? Do you get our spin on a timeless William Carlos William poem? Are we the “Weird Al” Yankovich of poetry? Whatever the case, if you’re a fan of poetry (and not our cringy attempts at parodying it), make your way to this wonderful festival where you’ll be able to hear live readings, purchase collections, and possibly discover your new favorite author. Spoiler alert: it’s not me or probably anyone who works at The Bubble.

 7 PM – 10 PM | Uruguay 1371 | Free entry | More Info


If you’ve been anywhere in Palermo for the last few months, you’ve likely come upon a series of posters splattered over various walls which appropriate horror-movie artwork to advertise something very cryptically called “El Club de la Serpiente.” And if you’re anything like me, you probably thought this was some weird sex cult. And what is it? It’s a party! Turns out it’s a party. And not a sex party. But a pretty nifty party, from the looks of it, with lots of disco, funk, soul, and 80s jams. Are we disappointed it’s not a sex cult? Look, we’re not going to lie to you: yes, we are. But this still seems pretty cool!

Midnight | Museum Live – Perú 535 | AR $445 | More Info



One of life’s great pleasures is partaking in the celebration of a different country’s traditions while not actually being anywhere near that country. This is why this week we feature not one, but two Oktoberfest events! First up, this springtime celebration set in a gorgeous garden, featuring delicious German food and a healthy selection of alcohol. Sit back, grab some grub, drink some drinks, enjoy your sumptuous surroundings, take a selfie or two for the gram, and think about how good you have it.

1 PM | Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires – Av. Alvear 1661 | AR $1800 | More Info


Damsel Talk is one of the most wildly original and interesting live acts currently performing in Buenos Aires. A natural show-woman with a mighty voice and a penchant for the absurd, incorporating elements of stand-up comedy, vaudevillian farce, and theatricality. Her songs are based in jazz show-tune traditionalism while also including elements of avant-garde and improvisation. She’ll be performing at the gorgeous CAFF this Saturday in anticipation of her new album Darling Darling. Check her out, you won’t be sorry.

9 PM | Club Atlético Fernández Fierro – Sánchez de Bustamante 772 | AR $200 | More Info


And here’s the second Oktoberfest event for the week. See, we had to split them so as to not seem redundant. If you feel like partying at the Park Hyatt is a bit too high-falutin’ for you, and you’re looking for more of a grounded celebration that stays true to the Oktoberfest tradition, come to the Sense party! They have everything you’d want in an Oktoberfest celebration. Namely: an open bar, yummy food, and, uh…   reggaeton music, for some reason!

Midnight | Av. Cordoba 543 | AR $350 | More Info


Are you more of a ramen fan? Make you way over to the Sabores del Japón event, which will be highlighting everyone’s favorite meal to accidentally get all over your beard: ramen! There’s limited seating, but there will be two groups: one that starts at 8 and another at 10. So make your reservation by messaging the group, and be on time!

8 PM and 10 PM | Espacio Alto Hanami – Av. Medrano 1230 | More Info


If you’re in the mood for live music but are looking for something a bit heavier, here’s a great option for you: the fourth installment of the Festival Viaje de Agua, which brings together bands that specialize in the loud, sludgy, heavy side of the music spectrum. Punk rock! Sludge metal! Progressive instrumentals! Singer-songwriters with, like, loud guitars! Come check out performances by Massacre, POSEIDOTICA, SAURON, Marina Fages, Translucido, Lucy Patané, and more! And it takes place at KONEX, which, as we keep saying, is one of the coolest venues in town.

3 PM – Midnight | CIUDAD CULTURAL KONEX – Sarmiento 3131 | AR $500 | More Info



Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash

Once again, we have the return of the Viva Vintage shopping fair in Colegiales. If you’re on the hunt for new threads (that are actually old threads, but, y’know, nice ones), this is a great opportunity to find rare stuff and score some great deals. There will also be food, drinks, and vinyl music — which is better than digital music because it’s accompanied by the dull hum of surface noise. One thing there won’t be, though, is fitting rooms, so make sure to wear something comfortable so you can try on your vintage finds on top of it.

3 PM – 7 PM | La Confiteria – Av Federico Lacroze 2963 | Free entry | More Info


Photo by freddie marriage on Unsplash

We wrap things up on another bookish note! This Sunday, make your way to the “manzana de las luces” in San Telmo for a festival for all the book lovers out there. There will be live readings, live music, a puppet show (!!!), and, of course, lots and lots of books. Come on over, bring friends!

12 PM | MANZANA DE LAS LUCES – Perú 272 | Free entry | More Info

Disclaimer: The dates, times, and locations for each of these events reflect the information that was available at the time this edition of ‘What to Do in Buenos Aires this Weekend’ was published. The dates, times, and locations are subject to change at the event organizers’ discretion. For the most up to date information, click on the ‘More info’ link when it is listed under the event summary.

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