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What to Do in Buenos Aires this Weekend: June 22nd Edition

The Bubble's signature, eclectic guide to making the most of your weekend.

By | [email protected] | June 22, 2018 3:11pm

la-gran-jaime(Photo via

Now that last week’s brutal wintry blast has kindly (albeit temporarily) left us to continue with our lives without the joy of having to constantly tell everyone around us “que frío,” it’s time to get out this weekend and enjoy the sunshine. After yesterday’s heartbreak versus Croatia, we have even more reason to give the World Cup misery a break and take advantage of what’s on offer throughout the Ciudad de la Furia.

For the creatively inclined, why not try your hand at Japanese Kirigami-style paper sculpture, or if you’re more of the literary sort, give Casa Brandon’s erotic poetry a listen. Think of yourself as a horror film aficionado? Head to this year’s brand new Creepy Fest, or go for the complete opposite with a comedy show including new Netflix darling Malena Pichot



A snapshot of play “Los Rotos”. (Photo via El Cultural San Martín).


With four new plays released to celebrate the International Playwright Festival this month, the San Martín cultural center has programmed plenty of thought-provoking performances. Tonight, options include “El Hijo Eterno,” which centers around a first-time father and the internal emotional challenges he struggles with soon after his son’s birth. Play “Los Rotos” will also be performed, described as a grotesque fantasy, it tells the story of a so-called miracle happening in an area wedged between a working-class barrio and a villa. With plays on beyond this weekend, it’s worth giving their full program a look.

Start times are around 8 PM | Cultural San Martín – Sarmiento 1551 | Tickets are around AR $150 and can be bought online | More info


For the first time, a piano and organ show dedicated to blues and gospel music will be on tonight at venue Jazz Voyeur. Pianist Tavo Doreste will be playing alongside Ezequiel Giunta on the organ. Special guest, jazz singer Checha Naab will also be singing a few tunes. The Recoleta restaurant and jazz club is known for its intimate and sophisticated atmosphere and makes for the perfect place to sip some wine and enjoy a more tranquilo kind of Friday night.

9 PM | Jazz Voyeur – Posadas 1557 | Tickets are AR $200 and should be reserved | More info


As part of their series exploring body expression, tonight, Casa Brandon will be looking at the connection between words and eroticism. Through seductive poetry readings, get ready to be taken on a sensory journey and be surprised by the power of some very carefully chosen words. When you’re a little ‘worded’ out, a short acoustic musical performance by Juan Bracco and Giovi Garbellini will round the evening off.

9 PM | Casa Brandon – Luis Maria Drago 236 | Pay what you can | More info


French absurdist Albert Camus has long provoked debate about the meaning of life and the reality of death. Tonight will be a chance to hear these ideas explained and challenged in an informal discussion and presentation led by popular philosopher Diego Singer. Relaxed and open, all ideas are welcome and those with little or no prior knowledge are encouraged and shouldn’t feel intimidated. Both intellectual and laid back, it’ll be a great introduction to Camus’ distinct existentialist way of thinking.

9 PM | Club Cultural Matienzo – Pringles 1249 | Pay what you can | More info




Get your fresh produce fill with this week’s edition of Sabe de la Tierra. (Photo via Sabe de la Tierra).


Environmental NGO Sabe La Tierra will be taking over Plaza Güemes with their organic food market. Offering plenty of sustainably sourced food options, all sold by local producers, you can stock up on all your fresh food needs and know that you’re eating well guilt-free. At 3 PM, there’ll be a free workshop led by Sergio Ruiz of “Ser Orgánico” to show you how to create your very own organic garden back at home, you’ll even be able to take home a few seeds to sow. Note that if it rains, the market will be canceled.

