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What To Do In Buenos Aires This Weekend, November 25th Edition

By | [email protected] | November 25, 2016 9:14am


This is it. The most magical weekend of the year. Ok, yes. Christmas is pure magic, joy, and food coma heaven, but hear us out: We have arrived at the junction of the great tradition of celebrating the humble turkey and consuming an innumerable amount of calories in the name of giving thanks, and the perhaps even greater tradition of celebrating love and acceptance regardless of your sexual preference. We happen to be of the opinion that nothing goes together better than gluttony and glitter rainbows, and for that reason, we declare this three-day weekend queen of all weekends. Whether or not you’re directly affected by either tradition, why not jump on the bandwagon and experience the pure fabulousness that Buenos Aires has in store.

Friday, November 25th


dog show

Canine fans rejoice! The dog fair is in town, and you can see what breeds the Federación Cinológica Argentina thinks are prize-worthy at this year’s Exposición Canina. Over 700 dogs and 150 breeds will be vying for the number one spot at the three-day event. The pampered contestants will also be participating in beauty expos and agility demos throughout the pageant, to prove once and for all that whatever humans can do, dogs can do better. Tickets are AR $70 per day (and free for retirees on Friday), and you can get them at the door of the Pabellón Ocre at La Rural. May the best dog win!

La Rural – Pabellón Ocre | Santa Fe 4201 | 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


Big publishing companies serve perhaps, to weed out books that are not quite worth reading, but do you ever wonder what gems might be getting left behind? The Feria del Libro Independiente CUI is bringing you the chance to discover some lesser known works with their all day fair. You’ll be able to browse their extensive selection of independent, foreign language, and autographed books, and take home whatever speaks to you. There will also be illustrator expos, book signings, and live music provided by the Mojo Sisters at 8:30 PM. There’s no charge to get in, so save your cash for that soon-to-be-discovered next great american novel.

Centro Universitario de Idiomas | Junín 222 | 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM



Surely you’ve seen the signs everywhere: The Wateke Festival is here for the very first time to bring together all of life’s pleasures in the same giant horse corral. Taking over the Hipódromo from the 24th to the 28th, the massive gathering will combine the best of Argentine food, drinks, bands, stand-up, and other spectacular shows to make for a legitimate sensory overload. If you missed out on a Thanksgiving binge, here’s your chance to compensate (and then some). Tickets for Wateke will only run you AR $80, but food and drink prices vary. You can get all the details about the festival and your tickets here. Gather your crew and do you part to make sure this winning combo comes back next year.

Hipódromo de Palermo | Av. del Libertador 4101 | 2:00 PM – 12:00 AM


Calling all fashion and design fiends: the Feria COAS de Naciones is here to help tide you over until the next BA Fashion Week. The clothing and decor exposition will feature not only the best Argentine designers, but also big international names like Banana Republic and Ralph Lauren. Geared more towards shopaholics than runway rats, the fair will include stands with each designer’s latest collections. Get all of your holiday shopping done early without having to take that pesky trip to Chile to find the stuff you really want. Tickets are AR $60 and you can get yours in advance here.

La Rural | Av. Sarmiento 2704 | 6:00 PM


Apparently Belgium’s circus game is on point, and for that reason they’re the guests of honor at this year’s Festival de Circo Independiente. The circus act will last all weekend, and Friday’s lineup is all about the waffle eaters’ undeniable talents. Each performance will not only provide all of the laughs and visual stimulation you’ve come to expect from the circus, but will also highlight the nomadic, fleeting, and emotional lifestyle of the performers themselves. Most events run around AR $200, but some are totally free! You can look through all of the individual acts to pick your favorites, and get your tickets in advance here.

El Galpón de Guevara | Guevara 326 | 9:00 PM – 12:00 AM


You can tell that this city takes its Jazz seriously from the amount of top notch clubs around town and the world-class acts that come through town. It only makes sense then, that the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival be on par with the city’s growing scene. The homage to improvisation started way back in 2002, and has been attracting huge names in the genre ever since. This year’s version is no different, and Friday’s offerings include a session by William Parker and Ernesto Jodos at the Teatro Colón. Parker and Jodos make for the ultimate Argentine-US duo, proving that relations between the two countries can rise above dysfunction after all. Tickets are AR $130 and you can get yours in advance here.

Teatro Colón – Salón Dorado | Libertad 611 | 5:00 PM


pablo padin

Queens are taking over, and their domination begins Friday evening with the Dios Salve a la Reina concert. The tribute to the one and only Freddie Mercury comes on the anniversary of his untimely death 25 years ago. Join the masses in re-living his unforgettable hits for one night only. Dios Salve a la Reina is headed up by Pablo Padín, and his uncanny resemblance to Freddie, vocal chops, and piano skills are more than enough reason to get tickets asap. They start at AR $250 and you can get your hands on some right here.

