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What to do in Buenos Aires on New Year’s Eve

By | [email protected] | December 27, 2017 12:08pm


Love it or loathe it, Christmas is officially over and the next big thing on our radar is New Year’s Eve. Whether you had a more subdued Christmas at home with your family or if you partied until the early hours, you’ll surely be looking for something just as enjoyable to do on the 31st to look back at the past year and welcome 2018. We know how tough it can be to decide what to do, whether you are a born-and-bred porteño, a BA newbie or even just passing through for the holidays. Many people choose to spend New Year’s Eve with their family or out of the city, so finding the hottest events can be a bit of a mission. Lucky for you, we’ve done the legwork so that you don’t have to:

Feeling Fancy

Put on your classiest outfit and let yourself be served because you deserve only the best in 2018.

Put on your classiest outfit and let yourself be served because you deserve only the best in 2018.


For those of you who want to welcome the new year with some class and a full belly, BA offers an array of options. You can head to Puerto Madero, the district well-known for its exclusivity and somewhat pricier collection of things to do, where you’ll find many restaurants and bars offering special packages for New Year’s Eve. Some of these include Osaka, one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city, for world-class sushi and ceviche; and Puerto Cristal, a restaurant specializing in seafood and offering a special set menu with three courses, live music and champagne for the occasion. These restaurants are perfectly located to see the fireworks from Puerto Madero at midnight.

If Puerto Madero isn’t your thing, then there are plenty of options elsewhere. We recommend La Cabrera in Palermo for one of the best Parrillas in Buenos Aires, La Laconda in Recoleta if authentic Italian food is your jam, or if you really want to spoil yourself, head to Zirkel in Microcentro for a fine-dining experience with a panoramic view of the fireworks. If you are set on treating yourself to a fancy dining experience, we recommend booking these as soon as possible, since you probably won’t be the only one with this fantastic and novel idea.

Osaka: Los Molinos Building, Juana Manso 1164, CABA, (+54 11) 5352-0404

Puerto Cristal: Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1082, CABA, (+54 11) 4331-3669, book in advance

La Cabrera: José Antonio Cabrera 5099, CABA, (+54 11) 4832-5754

La Laconda: José León Pagano 2697, CABA, (+54 11) 4806-6343

Zirkel: Av. Corrientes 327, CABA, (+54 11) 4311-3313

Raise the Roof

Be careful on a rooftops, kids, don

Be careful on a rooftop, kids, don’t drink and skydive.


We are a fan of a rooftop bar all year round, but even more so when there are city-wide fireworks to be seen. If you aren’t lucky enough to have (or know someone who has) a rooftop to set up with music and drinks, then we have some alternatives for you.

The Alvear Palace Hotel is a great option if you want to dress to the nines and watch the fireworks in style. While it’s a pricier option (AR $2700), the rooftop will be offering an open bar with sparkling wine included, live music, snacks and a view to die for. You can also head to the Sky Bar where you can book a full night including dinner and drinks with a view especially for New Year’s Eve.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to be so high that vertigo sets in, there are a few terrace bars around Plaza Serrano that will be open too. Try Alaire Terrace Bar for some great cocktails or El Club for more of a hipster vibe with a pint.

Alvear Palace Rooftop Bar: Avda. Alvear 1891, CABA, (+54 11) 4808 2100

Sky Bar: Maipú 907, CABA, (+54 11) 4316.0806

Alaire Terrace Bar: Gurruchaga 1507, CABA, (+54 11) 4831-7093

El Club: Honduras 5028, CABA, (+54 11) 5461-1342

Party On

Party? Check. Great music? Check. Drinks? Check.

Party? Check. Great music? Check. Drinks? Check.


Perhaps you want to end the year the way you started it, and that involves a few glasses of fernet, some very graceful movements and a brutal hangover… Well, look no further because we have scouted the best parties that will ensure you’ll make it to New Year’s Day surrounded by likeminded partygoers and a soundtrack that won’t quit.

