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What to Do in Buenos Aires this Weekend: September 8th Edition

By | [email protected] | September 8, 2017 9:00am


Well, we’re running out of euphemisms for RAIN, so here it is folks: the forecast is in and it’s probably going to pour. Now that that’s out in the open maybe the sunshine will feel like coming back for that three-day stretch of the week where we actually live our lives. No guarantees though. In the meantime, enjoy your options — the focus of this weekend’s edition has turned out to be music, and whether you like folk, Arab-Latin fusions, bossa nova, samba, pop, synth, electronic, jazz, or classical, we’ve got it. Get out there and make those stacks of newly earned pesos fly!

Friday, 8th of September

Photo via Facebook.

Photo via Facebook.


The Universidad Nacional del Arte (UNA) has collaborated with El cineclub de los viernes to present a night of short films created by alumni at the university’s own audiovisual department. Among the shorts that will be projected include, El Pez Tropical, Padua Año Cero, and Axol, that deal with old friends, wasted youth, and broken families, respectively. Each of the short’s directors will be in attendance, adding to the experience of the night. Besides supporting the city’s most up and coming directors, film-goers will be able to tuck into some homemade food, with options for vegans and vegetarians, as well as omnivores, in addition to enjoying a diverse menu of drinks that boasts allegedly ‘anti-Tarifazo’ prices.

8 – 11 PM | Espacio Cultural Dinamo (Sarmiento 3096) | Free | More info


The team at Centro de Musicotepia Vibroacústica is inviting you to finish off the work week with a little mindful meditation, to freshen you and your energy up for the weekend. Since they’re well aware of the capricious our monkey minds can be, they’ve decided to punctuate the silence of the meditation with some carefully selected vibrations to help you focus, including sounds from Tibetan and quartz singing bowls, bells, and gongs. Their hypnotic power may be just the thing you need to put your mind on pause. Admission to the session is AR $180 if you buy before the date, and AR $240 if you buy at the door. To reserve your spot today, click here.

8 – 9 PM | Vibroacústica – Sonidos Conscientes (Maure 3700) | AR $180 – $240 | More info

Photo via Facebook.

Photo via Facebook.


Mauro Sarachian and Ramiro Zárate Gigli, both current members of the Río Negro Philharmonic Orchestra, have taken what is traditionally considered a classical European instrument (the cello) and adapted it to play a wide range of Argentine folklore. Their extensive repertoire includes zambaschacarerascarnavalitoshuaynosgatoscuecas, and vidalas, and of course, tangos. Tonight they will be conducting an intimate, acoustic concert in the lovely Café Vinilo, playing both selections from their first disc, ‘Instinto’ as well as several never-heard-before pieces.

9 – 11:45 PM | Café Vinilo (Gorriti 3780) | AR $150 | More info


Latinarab Soundsystem, the party that brought sounds like Electro Arab, Kasbah, Chaabi to the Buenos Aires public, is back for another night of zesty, Latin-infused, Middle Eastern beats at Palermo’s poppin’ venue, Niceto Club. Tonight’s line-up will feature hip-hop singer Palestina Monamur, who lyrics are heavy on social justice, synthy sounding Arabic Flow, Latin-Arab fuser Dj Tufik, and VJ Nymph, who will provide a visual interpretation of the night’s sounds. Tickets are AR $100 and can be purchased online, or at Niceto Club’s box office (cash only), from 12 – 6 PM, Monday – Friday.

11:55 PM – 5 AM | Niceto Club (Niceto Vega 5510) | AR $100 | More info

Saturday, 9th of September

Photo via Facebook.

Photo via Facebook.


Spring is coming, and now is the perfect opportunity to turn your black thumb into a green one — Mundo Cactus Villa Crespo has organized a ‘Gran Barata‘ of cacti and succulents in their own Villa Crespo plant nursery, ensuring cheap plants for one and all (in English, a ‘Gran Barata‘ would be something like ‘a huge sale’). Spice up your drab balcony or terrace with a few of these little buggers — we promise they’re quite hard to kill. Send a message to the nursery’s Whatsapp (+54 9 11 3274 1948) to schedule your visit, or send a private message to Mundo Cactus’s Facebook page.

10 AM – 4 PM | Address via private message | More info


Buenos Aires Celebra is hitting the intersection of Avenida de Mayo and Bolivar once again, after what seemed what seemed like an extraordinarily long (and painful) absence. Today the country of celebration is none other than Argentina’s gargantuan, Northern neighbor —the land of açai, havaianas, zungas, and samba — or in other words, Brazil. To commemorate the Independence Day of one of the world’s largest democracies, there will be so many mouthwatering regional dishes to sample that you’ll never want to eat traditional porteño fare again. Burn off the extra calories by dancing to the booty-bump-inducing music, and before you know it (isso!) we can guarantee you’ll be speaking Portuguese.

