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What To Do In Buenos Aires This Weekend: April 29 Edition

By | [email protected] | April 29, 2016 8:44am


It is cold. It is very f-ing cold. But that doesn’t mean we are all destined for Netflix & chilling for the next six months. Sociability is still a thing and as we all know, alcohol keeps us warm. Not that you need alcohol to have fun. But I digress, here is what you can do this weekend, if you’re not watching Beyoncé’s Lemonade on repeat and haven’t all be infected with the flu yet.

(That said, you might want to check out the new listings on Netflix for the month of May.)

Friday 29

DRINKS: Calling all chetos to the block to drink Chandon, talk about polo, bitch about the weather ruining yacht weekend plans (ta fresco pa chomba ¿no?) and laugh at the proletariat with Pilar, Maria Paz and Isadora from 7PM at AFTER WEEK (Sarmiento 1662) for the Chandon After Office! Gastro-buffet, DJs and probably a fair amount of hot Facu’s in light blue shirts willing to pay for your 2×1 glasses of sparkling wine. Smart casual, please. Women must be over 25, men over 30. FFS. Plaza Serrano it is for the rest of us then, again.

MUSIC: Ummm hello. US-kiwi band Unknown Mortal Orchestra are playing at Nicecto Club (Niceto Vega 5510) at 8PM for AR$600. It is their first performance in Argentina. Guaranteed fix of experimental pop, R&B, psychedelic rock and soul.

MUSIC: Argentine hipster pop-rock band, Barco, are performing at The Roxy Live (Niceto Vega 5542) at 8.30PM. Get your tickets here for AR$120.

BOOKS: In the light of the Buenos Aires International Book Fair, three authors are presenting their new oeuvres: Fabián Casas, Rodolfo Edwards and Dario Canton at La Rural (Santa Fe 4201) at 8.30PM. More info here.

MUSIC: Porteño singer Lucas Martí is performing at Club Cultural Matienzo (Pringles 1249) at 9PM with his band. Tickets cost AR$120 on the door. He promises to play old songs that have never been performed live before. Can’t say no to that.

MUSIC: Y’all need to get yourselves down to Makena (Fitz Roy 1519) from midnight because Canadian-Argentine rock band Harm & Ease — who kinda sound like The Arctic Monkeys — will be playing over your heads and it is going to be epic. Read more about them here.

MUSIC: If men prancing around stage with guitars slash head banging drummers aren’t your cup of tea then Colombian Rumba might do the trick. Glam Disco (Cabrera 3046) is hosting the Festival Vallenato En Argentina from midnight. Gals get in for AR$30, guys for AR$50. Gender equality, people. It’s free if it’s your birthday (plus bottle of champagne, probably espumante) or if you wear one of THESE!

Saturday 30

FOOD: Fried Venezuelan Empanadas and craft beer from 12PM to 5PM at La Carbonera (El Salvador 4401).

FAIR: Now that winter is officially here to stay you might want to go to Olivos for the Feria Americana from 1PM to grab yourselves some knitted treasures. You must send a message to the organizers for the exact address.

FRUIT JUICE DETOX: Want to break that cycle of dependence on saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, processed foods, too much caffeine and even more alcohol? Probably not. But if by any chance you do, this AR$450 detox workshop might help you out with a thing or two. At Monte Kurama (Santa Fe 2335) from 1PM to 4PM, you can go learn about liver and kidney cleansing, the relationship between fasting and spirituality and other interesting things that will have you regret last night’s four pints and cheesy chips with egg and pancetta from Temple Bar. Keep it organic, sister friend.

ART: At 3PM you can spray your heart out on the walls of Mercado de Las Pulgas (Dorrego 1650) as part of the Aerosol Urbano. It’s on every Saturday from 3PM to 7PM so if you are interested you must sign up online by clicking on the above link or by emailing [email protected]

TEA CEREMONY: As part of the International Book Fair at La Rural (Santa Fe 4201), the Japanese embassy is hosting its own Japan Day with a tea ceremony at 4.15PM in Sala Victoria Ocampo (Pabellón Blanco). Read more about it here. Move over mate.

MUSIC: Argentine alternative rock band, Sumo and saxophone player Roberto Pettinato are performing at Club Cultural Konex (Sarmiento 3131) at 7PM. Tickets costs AR$250 and can be purchased here.

MUSIC: Argentine Tame Impala-esque (tell me I’m wrong) rock band, In Corp Sanctis, are performing at Niceto Club (Niceto Vega 5510) at 8PM for the launch of their second album, Libres Van. Tickets cost AR$100 and you can purchase them here.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Laboratorio (Gorriti 5741) is hosting a photo exhibition which goes by the name, AMOR: an anthology of various Argentine artists, to the sound of porteña band Diosque and DJ Maca Viva.

MUSIC: Apparently it’s international jazz day. Accordingly the city is hosting jazz-appropriate events for you Fitzgerald, Holiday and Davis-lovers so here is one to check out at Bebop Club (Moreno 364) at 9PM. Tickets cost AR$170 and can be purchased here.

TANGO: Club Tango 101 is for tango dancing beginners and pros alike, at the Dni Tango milonga (Bulnes 1011). An opportunity to dance in a relaxed environment for free. Bring food and drinks to share. Buena onda guaranteed, chabones.

Sunday 1

SPORTS: (sure there’s a chance you’ll be too hungover. Or still in the boliche. Allow trekking it to Tigre.) If, however, you are the chirpy Sunday morning sort, you might be interested in partaking in the Reebok Obstacle Course, otherwise known as, ROC, for AR$650. 8K, 35 obstacles and a circuit “made for you to test your limits and become the best you can be.” Suerte.

or you could just…

BRUNCH: Every Sunday is brunch day. From 1PM to 7PM, go to Söder (Honduras 5799)— that new hipster hub in Palermo where a ham leg hanging from the ceiling with a knife stuck in it counts as deco — for food and DJs, Scandinavian style.

CARNE FURY: Palermo’s Hippodrome is hosting the first ever Meat, Asado & Festival with 75 parillas. Seventy five. Picture the entraña, the bife de chorizo, the tender red vacio and all that bloody chimichurri. Picture the morcilla too if that’s your kinda thing. Picture the divine flavors and heavenly textures. Ok you’re good to go. It’s on all day. Bring some pesos and an empty stomach. There will also be a selection of wines from the best bodegas, empanadas, picadas and even fish grilling over the embers.

MUSIC: Woody Allen night is on at the Club Cultural Matienzo (Pringles 1249) from 10PM. New Orleans jazz tunes and projections. You know the drill. Tickets cost AR$70 here or AR$100 on the door.

Until next Friday. Peace and blessings.