10 AM – 6 PM | Plaza Güemes – Charcas and Salguero | Free | More info


For the fearless lovers of horror movies, this brand new event will be taking place today to celebrate all popular culture related to terror. Including an exhibition that explores what fear is, horror story recitals, a live performance come quiz that’ll put your knowledge of horror movie characters to the test, and an interactive acting out of the zombie apocalypse, the afternoon is for the self-confessed super fan. With events specially scheduled with little ones in mind too, it’s perfect for kids who aren’t too squeamish. If you still haven’t had enough, horror-themed literature and merchandise will also be available for purchase.

12 PM – 6 PM | San José de Once – Azcuénaga 158 | AR $100 in advance and AR $150 on the door | More info


Comedy group Persona will be performing in Santos 4040. (Photo via Persona’s Facebook Page).


Stand-up comedy group Persona have made it their mission to change the world via comedy. The group, made up of four female comedians, Malena Pichot, Ana Carolina, Charo López, and Vanesa Strauch aim to challenge traditional gender notions by presenting themselves as people, asking that they are not only defined as females. Including musical performance, the show is described as being hypocritical but above all a “transvestite” performance.

11 PM | Santos 4040 – Santos Dumont 4040 | AR $300 – Tickets should be reserved | More info


Hasta La Vista in full swing. (Photo via their Facebook Page).


Hasta La Vista Afrobeat band who are performing at La Gran Jaime tonight will be sure to fill you with good vibes and get you warmed up for a Saturday night out dancing. The Buenos Aires-based group are known for their distinctive saxophone playing, trumpet touting, and bouncy percussion, which are all so characteristic to the afrobeat genre. Rapping duo Amar will also be performing a set of their jazz style hip-hop tunes.

11 PM | La Gran Jaime – Aráoz 832 | AR $80 | More info




The third edition of Club Cultural Matienzo’s Incógnito cycle will be taking place tonight. Mixing literature, dance, and theater, the series promises to be a diverse and eclectic collection of performances. Acting poetry group Asociación Rizoma Colectivo will kick the festival off in a joint effort alongside band Ser Pentario. Five more porteño poets and a couple of improvisers will then continue the evening’s events, entertaining the audience with improvisations and recitals.

7:30 PM | Club Cultural Matienzo – Pringles 1259 | AR $80 | More info


Celebrating ancestral knowledge and tradition, the afternoon will be about exploring the link between art and the elements of wind, fire, earth, and water. Discovering Latin America’s pre-hispanic culture, there’ll be a chance to view films about indigenous Latin America, an exhibition made up of replicas of traditional musical instruments and hear why ceramics are so important in understanding this era and their strong connection with nature.

2 PM | Cooperativa Bar Casona Huamahuaca – Huamahuaca 3508 | Free | More info


“A Special Day” stars Sophia Loren as Antoinetta and Marcello Mastroianni as Gabriele. (Photo via Ministry of Foreign Affairs).


Classic Italian film “A Special Day” will be shown as part of the Teatro Complejo’s 10-day festival dedicated to the country’s cinema. Set in 1938 Rome, the film tells the story of a housewife who chooses to stay at home the day the day that Hitler visited Mussolini. While the rest of Rome is out celebrating, including her husband and kids, she chooses to meet up with a neighbor instead and makes a series of unexpected discoveries. Dealing with fascism and the persecution of homosexuals, the film went on to be a Golden Globe award winner.

4 PM, 6:30 PM, 9 PM | Complejo Teatral – Av. Corrientes 1530 | AR $40 | More info


Hopefully, your creation will look like this in no time. (Photo via Pinterest).


Marcelo Gutman will be leading a workshop on Kirigami, a Japanese practice, which involves cutting paper very finely to sculpt and make it into a work of art. Taught over in Germany’s Bauhaus School of Art, it’s simple and surprisingly therapeutic. Not quite as fiddly as origami, it’s the perfect way to wind down on a Sunday afternoon. “Pop-up,” another paper sculpting technique, (used to make pop-up books) will also be demonstrated, by the end of the session, you should feel like a paper sculpting pro.

4 PM | MACBA – Av. San Juan 328 | AR $400 – reserve via email ([email protected]) | More info