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What to Do in Buenos Aires This Weekend: August 16th Edition

The Bubble's signature, eclectic guide to making the most of your weekend.

By | [email protected] | August 15, 2019 10:50am

joanna-nix-Kp1Oz5fSxiw-unsplashPhoto by Joanna Nix on Unsplash

Welcome, one and all, to a new installment of The Bubble’s Weekend Guide. We’ve (barely) made it through the PASO primaries, which has kicked off a brand new chapter of economic anxiety. Not only that, but we’ll continue to be subjected to relentless electioneering all the way through October when things will reach a fever pitch and politics will be *literally* the only thing anyone is physically able to talk about. But hey, it also means that this weekend, we get to buy alcohol again!

Not only are we free of the specter of the veda electoral, but Monday is also a national holiday. So let’s doff the shackles of our weekday life, try our best to shake off the overwhelming feeling of impending doom, hit up the nearest chino to replenish our alcohol reserve, and see what the glorious respite of the weekend has in store for us.



And is there anything more joyously weekend-y than a food fair? The tenth installment of the Feria Masticar kicks off this Friday and runs until Sunday. What can you expect? Over 150 food vendors bringing you a panoply of culinary delights from all across the globe, with a special focus on the food of Peru. We’ve already written a helpful guide to the event where you can find all the most important details. Come early and come hungry.

2 PM – 11 PM | Zapiola & Matienzo | AR $160 online in advance | More Info


Here at The Bubble we’re great admirers of the work of the late great John Hughes, the acclaimed writer-director who brought us enduring classics such as The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink and She’s Having a Baby (the overlooked gem in his filmography). We even wrote an entire article about which John Hughes characters most resemble Buenos Aires neighborhoods. Whether you want to revisit old favorites or you’re wholly unfamiliar with Hughes’s blend of ribald comedy and genuine heart, hit up this event to catch a screening of some enduring classics; they’ll be playing The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and the tragically underrated Plains, Trains and Automobiles.

7 PM | Fundación Mercedez Sosa – Humberto Primo 378 | AR $100 | More Info


We’re sticking with the eighties theme. And why not? This is a decade that got a pretty bad rap throughout most of the 90s and 2000s, but has now come back into vogue. Hit up Requiem for a party that is all about celebrating the glorious excesses (and sparkly melodrama!) of the 1980s, with a heavy emphasis on the New Romantic movement. Craft beer! Two dance floors! A video show! All in one of Buenos Aires’s most legendary nightclubs. You can’t miss this.

1:30 AM | Requiem- Av. de Mayo 978 | AR $150 | More Info



The fact that a Big Band that specializes in playing video game music has reached the level of playing sold-out shows at places like the Gran Rex theater (and even Teatro Colón) represents the ultimate triumph of geek culture. It helps that the musicians who make up this collective have some serious chops, and don’t just churn out perfunctory, by-the-numbers renditions of vaguely familiar video game themes. When these guys burst into the Pokémon battle theme from the original Game Boy, it sounds as epic and intense as the hammer blow in Mahler’s sixth.

8:30 PM | Teatro Gran Rex- Av. Corrientes 857 | AR $400 | More Info


What did we do to deserve dogs? I don’t think there’s anything else in the world that has the power to immediately alter your mood quite like cuddling with a dog. This Saturday, the good folks at Proyecto4Patas are hosting an adoption event designed to help find forever-homes for some cute, cuddly animals. And if you don’t have space in your apartment for a pooch but still want to help out, the non-profit organization will be gladly accepting donations throughout the day. Come help change the lives of these wonderful fur-babies; you might just fall in love with one.

2 PM – 5 PM | Estilo Veggie – Fitz Roy 1941 | Free | More Info


Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner is an enduring classic of sci-fi cinema. It also has about a million different versions, with various cuts that were mandated by either the studio or the director’s whims. If you want to check out the famous “final cut” – ostensibly the final word on continuity and canon – you can do so this Saturday at Vladocafé. Drink a cup of Joe and pay tribute to the recently departed Rutger Hauer.

6 PM | Vladocafe – Ávalos 1090 | Free | More Info


We are very staunch supporters of the land of the rising sun, which is why we are 100 percent there for this celebration of Japanese food, design, and art. This free event is meant to celebrate Japanese creators based in Argentina, and as such you’ll get a wide variety of culinary delights and products to marvel at. There is no entrance fee, which takes the sting out of all the money you’ll probably want to spend here.

12 PM-7 PM | Av. Medrano 1230 | Free | More Info



Work, queen! The good folks at Fiesta Turbo have created a space that is inclusive, safe, and a lot of fun, and their track record of events reflects that. This Sunday, they’ll be hosting the newest installment of their ballroom event – with runway, lipsync, voguing and freestyle competitions, as well as an open dance floor and fabulous music. This time around, the theme of the event is “neo-baroque,” which might sound confusing but is completely open to interpretation! All gender expressions and sexual orientations are welcome.

8 PM | Xirgu Untref- Chacabuco 875 | AR $200 | More Info


And finally, we have an event that will actually be taking place all throughout the week: Sala Lugones, at the legendary Teatro San Martín, is hosting a Mel Brooks film series. All through this week, they’ll be screening some of the acclaimed comedy director’s most enduring pieces, such as Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein and Silent Movie. On Sunday, you’ll be able to watch one of his all-time greatest contributions to the comedy genre: the sprawling 1981 masterpiece History of the World, Part I.

2, 4:30, and 9:30 PM | Teatro San Martín – Av. Corrientes 1530 | AR $60 | More Info

Disclaimer: The dates, times, and locations for each of these events reflect the information that was available at the time this edition of ‘What to Do in Buenos Aires this Weekend’ was published. The dates, times, and locations are subject to change at the event organizers’ discretion. For the most up to date information, click on the ‘More info’ link when it is listed under the event summary.

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