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What to Do in Buenos Aires This Weekend: February 28th Edition

You've Got Options, Baby

By | [email protected] | February 27, 2020 2:25pm


Hi there! Welcome to a new installment of What to Do in Buenos Aires This Weekend. Honestly, if you live in Buenos Aires and you like to have a good time, this is just about the only thing you ever need to read on the entire Internet. Maybe access to your online banking platforms. But social media? Youtube? Other weekly columns? Get out of here with that nonsense.

Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable, because we’re back with another whack of music, food, and party events for the weekend. Maybe this will distract you from the disturbing fact that we’ve rolled right into the third month of the year and nobody else seems to be freaking out. I know I am. But that’s what alcohol is for.

Without further ado, here are this week’s selections!



This week, we have a bit of a jazz sandwich situation going on. We start our list of events with this awesome, classy, sophisticated show at Enjoy Church Argentina, where you’ll get to experience a vibraphone/piano duo performance. It’s a good way to start your weekend off, just to preemptively redeem yourself for all the other debaucherous, boorish activities you’ll likely partake in. Jazz!

8 PM | Enjoy Church Argentina – Coronel Díaz 1561 | AR $150 | More Info


Whoa, hey, did you know Ricky Martin is in town? That’s right — the Ricky Martin. The impossibly handsome Puerto Rican with the infuriatingly perfect facial structure. You remember him from the latin-pop craze of the late nineties, spawning such immortal classics as “Livin’ La Vida Loca” and “Private Emotion” (okay, look, I seem to be the only person in the world who remembers “Private Emotion,” but that was an awesome tune). He’s performing three shows at the Movistar Arena, the first of which is tonight. Then Friday and Saturday. Catch the Ricky Fever!

9 PM | Movistar Arena Argentina – Humboldt 450 | starting at AR $2000 | More Info


If you’re not really in the mood for either a jazz show or a big rowdy concert, why not catch a free screening of Richard Stanley’s psychedelic Nicolas Cage-starring horror movie Color Out of Space? Yeah, it looks to be a stunningly-shot film that has gotten a lot of positive reviews, but if the combination of words “psychedelic Nicolas Cage-starring horror movie” by themselves don’t get you pumped, I don’t know what to tell you.

7 PM | La Confiteria – Av Federico Lacroze 2963 | Free entry | More Info



Wild parties, fancy jazz shows, film screenings — this is all well and good, but honestly, few things are as uniquely fun as an all-night-long celebration of music, especially when it takes place at a cool venue like Konex. Come to the event Noche Floreada and enjoy performances by acts such as Los Besos, Agua Florida, and Chocolate Remix. 100% guaranteed good time.

Midnight | Ciudad Cultural Konex – Sarmiento 3131 | AR $300 | More Info


And if you feel like getting rowdy, head on over to HUMAN CLUB for the new installment of their outrageous shindigs. Fabulous music! Open bar! Scantily clad strangers! A flyer that includes an illustration of a mustached man drinking water out of a hose for some reason! Everything you ever wanted in a party.

Midnight | HUMAN CLUB – Coronel Marcelino Freyre & Av. Infanta Isabel | AR $800 | More Info


And if you’re feeling nostalgic for the old days of roller skates and four-chord high-energy punk rock, go check out the venerable rockn’roll institution Massacre with their fist-pumping, rollicking live show at La Trastienda. Honestly, I’ve seen these guys live about a dozen times, and they’re a blast.

10 PM | La Trastienda – Balcarce 460| AR $700 | More Info



We love a good Sunday-evening film screening of a stone-cold classic, and thankfully the good folks at El Bar de Kowalski love to put that kind of event together. This time around, they’re screening the Jason Reitman-directed, Diablo Cody-penned teen-pregnancy comedy Juno.

7:30 PM | El Bar de Kowalski – Billinghurst 835 | Free entry | More Info


We’re back to the terrace at La Confitería, this time for a wholesome evening of games! Are you the kind of person who just can’t get enough board games? Are you the kind of person who needs to be pried away from the table when things get heated? Are you obsessed with dice? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this is the perfect event for you.

6 PM | La Confiteria – Av Federico Lacroze 2963 | Free entry | More Info


See? I told you we had a jazz sandwich situation. We’re all about symmetry here at The Bubble, so our last event for the week is another live show. Well, “jazz” is such a relative term, really — experimental saxophonist Camila Nebbia will be premiering music from her upcoming album Aura with a ten-piece ensemble. And seriously, you have to see her — she is an absolute monster on the sax, and this group of musicians is just stunning to behold. If you’re feeling like an adventurous night of music, this is the event for you.

8:30 PM | Roseti – Roseti 722 | AR $250 | More Info

Disclaimer: The dates, times, and locations for each of these events reflect the information that was available at the time this edition of ‘What to Do in Buenos Aires this Weekend’ was published. The dates, times, and locations are subject to change at the event organizers’ discretion. For the most up to date information, click on the ‘More info’ link when it is listed under the event summary.