Teatro Gran Rex | Av. Corrientes 857 | 9:00 PM


Start the previa an entire day early at the Jungla Hábitat Cultural. They’re throwing a LGBTQ friendly bash with all the trimmings starting at 9:00 PM on Friday, and won’t charge you a dime to be a part of the action. There will be art covering the walls by 25 up-and-coming local artists to represent this 25th year that Buenos Aires has successfully maintained the pride tradition. Don’t worry, Jungla did not forget the vital dance component of any good party, and have invited DJ Dr. Trincado to make sure that you up your status from wallflower to Tony Manero. You can listen to a little bit of his mixing skills here, or just trust that he’ll take care of your movement needs when you show up to the cultural center.

Jungla Hábitat Cultural | Guardia Vieja 3580 | 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM


Brooklyn Connection is bringing you German DJ legend D-Nox for D-Nox and Friends Night to ensure that your Friday night is not without music. The internationally renowned artist is in the big city for one night only, and his expert sound manipulation will surely make for a night to remember. Like any party worth its salt, there will be plenty to drink, and photo ops galore to fill your friends’ Snapchat feeds. Tickets to the all nighter will set you back AR $200 and you can get yours in advance here.

Brooklyn Connection | Av. Sarmiento and Casares | 11:59 PM

Saturday, November 26th


Sabor USA Argentina Food Week is here right on the heels of the most food-centric US holiday out there. Get your hands on favorites like smoked ribs, philly cheesesteaks, and good ol’ fashioned apple pie at more than 15 participating restaurants. Both Argentine and US chefs will be manning the grills and ovens at the various locales to bring you the most authentic red, white, and blue dishes in the city. Prices vary per restaurant and you can check out the list of places to eat here, but don’t let the panic set in! You’ve got a whole week to get your food fix.  

Sabor USA | Various | Restaurant Hours


The Centro Metropolitano del Diseño is hosting the first annual Hackatón: Ideas Contra La Violencia Contra Las Mujeres. What is a hackatón? Apparently it’s a mega marathon that creates a space for programmers, developers, designers, etc. to innovate and express themselves creatively. With statistics like one femicide every 37 hours in this country, saying that the need for this sort of an event is dire is an understatement. Get all of your code savvy friends on board and fill out the free inscription to help the cause in any way you can. If you’re looking for a tiny little bit of extra incentive, how about this: there are cash prizes for the best ideas to come out of the two-day extravaganza. Sign us up.

Centro Metropolitano de Diseño | Algarrobo 1041 | 9:00 AM



Take all of the excitement of a car race and take away the entire protective metal structure, and you’ve got yourself some real death-defying entertainment. The Gran Final de Motociclismo Argentino is taking place at the Autódromo de Buenos Aires, and all of the fastest motorcycle greats will be competing for the top spot. The category titles up for grabs are SuperBike (1000cc), SuperSport (600cc), Stockbikes (1000cc and 600cc), Categoria 250cc, Categoria 200cc, and Amateur, so there will be plenty of races to keep your heart lodged in your throat. Your tickets to watch people efficiently remove the first few layers of skin from their knees will run you AR $220 and you can pick them up at the locations listed here.

Autódromo de Buenos Aires | Av. Coronel Roca and Acceso Autodromo | 12:00 PM



It’s here! The date of the 25th Annual Marcha del Orgullo LGBTIQ de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires has arrived and there’s nothing left to stop you from partying like you’re Justin Trudeau. Fight for the implementation of legitimate anti-discrimination laws and against violence against the community in the most festive peaceful demonstration we know of. Your afternoon of gay bliss will kick off with a fair and live music at the Plaza de Mayo, and the infamous parade will follow the rainbow brick road starting at 4:00 PM from the same spot. Hopefully you’ve been hard at work selecting your outfit, and strategically planning your food and libation needs. There’s no charge to participate, so all that’s left is to beat your face and show up.

Plaza de Mayo | Av. Rivadavia and Balcarce | 1:00 PM


You know that tattoos have achieved fine art status when the Museo Histórico Nacional dedicates an entire exposition to their creation. The Museos Mutantes: Tatuajes Históricos Argentinos expo will combine some of the museum’s most important collections, with live demonstrations in what they’re calling a laboratory of artistic experimentation. Watch some of Argentina’s best tattoo artists do what they do best live, as they draw inspiration from the pieces hanging on the walls. There will also be songs, poems, workshops, and even video games that draw inspiration from the same muse, and you can check out the full list of participating artists here. There’s no charge to get in, but be careful not to leave slightly more tattooed than when you arrived.

