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What to Do in Buenos Aires this Weekend: April 6th Edition

By | [email protected] | April 5, 2018 11:22am

What to Do in Buenos Aires this Weekend: April 6th Edition

With the start of term in most public universities, and many corporate workers experiencing increased activity in the office, it’s clear that summer is now definitely over, and it doesn’t seem like Friday can come fast enough.

The good news though is that the cultural agenda is also heating up, with opportunities to see live music and film all around. Make sure to start planning for BAFICI, Buenos Aires’ International Festival of Independent Cinema. Additionally, there’s art openings, food fairs, and workshops for those who are artistically or philosophically inclined. Just be sure to keep an eye on the weather, as events may be cancelled and rescheduled in the case of rain!



The Buenos Aires Museum of Contemporary Art will inaugurate a new exhibit at 7 PM this evening. Titled Latinoamérica: volver al futuro (Latin America: Back to the Future), the exposition examines the connections between past regional modernization projects, particularly those of the 1950’s, and the artistic tendencies of that time. The works of over 70 artists will be on display throughout the museum’s four floors.

7 PM | Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (San Juan 328) | Free | More info

(Photo via Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti)

(Photo via Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti)


From the 5th to the 8th of April, the Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti will be hosting an international stop motion festival titled Our Fest. The four-day long event is an initiative put forward by Our Voice, an international youth collective that denounces injustice through the mediums of art and communication. Composed of a wide range of workshops, masterclasses, talks, and both short and full-length film screenings, Our Fest is suited as much for teens as it is for adults. Check out the day-by-day breakdown of the festival’s events here.

11 AM – 9 PM | Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti (Av. Del Libertador 8151) | Free | More info


Female trio of musicians Bestia Música will be playing a free show tonight in El Universal Espacio Cultural. Made up of Vero Gerez (ukulele, vocals) Paloma Iturri (keyboard, vocals) and Sofi Roma (beatbox), the experimental folk group is known for their catchy tunes and enigmatic stage presence. Plan on showing up early to ensure you get a front-row spot!

8:30 PM | El Universal (Soria 4940) | Free | More info


On the first Friday of every month, Casa Brandon hosts trans activist Susy Shock and her so-called ‘flock of hummingbirds’ (bandada de colibríes). This diverse group of artists includes musicians, dancers, and poets, who together demonstrate the power of music, movement, and the spoken word. Prepare to be awed by the talent of both these prominent and emerging artists as they share their unique life-perspectives that (refreshingly) are not hetero-normative. Tickets to the event are AR $150 and can be bought the night of the event at the door.

9 PM | Casa Brandon (Luis Maria Drago 236) | AR $150 | More info


Get your tickets in Village Recoleta, Vicente López, and Junín, or in any of the other participating locations (Photo via Disfrutemos BA)

Get your tickets in Village Recoleta, Vicente López, and Junín, or in any of the other participating locations (Photo via Disfrutemos BA)


The Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema (BAFICI) is now in its twentieth year of running. A world class film festival with accessible prices to boot, countless films from across the globe will be screened in 36 of the city’s most beloved movie theaters and cultural institutions. From chilling horror stories to whimsical comedies and breathtaking minimalist tragedies, the festival has something for cinephiles of every taste. Screenings begin on April 8th, but tickets to the festival are already available for purchase. Reserve your tickets either online or in person at Village Cinemas Recoleta, Vicente López, and Junín once you decide what you’re going to see (here and here).

Show times and locations vary | AR $55 | More info


The first 2018 edition of Feria Purrrr is set to take place this Saturday. For those who aren’t familiar with the fair, it’s an event organized by CAT FEST to benefit rescued, abandoned, and abused cats and dogs. Unlike many other events, there’s no fixed charge to get in — instead, your admission to the fair consists of two donations, one for cats and one for dogs. Appropriate donations include dry cat or dog food, tuna or other wet food in pouches or cans, kitty litter, and anti-flea or parasite medicines. Simply choose any two of the items on the list, or choose only one and make a small cash contribution as well. There won’t be any adoptions taking place during the event, but there will be over 200 stands loaded with cat- and dog-themed goodies and merchandise. Remember, adopt don’t shop!

