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What to Do in Buenos Aires This Weekend: June 21st Edition

The Bubble’s signature, eclectic guide to making the most of your weekend.

By | [email protected] | June 20, 2019 12:00pm

toboganPhoto courtesy of Bandcamp / Tobogán Andaluz

This work week may have started on Tuesday, but with the relentless rain and apocalyptic blackout of the previous weekend, we can’t say the feriado left us particularly well-rested. The slog from autumn to winter is bringing out our collective seasonal depression, and the fact that last Sunday’s plans were eclipsed by the excuse to stay in bed drinking tea and watching rom-coms certainly didn’t help. All that’s in the past though. This Thursday, yet another oddly-placed feriado, we suggest you don’t waste time lamenting having to go back to work, but use Día de la Bandera for what it was intended – to plan an action-packed finde, of course.

If you’re not already attending today, the event you definitely won’t want to miss this weekend is the Venezuelan Film Festival (FECIVE) hitting Buenos Aires. The event’s 4th edition comes to Centro Cultural San Martín through June 23rd and creates a space for dialogue between Argentines and the country’s fastest growing immigrant community. Go ahead and check out our full preview of the festival – we’ll wait for you right here.

Here’s our guide to everything else you should be planning for the weekend.



Photo courtesy of Royal Albert Hall

The circus has come to town, but we hope you’re not imagining a red-striped tent and a big-shoed clown with a juggling act. Cirque du Soleil has gained world renown for its imaginative reinvention of what the intersection between acrobatics and theater can entail, and now the cast and crew have anchored down in Buenos Aires from June 15-30, with shows scheduled for each day they’re here (including three more shows this weekend alone). The show Ovo, named for the word “egg” in Portuguese, originally premiered in Montreal in 2009 and has become one of du Soleil’s classics. It is inspired by the world of insects and fueled by Brazilian composer Berna Ceppas‘ original music score.

9 PM | Tecnópolis – J.B. de la Salle 4365 | From AR $ 1,800 | More Info | Buy tickets


Photo courtesy of Buenos Aires Informer

With two feriados behind you, we have a feeling you might have enough energy left by the end of the week to spend Friday night dancing until the sun comes up. Groove is once again hosting La Mágica, a party celebrating the music and dance of cumbia, a Colombian and Paraguayan tradition that has heavily influenced the beats of Latin American pop. Cumbia is a genre that knows no social distinctions, and La Mágica has welcomed everyone from household name artists to on-the-cusp, emerging acts. This time, three ’90s bands, Amar AzulTambo Tambo, and Los Charros, are sure to get the crowd riled up. Groove’s beloved Romy DJ and Cumbiemos will also make an appearance.

11:30 PM – 7 AM | Groove – Av. Santa Fe 4389 | From AR $250 | More Info | Buy tickets


Photo courtesy of Museum Club

Hungry for a night of dancing until your feet are sore, but cumbia isn’t quite your style? A night in San Telmo should be on your docket then. Head over to Museum Live, a huge three-floor, five-bar nightclub known for its themed nights and ability to cater to any type of event. This Friday, they’re hosting El Club de la Serpiente (Snake Club), a unique night of disco, funk, soul, and 80s music, and more importantly non-stop baile. Bands will include the Livin’ Soul Projecta vocals-heavy group formed in 2011, and AfroSound Choir, a gospel inspired funk group. Do grab a few Z’s as dawn approaches though – you won’t want to sleep through our Saturday suggestions.

12 AM – 6 AM | Museum Live – Perú 535 | From AR $335 | More Info | Buy tickets



Photo courtesy of Feria Etc

Ever miss good ole’ fashioned block parties? This Saturday, radio station La Tribu (88.7 FM) is celebrating its 30th anniversary by closing off a street in Almagro and stuffing it full of amazing entertainment. Take an afternoon stroll through more than twenty pop-up workshops, including kick-boxing, sustainable gardening, silkscreen printing, bike design, manual photography, children’s book illustration, and so many others. Look through artisanal clothing offerings by Feria Etc on the same street, and be sure to stick around until 6 PM, when the family-friendly fair is set to turn into a full-on fiesta. La Tribu has invited five bands, including Los Besos and Chocolate Remix, and weather permitting, will keep the outdoor party going until well past kids’ bedtimes.

2 PM – 1 AM | Lambaré 873 | Free | More Info


Photo courtesy of Viva Vintage

El Ferietón is coming to Palermo Soho this Saturday – a play on words of feria (as in an artisan fair) and reggaetón (as in the music you’ll find there). As the event’s Facebook page boasts, “the name tells you everything.” The artistic and social hub, named for Argentine writer Rodolfo Walsh, will house an urban vintage clothing sale, featuring American garments and accessories from the 80s and 90s in mint condition. Don’t think it’s just a clothing sale though: DJ Rik4perry will provide the music (mostly trap and reggaetón, natch), vegan food will be served, and a flash tattoo artist will set up shop in the cultural center.