Museo Histórico Nacional | Defensa 1600 | 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM


Believe it or not, Ozzy Osbourne is still going strong, but not for much longer. Black Sabbath has gotten back together for one final stint in the city, and Saturday is your very last night to see the whole crew together on the same stage. Creatively titled, The End, the farewell concert will feature all the hits that made the heavy metal band famous, and four new songs to keep it interesting. Here’s a little preview of their signature style if you need an impetus to start building your excitement before the main event. Tickets for the show start at AR $ 900 and you can (and should) get yours in advance here because they will sell out faster than Ozzy can yell, “Sharon!”

Estadio Vélez | Av. Juan B. Justo 9200 | 7:00 PM



If heavy metal isn’t quite your thing, Uruguayan cumbia pop sensation Marama & Rombai are here to lighten up your night. These crazy kids will be taking over the stage at Luna Park with their runaway hits like Todo comenzó bailando and Loquita, among others. Even though they’ve only been making music since 2014, Marama and Rombai have already spent a considerable amount of time on the Spotify top 10 list, and have even had a biopic made about them. Tickets to the concert that’s bound to get you dancing will run you at least AR $300 and you can get yours in advance here.

Luna Park | Avenida Madero 470 | 8:00 PM


If you still have energy after pride, you’ll surely use up the rest of it at El Cumbión de La Delio Valdez. Niceto Club is filling up one of their all night extravaganzas with music by the cumbia giants, and it’ll only cost you AR $150 to tear up the dance floor. There will be drinks galore for purchase, and DJ Sonido Parrandero will be in tow to pick up any Delio Valdez slack. Work off the weekend indulgences in the most patriotic way possible, and make sure that there’s nothing standing between you and some intense shut-eye afterwards. You can get your discounted tickets in advance here.

Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510 | 11:59 PM – 6:00 AM

Sunday, November 27th



Zombies tend to get a violent reputation, and Zombie Walk Argentina 2016 is here to work on their image. Deeming the event a pacifestación, the organizers want Sunday’s walk to be a space for social evolution and awakening. Put your makeup skills to the test and join the massive zombie march through the city, but leave your costume weapons at home. No references to violence will be allowed during the undead pacifist parade. The only thing you need to do to participate is bring any and all non-perishable food items you have lying around to donate to hungry kids, so round up your soup cans and scare the neighbors for a good cause!

Plaza San Martín | Av. del Libertador and Maipú | 10:00 AM


Should any lingering adverse effects of a slightly overindulgent weekend be cramping your style, the Festival Holistico Abierto y Gratuito has got you covered. Spend the afternoon listening to music, meditating, practicing yoga, getting massages, and sharing mates with new friends at this day-long healing marathon. There will even be artists showing off their graffiti skills live for your viewing pleasure. You can check out the exact event times on the event page, and like the name says, it won’t cost you a thing to participate.

Parque Cornelio Saavedra | 1430 Saavedra | 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM


Battuta Veloce is betraying their name and turning towards France for inspiration for the first edition of J’Aime. The bar is being taken over by pop up store Le Local, who will be turning into a fashion paradise with clothes by the coolest independent designers in town. Come browse the unique finds in styles for men, women, and children, and feast on the holy trinity of French wine, cheese, and bread. There’s no charge to get in, but make sure that you bring cash, because none of the designers accept plastic.

Battuta Veloce | Loyola 788 | 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM


buenos aires extremo

How do you improve on an afternoon of watching professional skaters and BMX bikers land unreasonable tricks? Add food trucks and DJs, that’s how. The Buenos Aires Extremo 3 Festival is happening at the Parque Costanera and the international stars of the sport will be in tow, showing off their hard earned skills. Come watch their successes and wipeouts to music by DJs like Uopa Cachi Navalli, and then fuel up at variety of food truck options. There will also be graffiti artists, tattoo artists, and live bands to make for a Sunday that will leave you wanting for nothing. There’s no fee to get in, so just show up for an instant cool upgrade.

Parque Costanera | Av. Rafael Obligado and La Pampa | 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM


Remo For All is coming at you with a calorie-torching tour of the parts of Buenos Aires you don’t necessarily get to see on dry land. Check out sites like the old port, the historic fragatas, emblematic buildings, and the puente de la mujer, all from a kayak perspective. Hard work towards the same goal is a surefire way to make new friends, and the For All crew guarantees that the group will be eclectic. The best part? You don’t even have to rent a kayak. The entire adventure is free as long as you remember to register here before you show up.

Puerto Madero (Dique 4) | Victoria Ocampo and Olga Cossettini | 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM


Guess who doesn’t have to wake up for work on Monday? You! Take advantage with the Fiesta Ricotera for a Sunday night blowout at the Teatro Flores. SuperLogico will be taking the stage at 2:15 AM for a little live music experience, and then DJs will take over to make sure that you fully incorporate Monday into your weekend experience. Plan ahead, because you can get discounted tickets at AR $100 as long as you get them in advance at the locations listed on the event page.

Teatro Flores | Av. Rivadavia 7806 | 11:59 PM – 6:00 AM

Happy weekend y’all!