One of Palermo’s old faithfuls, Niceto Club, will be opening its doors to all who wish to join (limited to its capacity of 1500 people, of course) at 1 AM and will offer three dance floors and lots of surprises: perfect if you want to receive the new year with family and then escape for the real fun with your mates. If you’d rather be a bit further from Palermo Hollywood, you can head over to the Bosques where Crobar will be hosting Human Club for a New Year’s party which will officially start at 11:30 PM (just in time for the midnight toast) and will keep going until 7 AM (just in time for your body to remind you you’re not 18 anymore).

If house and electro are more your taste, then perhaps you’ll feel more comfortable at Groove, which will be hosting electro artist Javier Bussola for New Year. This ‘Open to Close’ show will see you through until dawn. Following a similar theme, house DJs Ezequiel Anile and Nicolas Petracca are taking the stage of La Tangente to welcome 2018 with style, and third and last, Jet Bar in the north of the city is hosting the Spanish electro artist, Dosem. As you can see, parties in this city are literally everywhere, so you should be able to find something that suits you.

Keep in mind that, in true Buenos Aires style, most of these celebrations start well after midnight, so you may want to figure out some plans for the toast beforehand too!

Niceto Club: Av. Cnel. Niceto Vega 5510, CABA, (+54 11) 4779-9396

Crobar: Av. Cnel. Marcelino E. Freyre S/N, CABA, (+54 11) 4778-1500

Groove: Av. Santa Fe 4389, CABA, (+54 11) 4775-8033

La Tangente: Honduras 5317, CABA, (+54 11) 4833-5857

Jet Bar: Av. Costanera Rafael Obligado 4801, CABA, (+54 11) 3132-1082

On a Budget  

Maybe if you party in the most exclusive part of town, you

Maybe if you party in the most exclusive part of town, you’ll manage to meet someone that invites you to their fancy Puerto Madero apartment for next year? Hello? Anyone?


If you went a bit too crazy on the gifts this year and need to rein in the spending, we have a few ideas for you to have a banger of a night without straining the purse strings. There are always fireworks being let off all over the city at midnight on NYE, so if you don’t feel like forking out at a fancy rooftop bar, you can head to one of the many plazas around the city where there will be plenty of free events taking place.

Many people will be gathering in Puerto Madero, where Black Moon is hosting a totally free and open-air event to bring in the new year with fireworks, dancing and drinking. The meeting point will be at Puente de la Mujer and they are promising something for everyone, with Cumbia, Electro, Reggaetón, K-Pop and more. It starts from 8 pm and will continue until the early hours.

Alternatively, we recommend heading to one of the many parks in the city where many people usually gather to watch the fireworks. Or you can head to one of the annual street parties in Palermo. The intersection of Ravignani and Gorriti in Palermo Hollywood is a good place to start, where you’ll normally find plenty of people enjoying the evening with a few drinks whilst waiting for the clubs to open. This one doesn’t have a specific organizer, so you’ll have to rely on word of mouth to get you there at the right time. But what’s more fun than a challenge like that to get the night started?!

Black Moon: Puente de la Mujer, Dique 3, Puerto Madero

I’m still undecided, more options please!

Seriously, nothing sounded good? Well, I guess you’re not the only one that thinks that, since we’ve found a few other alternatives that might tickle your fancy. For a totally different vibe, you could opt for a tour of one of the most interesting buildings in the city, the Palacio Barolo, which was inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy. Here they will be providing tours from 11 pm, ending just before midnight at the top of the building just in time to see the fireworks (boyfriend/girlfriend to kiss at midnight not included).

Or maybe you want to delve into the history of Buenos Aires culture with a Tango Show. There are plenty of special shows being held for new year, with extra special menus and promotions. One of the best ones we found is at the Esquina Carlos Gardel in Almagro, one of the theatres renowned for its spectacular tango shows.

Palacio Barolo: Av. de Mayo 1370, 1085 CABA, (+54 11) 4381-1885

Esquina Carlos Gardel: Carlos Gardel 3200, CABA, (+54 11) 4867-6363

If none of that appeals, then maybe you’d be more comfortable cracking open a bottle of Malbec and seeing in the New Year from the comfort of your sofa. Another valid option!

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you are prepared to make it home, as there will be significantly fewer taxis available on New Year’s Eve and the ones that are available will be charging extra for the privilege. And, of course, we hope you have a great end to the year and a cracking start to 2018!