4 PM – 8 PM | Casa Walsh – Nicaragua 4445 | Free | More Info


Argentina has a thriving indie rock scene and whether your Spotify “most listened” is already overflowing with it or you’re just looking to dip your toe in, we recommend you listen to Tobogán Andaluz this Saturday the way they’re best heard – live. The band formed in the summer of 2010 here in Buenos Aires and now, almost ten years later, is working on their fifth album. Tobny Houston, a newer Argentine group, will open for them in the heart of Palermo at La Tangente, which offers both dinner (here are the delicious offerings) and non-dinner seating to accompany the bands’ romantic, chill vibe (read: perfect for date night).

8:30 PM | La Tangente – Honduras 5317 |  AR $300 and up | More Info | Buy tickets


Two true musical giants have united to create an album that puts classical Latin American music in dialogue with the rock world and other global influences. Argentine Pedro Aznar and Chilean Manuel Garcia released the project “Abrazo de hermanos” this past May, basing their ambition on their close friendship of over ten years. The album pays homage to traditional and contemporary artists on both sides of the Andes, and tackles both the roses and thorns of life in the Southern Cone through a combination of incisive social commentary and poetic love song. Come out to Teatro Coliseo in Recoleta to hear the historic work for yourself.

8:30 PM | Teatro Coliseo – Marcelo T. de Alvear 1125 | From AR $600 | More info | Buy tickets


Photo courtesy of Facebook / Otra Historia Cultural Club

“The music we like to listen to (and dance to) when we drink red wine,” reads the Facebook event description. If the boliche-ing on Friday night didn’t quite do you in, check out this fiesta in Villa Ortuzar. Strap on your dancing shoes, use a heavy hand with the eyeliner, and dig out your spunkiest skirt for the event featuring music from new wave and minimal synth, to electro-punk and Soviet synth-pop (yeah, I don’t know what that is, either). If you arrive before 2 AM (a challenge, we know), you’ll score a discount on the entry fee.

12 AM – 6 AM | Otra Historia Club Cultural – Estomba 851 | AR $150 | More Info



Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Bonsai literally means “culture on a tray.” This weekend Jardín Japonés (Japanese Gardens) presents a winter Bonsai exhibition, showcasing the art of growing trees in the unnaturally small space of a shallow pot in order to produce them in miniature with all the proportions and features of regular trees. The art form stresses respect for nature and maximizing the visibility of its beauty. The Japanese Argentine Cultural Foundation and Bonsai director, Alejandro Sartori, curated the event, which will take place rain or shine.

10 AM – 6 PM (Saturday & Sunday) | Japanese Gardens – Av. Casares 2966 | AR $150 | More Info


Photo courtesy of Clarin

This weekend, let’s not forget, is also the Winter Solstice of the southern hemisphere, which means that Inti Raymi, the annual Festival of the Sun, is upon us. The tradition comes from ancient times, when the Inca would make sacrifices on this day to their sun god, Inti. The government association of human rights and cultural pluralism of Buenos Aires will be celebrating this year, as every year, with an outdoor extravaganza of ancient Inca music, dance, costume, and culture. Bonus: Parque Lezama is only a five-minute walk from the weekly San Telmo Sunday market, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

12 PM – 3:30 PM | Parque Lezama – enter at corner of Av. Brasil and Av. Paseo Colón | Free | More Info


Photo courtesy of Pixabay

What could be better for a lazy Sunday afternoon than an artisan-fair-turned-writers-showcase? Nibble on a snack from one of the three caterers at the event (including a vegan one!), and stroll through the art center where more than twenty illustrators are scheduled to come show off their work, with small give-aways on the ready. Buy Crazy Cat Ladies‘ cute socks or La Gata Lola‘s adorable pins and stickers. (No, not all the illustrators are cat-themed, don’t worry, you die-hard dog fans). The fest will also feature your classic craft fair must-haves, like designer notebooks and artisanal soaps. Best of all: pet friendly!

1:30 PM – 6 PM | Cooperative Bar Casona Humahuaca – Humahuaca 3508 | Free | More Info


Photo courtesy of Buenos Aires Ciudad

Finish off your Sunday with a free outdoor concert in La Boca. An Espil, known not only for her voice but also for her strong style and personality, will take the stage at an early evening concert in the main patio of la Usina del Arte. Her style combines soul, jazz, and pop, and she’ll be performing her 2017 album, Mentiras. Chipi Chipi, known best for his album De los Días, will perform with his band after Espil.

5 PM – 8 PM | Usina del Arte – Agustin R. Caffarena 1 | Free | More Info

Disclaimer: The dates, times, and locations for each of these events reflect the information that was available at the time this edition of ‘What to Do in Buenos Aires this Weekend’ was published. The dates, times, and locations are subject to change at the event organizers’ discretion. For the most up to date information, click on the ‘More info’ link when it is listed under the event summary.

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