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What to Do in Buenos Aires this Weekend: June 14th Edition

The Bubble's signature, eclectic guide to making the most of your weekend.

By | [email protected] | June 14, 2018 4:56pm


Unless you’ve been hiding out under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ll know that today, (June 14) the long-anticipated Russian World Cup is kicking off. With everyone keeping their fingers crossed for Argentina, there’ll be plenty of opportunities all over the city to see all of the big games. But if however, you’re part of the well-established minority who are a little tired of hearing “Vamos Argentina,” we’re here to guide you through a weekend sin fútbol. From a night of comedy to French film to an evening spent pondering the life and times of Kafka, anyone can now take a break from watching the “beautiful game.”

This week the bill which would allow for legal abortion was debated – and passed! – in Congress, and although we’re yet to know the ultimate future as it goes through the Senate, whatever your stance is, it’s been a polemic topic that has fully engaged both sides of the campaign. So this week we’re paying homage to the work of groundbreaking women everywhere and bringing you a bit of girl power via feminist film options, female folk singer Marina Fages, and soul performer Deborah Dixon. 


Indie musician Marina Fages will be taking to the stage on Friday night. (Photo via Marina Fages’ Facebook Page)


Argentine singer, guitarist and multimedia artist Marina Fages will be taking over the Centro Cultural de la Memoria de Haroldo Conti to play a tune or two. Fages who has released two albums in both Argentina and Japan, is known for her soft vocals and gentle guitar strumming, her music occupying a space somewhere in between folk and indie. Described as a world traveler who is constantly on the move, this is a rare opportunity to see her while she’s in town and for free.

9 PM | Centro Cultural de la Memoria de Haroldo Conti – Av. del Libertador 8151 | Free | More info


In a dynamic and diverse comedy show, four actors will be energetically rising to the challenge of playing a varied bunch of characters that range from a boxer to a geisha. Fast paced and a little absurd, throughout ¡Cachete!’s ten scenes; the wacky comedy observes the problems of modern life as well as the nostalgic, uncomfortable and truthful realities.

9 PM | Teatro Mandril – Humberto Primo 2758 | Pay what you can | More info


Espacio Cultural Mi Casa are hosting the thirteenth edition of their festival “Cerebrossss” tonight. Using sounds from feminist marches like #8M, collective artist group “Vivas” will be presenting a collection of high-risk audiovisual installations. Combining this with live music and guest DJ sets by both minicomponente and ReTumb4, there is even an audio installation that accompanies you to the bathroom. An interactive event that’s aimed at promoting reflection on female body autonomy, expect the experimental.

11 PM | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa – Aguero 787 | Free before 12 AM, AR $100 after | More info


Clothing, books, jewelry, and prints will all be for sale at June’s Feria Juntas. (Photo via Crónicas de Moda)


For a fair that sells all things pretty head to June’s edition of the Juntas Feria. Whether you’re looking to pimp out that jewelry collection, browse for an independently published book or search for an original print for a blank wall, you’ll find all of these goodies and more at the city’s most Instagrammable feria. Beware, it is tempting to go into magpie mode and want to purchase everything – you’ve been warned.

3 PM | Ciudad de La Paz 502 | Free | More info

Deborah Dixon will be performing every Saturday evening at the Bebop this June. (Photo via YouTube)


Every Saturday this month, Costa Rican singer Deborah Dixon is performing alongside band Fundación del Funk to bring you a varied and eclectic collection of soul and funk classics. One of Argentina’s most prominent black soul artists, Dixon is renowned for her soft vocals and varied styles, and this Saturday will be performing in the intimate and jazz club-esque surroundings of the Bebop Club. Each week a surprise plus one will be taking to the stage to jam alongside her too, making every performance unique.

