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What To Do In Buenos Aires This Weekend, April 7th Edition

By | [email protected] | April 6, 2017 6:04pm

What To Do In Buenos Aires This Weekend, April 7th Edition

Still reeling from the first General Strike of the year? It looks like Argentina is just as confused and divided as it was before the whole City came to a standstill. In any case, the weekend is here, so let us unite our common love for music, food, culture and idleness, and paint the town all the colors of a clashing, multi-hued rainbow.

Friday 7th


Tomás Saraceno has conquered the world’s top art museums, and now this Berlin-based artist/architect will be showing his work at the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art, with the exhibition Cómo atrapar el universo en una telaraña (How to trap the world in a spider’s web). Carefully prepared by killer art curator/exceedibly British sounding person, Victoria Noorthorn, this exhibition will be the first dedicated solely to Saraceno, who is perhaps most famous for his collaborative, open-source, eco-friendly masterpiece/s Aeroscene, which involved air-filled balloons meandering -fossil fuel free! – around the world. Described as  a “cosmic concert,” Cómo atrapar el universo en una telaraña depicts the world as an “interconnecting network where every element is constantly unfolding and transforming” (and yes there will be spider’s webs.) Sounds like fluid Friday fun!

6pm-10pm | Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires | Avenida San Juan 350

Illya Kuryaki and The Valderramas

Outrageously popular, on-again/off-again musical duo, Illya Kuryaki and The Valderramas, will be closing the very successful 2017 season of ‘Parador Konex’ at the Ciudad Cultural Konex, with a high-energy performance of their eighth album, L.H.O.N.(‘La humanidad o nosotros’, Humanity or us) The duo, comprised of Dante Spinetta and Emmanuel Horvilleur, has been rocking out for 25 years with a sound that takes rock, rap, hip-hop, funk and soul and turns it into something totally new. This latest album has a more “spiritual and sexual” bent than others, as well as some irresistibly dancy tracks sure to get some pseudo-summer back into your swing.

7pm | Tickets: AR$400 ($450 at the door) | Ciudad Cultural Konex | Sarmiento 3131


Santamaria, via Facebook.

Santamaria, via Facebook.

There are fewer things bigger, brasher and sexier than a porteño drag queen, and this Friday, the most sophisticated dames in the business will be performing at Trabestia The Show, “THE BEST DRAG SHOW IN BUENOS AIRES!” (self-proclaimed, but that kind of bravado in a drag queen inspires confidence). All “aliens, unicorns, mermaids and monsters” are invited to get their sparkly behinds down to Sitges Bs As, for a night of infinite jest and radioactively powerful sensuality. With performances from Le BrujXSantamaríaSosuna Morosa and Lest Skeleton. Watch this video right now to get work yourself up into a state of nervous excitement. Entry is free until 2:30am.

Midnight-7am | Free entry until 2:30am | Avenida Cordoba 4119

Saturday 8th

"Gender is a kind of imitation for which there is no original."

“Gender is a kind of imitation for which there is no original.” All hail King Judith.

Judith Butler. She withered you with her wry smile and alert eyes in your undergrad degree, and she continues to wither you to this day, even after you’ve stopped making comments about having a fluid sexuality and gender identity to your parent’s friends. Head to “Filosofia a la gorra” in lovely, leafy San Isidro for an evening of Judith-style “bodies and violence” with UBA philosophy professor, Diego Singer. No previous knowledge is required, so let your blissful ignorance be assaulted by such concepts as gender performativity and iterability. To prepare yourself, start mulling over the idea that maybe your gender is not something you were born with, but something you do or perform every minute of every day, through your clothing, speech patterns, patterns of thought and posture.

6pm-8:30pm | Free Entry (though the pay-as-you-feel hat will be passed around afterwards | Notanpuan editorial y librería, Chacabuco 459, San Isidro


Der Banker-Master Of The Universe is a riveting 2013 documentary about Rainer Voss, a german investment banker. Voss discusses with great candour the reality of life in trading rooms, painting a portrait of a disturbingly indifferent, corrupt and power-hungry industry. The film, which won a ton of awards, will be screening for free as part of the film series, “Physiognomies of Power” at the Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti this Saturday at 7pm. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on the ethics of an industry that many believe has lost its way.

7pm | Free Entry | Espacio Memoria y Derechos Humanos (Ex ESMA) | Av. Del Libertador 8151


Guitarist, saxophonist, singer and songwriter, Willy Crook, is Argentine music royalty, having formed part of some his most beloved bands, including Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota and Los Abuelos de la Nada. Crook and his band, the Funky Torinos, will be performing their broadly funk, though decidedly genre-bending music (think acid jazz, swing, and rhythm and blues, mashed together to magical effect) in Palermo this Saturday night, at the intimate Sala Crash. Spend the evening dancing to the soulful beats of this living argentine legend.

10pm | Tickets from AR $275 | Sala Crash, Uriarte 1271


Good time guys/next door neighbour types, Onda Vaga, will be bringing their brand of happy acoustic music to the Teatro Gran Rex. Get your feet and groove down to what was once the largest cinema in South America to see these alt-rocker present their latest album, OV IV. Oh, and it’s their ten year anniversary, so don’t forget your festive spirit. Enjoy an evening of rumba, cumbia, reggae, folk rock y el tango with the boys.

9pm-midnight | Tickets from AR$330 | Teatro Gran Rex, Av. Corrientes 857

Sunday 9th April

Japanese Festival


Haiku, bonsai, cherry blossoms, ramen, anime, kimonos – Japan has given us so much. At once highly traditional and rapaciously modern, this neon-lit, snowy-peaked island nation be hitting the streets of Buenos Aires this Sunday, with ‘Buenos Aires Celebra Japon’. This annual festival organized by the City Government, FANA and the Japanese Community of Buenos Aires will celebrate the culture, history and national identity of the place that brought us a flying-castle and excessively long-lived people. There will be food stalls, dancing, cultural performances, art and marches from midday onwards.

Midday-6pm | Free | Avenida San Juan 2600

Classical Music

From Facebook

From Facebook

The Academic Orchestra of Buenos Aires (Orquesta Académica de Buenos Aires, or O.A.B.A.) will be playing Béla Bartók’s 5-movement musical concerto, Concerto For Orchestra, at La Boca’s premier art space, Ulsina de Arte. Created in 2009 by director, Carlo Calleja, the O.A.B.A. is a grass-root, self-managed symphony orchestra made up of fifty youngsters and a core of teachers who work together to help develop young musicians while also producing first rate classical music. This is one of Bartók’s most swirlingly fun and accessible concertos, combining Eastern folk music and Western classical music to produce a “wondrous, vibrant and spontaneous-sounding celebration of life, beginning with a primordial coalescing of consciousness and culminating in an explosive outburst of defiant vitality,” (Peter Gutman.)

Free Entry | Usina del arte | Agustin R. Caffarena 1 | La Boca

California-based youth pop-rock band, R5, is – by the same laws that mean many Argentines can sing by-heart the songs of German-band Toten Hosen – very famous in Argentina. Fans will be celebrating the birthday of member Ellington (a relatively ‘normal’ name when compared with the rest of the band, which is comprised of brothers and sisters with names like Rocky, Rilker, Rydel and Ross) this Sunday at the Planetarium. With an innocently early start-time of 3pm, the show slash “love-in” will bring together die-hard fans for an afternoon of R5 appreciation. Punters are encouraged to bring red, green and purple balloons, guitars and a picnic baskets. Go for the love of R5 or out of anthropological curiosity.

3pm-6pm | Av. Sarmiento y Figueroa Alcorta