12 – 7 PM | Colegio San José (Azcuénaga 158) | Entrance by donation only | More info

Awaken your inner stencil artist (Photo via Facebook)

Awaken your inner stencil artist (Photo via Facebook)


Galeria UNION and graffitimundo have teamed up to bring you a theoretical-practical workshop on everything you ever wanted to know about stencils. Led by Cabaio, a prominent member of the local urban art scene, the class will begin with a presentation on the history of stencils, and after exploring their construction, end with students creating their own work of art. The activity is directed toward beginners and more advanced artists alike — for more information or to sign up, send an email to [email protected]

2 – 6 PM | Galería Union (Costa Rica 5929) | Cost via private message | More info


The Centro Cultural Recoleta has launched a new series of chats on Saturday evenings. Called Hermanadas (Big Sisterly Gatherings), the chats are essentially open conversations with ‘women who didn’t make the magazine covers’ — women who did things differently, so to speak, and forged their own unique paths. This evening’s invited speakers include Mercedes D’Alessandro and Evelina Cabrera. Bond over shared experiences, get inspired, and grow your own momentum. The chats will take place in the Patio de los Naranjos, and there is no charge to attend.

7 PM | Centro Cultural Recoleta (Junín 1930) | Free | More info


Who says sandwiches can

Who says sandwiches can’t be sexy? (Photo via Facebook)


Boasting a ridiculous number of food trucks that serve up regional delicacies from across the world, Festival Apetito is here once again to insist that porteños eat. Asado and mouthwatering steak sandwiches dripping with chimichurri await food-lovers, as do hamburgers made of lamb and venison. Vegetarian alternatives also abound, including falafel, in addition to Mexican and Asian offerings. Wash it all down with some of the city’s best craft beer and you’ll be ready to call it a day.

1 PM – Midnight | Hipódromo de Palermo (Av. Del Libertador 4100) | Free | More info


A new edition of Locura Vegana (or Vegan Craziness in English) is once again upon us. Setting up in Abasto neighborhood’s Cooperativa Bar Casona Humahuaca, the food fest is your one-stop-shop for delicious vegan food and cruelty-free cosmetics, accessories, and gifts. A number of culinary workshops have been planned for the day, and several drawings are also scheduled to take place. Admission to the fair is free (as well as to all of the activities), but space is in the casona is limited, so make sure to arrive early.

1:30 – 5:30 PM | Cooperativa Bar Casona Humahuaca (Humahuaca 3508) | Free | More info

Elza Soares,

Elza Soares, ‘the queen’ of classic and modern samba (Photo via


Brazilian samba singer Elza Soares has recently entered her eighth decade of life. A musical giant whose influence on the genre has been immense, her last great success came with the release of her 2015 album Mulher do Fim do Mundo. Defying expectations, Soares is currently on world tour, and will be performing at the Usina del Arte this evening. The show she will be presenting, called A Voz e a Máquina (The Voice and the Machine) will explore the relationship between electronic music and the human voice. Together with two other Brazilian musicians who actively produce electronic music, Soares will use samples, loops, synths, drum machines, and more, along with her deconstructed and reconstructed voice. Get your tickets to the performance two hours before the show starts at the Usina del Arte’s box office.

7 PM | Usina del Arte (Caffarena 1) | Free | More info


Aristotle is believed to have asked in his famous Problems, ‘Why is it that all men who have become outstanding in philosophy, statesmanship, poetry, or the arts are melancholic?’ Examining the basis of society’s long-held belief in the ‘tortured’ or ‘suffering artist,’ this week’s edition of Pay-What-You-Can Philosophy will explore the connection between melancholia, insight, and creative success. Register for the workshop by sending an email to the organizers beforehand ([email protected]). Participants are asked to support the Kalima Cultural Center during the event by buying something to eat or drink.

8 PM | Kalima Cultural (Matienzo 2424) | Pay-what-you-can | More info

The dates, times, and locations for each of these events reflect the information that was available at the time this edition of ‘What to Do in Buenos Aires this Weekend’ was published. The dates, times, and locations are subject to change at the event organizers’ discretion. For the most up to date information, click on the ‘More info’ link when it is listed under the event summary. If you have an event you would like to include in this column, please send us an email at [email protected]

Corrected on April 6th, 2018. A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema (BAFICI) began this Wednesday, April 4th; BAFICI actually starts on April 11th. As of this Monday, April 2nd, tickets to the festival became available for purchase.