9 PM | Bebop Club – Moreno 364 | AR $300 | More info


The first edition of performing arts series “¡Reviente! Ciclo de Artes Escénicas” will be taking place tonight. All about pushing artistic boundaries to explore humanity’s unique capacity for desire, dissatisfaction, and rebellion, the evening will provide an intriguing look into the world of independent art and theatre. Kicking off the initiative will be a photography exhibition led by local artists as well as a performance by local physical theater group Nos/otres. Tying the evening together will be female acting duo Leticia Coronel and Lourdes Sol.

8:30 PM | Hasta Trilce – Calle Maza 177 | Pay what you can | More info

A shot from Varda’s movie “One Sings the Other Doesn’t”. (Photo via Kinoscope)


Celebrating director Agnès Varda‘s contribution to French film, cultural center, Amarama Patio Cultural is showing both a short and full-length movie each Saturday evening this June. Her work, which is now considered a central component of France’s New Wave era, deals with topics ranging from feminist issues to social problems. One of her lesser-known films, “One Sings the Other Doesn’t” will be shown. With a tragic beginning, a whole host of relationship issues and the shared highs and lows of two friends, it’s a tale of the enduring strength of the female bond. If you arrive on time, you’ll be able to catch short feminist film “Women Reply.”

7 PM | Amarama Patio Cultural – (Exact address is given through their messaging their Facebook Page) | Pay What You Can | More info


Mixing tango with more modern favorites like Colombian style cumbia and Uruguayan candombe, Amores Tangos are returning to present the third edition of their party Fronterabierta. The five-piece band will be performing their own material as well as some old school tango classics, and candombe by Patricio Quinteros. Combining all of these contrasting musical genres the fiesta is set to be an exciting celebration of regional music to get you in the mood to boogie.

9 PM | La Tangente – Honduras 5317 | Tickets AR $300 | More info



If you’re looking for the ultimate antidomingo activity to transport yourself away to the sandy shores of the Caribbean, head downtown to dance some rumba. Cuban percussion band Obba Yoko will be taking to the stage to pay homage to rumba’s tropical heritage. Set to be full of energy, the group who are proud of their 100 percent Cuban rumba will help you banish the blues and any other wintry feelings of misery.

8 PM | Velvet Club – Salta 755 | Tickets AR $150 | More info


For an intellectually stimulating Sunday, author Fabián Martínez Siccardi will be speaking about Franz Kafka and his last months spent with Dora Diamont, the only known woman to have lived with him. Witnessing both his suffering during the last weeks of his life and experiencing plenty of joyful moments together, Siccardi’s talk about the pair will focus on the highs and lows of the revered writer’s colorful life as well as his genius ability to write.

9 PM | CIRCE Fábrica de Arte – Av. Córdoba 4335 | AR $150 | More info


In its second week at the Abasto Social Club, psychological thriller play “Gorila,” directed by Mariana Cumbi Bustinza will be showing. A story of obsession and thoughtless discrimination between residents of a guesthouse, the play centers on a romantic affair between two guests, the mysterious disappearance of a teenager, and the property owner’s final lack of tolerance for the odd happenings of the house. Both funny and shocking, this thriller is a unique exploration of death, intolerance, and ignorance.

6 PM | Abasto Social Club – Yatay 666 | AR $250 | More info


‘We Can Film It’ is Casa Brandon’s feminist film cycle taking place over the coming weeks. This Sunday is the turn of first time Saudi Arabic director Haifaa al-Mansour with the movie, “Wadjda” (La Bicicleta Verde). The first full motion picture movie to be directed by a Saudi Arabian Woman, it’s an intriguing portrayal of Saudi family life, and a young girl’s quest for a desperately coveted green bicycle that her family disapproves of (it was thought girls shouldn’t ride bicycles). The plot details her determination to push limitations as she craves a little more freedom and independence.

8 PM | Casa Brandon – Luis Maria Drago 236 | Pay What You Can | More info

The dates, times, and locations for each of these events reflect the information that was available at the time this edition of ‘What to Do in Buenos Aires this Weekend’ was published. The dates, times, and locations are subject to change at the event organizers’ discretion. For the most up to date information, click on the ‘More info’ link when it is listed under the event summary. If you have an event you would like to include in this column, please send us an email at