11 AM – 10 PM | Avenida de Mayo and Bolivar | Free, but come with cash | More info


Feria Purrrr (with four r’s) is back for its spring edition; organized by CAT FEST, the event benefits rescued, abandoned, and abused cats and dogs. Your donation is what gets you in, and two are required per person — one for cats and one for dogs. Some of the suggested donations include dry cat or dog food, tuna or other wet food in pouches or cans, kitty litter, and anti-flea or parasite medicines. Choose any two of the items on the list, or choose only one and make a small cash contribution instead. There will not be any adoption taking place during the event, but there will be over 200 stands loaded with cat and dog themed goodies and merchandise.

12 – 7 PM | Colegio San José (Azcuénaga 158) | Entrance by donation only | More info

Photo via Facebook.

Photo via Facebook.


Casa del Puente Discos and Rock City will be presenting AltoCamet and their new disk ‘Atrapando Rayos’ (‘Trapping Lightning Bolts’) in Palermo’s groovy cultural spot La Tangente. In addition to what promises to be an otherworldly performance by these techno-pop geniuses (who have been at it, we might add, sice the ’90’s), one of our favorite up and coming musicians, praised for her ambient, yet surprisingly dance-able tracks, Sobrenadar, has been invited to play, along with DJ Lisa Cerati. Get your tickets for AR $150 online, or at La Tangente’s box office (cash only), open from  4 – 7 PM, Wednesday – Saturday.

11:30 PM – 3 AM | La Tangente (Honduras 5317) | AR $150 |

Sunday, 10th of September

Photo by Aguirre Matias, via Facebook.

Photo by Aguirre Matias, via Facebook.


Steampunk (a term that can be applied to any kind of art, design, fashion, or literature inspired by 19th century industrial steam powered machinery) is well and alive in Buenos Aires — so much so, in fact, that the Sociedad SteamPunk Argentina has organized a celebration of ‘International Steampunk Day’ for the fifth consecutive year in Flores neighborhood’s Espacio Cultural Marcó del Pont. A free event open to all steampunkers as well as the general public, the celebration will feature Steampunk art, exhibits, shows, films, thematic stands, games, tournaments, and exhibitions. The genre draws heavily on the Victorian Era for inspiration, featuring top hats, corsets, and the like — so make sure to go with a camera in hand, as you’re guaranteed to see some amazing costumes!

3 – 7 PM | Espacio Cultural Marcó del Pont (Artigas 202) | Free | More info


Yes, you read that right — Paint-Nite does exist in Argentina! For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s the art class you always wanted, but never had — because here, at Paint-Nite, not only can you paint a masterpiece with step by step instructions, but you can paint a masterpiece with step by step instructions and drink at the same time! While us winos will have to settle for a few beers instead of our preferred vintages — this edition is in Palermo’s Cervelar — the time is ripe to loosen the artistic muscles and liberate your inner Picasso. Perhaps we could put a spin on one of Nietzsche’s most famous quotes? ‘And those who were seen painting were thought to be insane by those who were not drinking.’

4 – 6 PM | Cervelar (Jose Cabrera 4399) | Reserve your spot and get a discount by sending a message to Paint-Nite Argentina here | More info

Photo via Facebook.

Photo via Facebook.


If you’ve dreamed of stepping back in time, into classic musical films like Pal JoeyCasablanca or An American in Paris, Bebop Club’s Sunday night series ‘Jazz at the Movies’ is here to the rescue. Proposing to transport you through the big screen via carefully selected scores, the compositions are played alongside specially edited projections of your favorite old time films — so you can relive those nostalgic moments with your favorite actors, and that time in the the U.S. when people spoke with endearing Trans-Atlantic accents.

6 – 7 PM | Bebop Club (Moreno 364) | More info


Casa Brandon’s monthly tertulia (in this case a gathering of people who get together regularly to gush over classical music) is back, and this evening’s invited artists will be celebrating three whole years of musical magic, in what is a no-frills, decidedly informal environment. This edition will feature the works of contemporary composers like . . . We suggest you get there a bit early, to snag a seat on the sofa. Admission, with the house’s dinner special, will set you back AR $200  and yes, there is a veggie option, for those of you who’d prefer to hold the meat.

8 – 11:30 PM | Casa Brandon (Luis Maria Drago 236) | AR $120, or $200 with a dinner special | More info