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What to Do in Buenos Aires This Weekend: July 13th Edition

By | [email protected] | July 12, 2018 2:27pm

tarascones(Photo via Vuenoz Aires)

We know. It’s winter, and as such far too tempting stay inside until the jacarandas return in November. All most of us want is a bowl of soup, some matecitos and to chip away at that ever-growing Netflix queue of series all our friends tell us we must watch. But doing that would be a huge mistake, since the city has come out in force to provide us all with enough cultural options to fill up the consecutive weekends (and then some).

You’ve got everything from Uriburu’s latest opening at Bellas Artes, a new Bauhaus retrospective at Buenos Aires’ Decorative Arts Museum and the grand re-opening of MAMBA. See? Our cultural needs are being met, chilly temps be damned. If you’re not so into exhibitions though, there’s still plenty to do. Try a dance-off at the Centro Cultural Recoleta or head to Centro Cultural Conti’s jazz festival – you’ll be glad you put on some real pants and ventured out into society.



After a lengthy renovation and extension process MAMBA (Modern Art Museum of Buenos Aires) has just unveiled a huge exhibition titled “Experimental Latin American Art in Conversation with Frankfurt’s MMK Collection during the years of 1944 – 1989.” Comparing Latin American and European and North American art, it comprises over 500 works by 100 different artists. Taking a look at how each continent’s art worlds have consistently intertwined and run parallel to each other, it should be an eclectic and intriguing exhibition to view. Get in first and make sure to see it before everyone else. And don’t forget to check out the incredible San Telmo views from the new café!

11 AM – 6:30 PM | MAMBA – Av. San Juan 350 | AR $30 | More info


A diverse group of traveling flamenco dancers and musicians, the Errantes Flamencos will be in town to showcase the Spanish dance in ways you haven’t seen before. Describing the rhythm as having a new American identity, the artists who all participate in the Mexican, Brazilian, and Porteño art scenes have created an international and alternative interpretation to be enjoyed by flamenco fans and complete newbies alike. Led by one of the scene’s biggest names, Sebastián del Buen Ayre, the re-invention of the dance is not one to be missed. Tickets should be bought in advance.

9:30 PM | Teatro El Vitral – Rodriguez Peña 344 | AR $300 | More info

(Photo via Vuenoz Aires)



The play “Tarascones” had an uber-successful 2017 and is now back to make 2018 an even stronger year. The black comedy recounts the moment where a group of women see their routine cup of tea and gossip interrupted by a crime that completely changes the course of their usual ritual. Referencing black magic, the half-comedy, half-crime thriller definitely makes the banal act of sipping on a cuppa that much more intriguing. Tickets should be purchased beforehand.

8 PM | Teatro Picadero – Pasaje Discépolo 1857 | AR $550 | More info


Centro Cultural de la Memoria de Haroldo Conti is playing host to its second Jazz Festival and tonight marks its final evening. Including some of the region’s most well-known artists, the festival looks to lend visibility to and promote artists from across the continent. At the event, jazz composers will compete to win the festival’s International Composition Prize. Everything will take place live and spectators are free to join in and watch. Although free, seats are limited so prior registration is recommended.

11 AM – 3 PM | Centro Cultural de la Memoria de Haroldo Conti – Av. del Libertador 8151 | Free | More info


(Photo via Para Buenos Aires).



To celebrate the traditional fogata (bonfire) of San Juan, iconic barrio La Boca will be hosting a huge one of its own alongside free activities and workshops for both kids and adults. You’ll be able to create your own sculptures and dummies as well as write wishes and desires that will later be thrown into the fire to round the night off. There will also be live music with Miss Bolivia and DJ Villa Diamante taking to the stage during the evening. The festival, which originates from the Northern Hemisphere, was initially an opportunity to celebrate the summer solstice; while we’re smack-dab in the middle of winter, that makes standing around a bonfire all the more appealing.

3 PM – 8 PM | Av. Pedro de Mendoza al 1900 | Free | More info


For a kids’ activity (though plenty of adults wouldn’t mind joining), Usina del Arte has created an interactive exhibition aimed at children between the ages of five and ten to celebrate the life and work of the iconic Frida Kahlo. With different areas representing key stages in her life, the traumatic bus accident, her love for pre-Hispanic cultures, and her relationship with Diego Rivera, the idea is for little ones to explore the complexities behind her many identities as an artist, wife, disabled person, and as an emblem for 20th-century Mexican art.

10 AM – 9 PM | Usina del Arte – Agustín R. Caffarena 1 | Free | More info

(Photo via Clarín).



If you’re officially *over* the disappointment and misery surrounding this year’s World Cup but at the same time aren’t ready for its inevitable end, check out photography gallery FoLa’s tribute to the beautiful game. With images taken from iconic games around the world, one of the most interesting parts of the exhibit is actually the focus on amateur footballers and the evolution on the game all over the world including countries like the Netherlands and Peru. A powerful display of how football has captured the interest of players across the globe, hopefully, it won’t make visitors too forlorn about waiting another four years for the next one.

12 PM – 8 PM | FoLa – Godoy Cruz 2620 | AR $100 | More info

(Photo via Mermelada de Morcilla’s Facebook Page).



Tonight Club Cultural Matienzo will be hosting creatively named indie rock band Mermelada de Morcilla. Defining themselves as a group that’s pretty difficult to classify, they say their name is horrible yet unforgettable, and that more importantly they definitely don’t use saxophones (you do you, bbs). Ranging from indie rock to being a little more guitar heavy, the band incorporates a wide range of styles and will undoubtedly put on an enjoyable gig. Francisco Villa will be performing the set before. Tickets can be bought on the door but are cheaper if reserved in advance (AR $150).

9 PM | Club Cultural Matienzo – Pringles 1249 | AR $ 200 | More info



With the winter vacation in mind, Caballito’s food court, Patio de Los Lecheros will be providing live music to listen to as you make your rounds sampling its myriad tasty options. Including a food and produce market so you can bring home some of the magic, there will also be games to keep younger members of the group occupied. Note that events will be called off in the case of rain.

12 PM – 8 PM | Donato Alvarez 200 | Free | More info

(Photo via El Centro Cultural Recoleta)



One perk of the seasons changing and the weather turning truly wintery is that it means a new cycle of events and arts at Recoleta’s Cultural Center. This time the series is celebrating friendship, quite fitting given that next Friday is the famous Día del Amigo. Adorned with a new brightly colored mural, the center is set up for tonight’s dual party. Created by two groups of friends each party, one by La Verdi the other by Lolo y Lauti, music-wise you can expect funk and soul mixes, as well as intermittent dance-offs. A fab way to celebrate your friends, head over and enjoy an anti-domingo dancing away the week’s stresses.

7:30 PM | Centro Cultural Recoleta – Junín 1930 | Free | More info


Group Alta Paja will be organizing the fourth edition of their erotic poetry reading tonight at Milonga La Catedral. With the main focus being on contemporary poetry, the group hopes to draw attention to sexual diversity and the many ways that art can be sensual. Performing among a long line-up will be spoken word performers and musicians Boca de Buzón as well as performance artist Regia.

6:30 PM| La Catedral del Tango – Sarmiento 4006 | AR $150 | More info