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What To Do In Buenos Aires This Weekend: April 21 Edition

By | [email protected] | April 21, 2017 10:25am

What To Do In Buenos Aires This Weekend: April 21 Edition

Venezuela is in the throws of social unrest flames, North Korea is being both terrifyingly dangerous and terrifyingly absurd, and it looks like Lilita could be going head to head with Lousteau in the City elections. It’s been quite a week. Get the most of your weekend by feasting your mind and soul on the cultural delights of the Reina del Plata, before starting up again on Monday.

Friday 21


In an online world where words are cheap and images proliferate like viruses, get your hands on something special and singular. You know, something with weight and heft and its own unique smell and feel, like a lovingly created fanzine. Espacio Cabrera will be hosting a artisanal book market on Friday night, with the aim of offering those interested  a journey into “everything from the visual to the textual.” With a “D.I.Y philosophy” uniting all the works, expect products with the imprimatur of the creator and unrepeatable idiosyncrasies. It’s free but let them know you’re coming by reserving online.

6pm-9pm | Cabrera 3641, Palermo (Universidad de Palermo) | More info

Naomi Smalls

Naomi Smalls is not small. She is in fact a “7 foot glamazon” from California whose look and feel blends the “edginess of Naomi Campbell” with the “freshness of Biggie Smalls.” Mmmm, edgy freshness. This long-legged drag queen of all queens was a finalist in the eighth season of Ru Paul Drag’s show, and she’ll be performing in Argentina for the first time ever this Friday night at awkwardly-named, but undeniably-fun party, Fiesta Plop!, as part of a series of nights that sees contestants from the show strutting their stuff down south. Go for a night of epically sized proportions.

Midnight-7am| AR $180, Tickets | Vorterix Radio, Av. Federico Lacroze 3455 (crn Av. Alvarez Tomas)

Choose Your Own Adventure


He believed in an infinite series of times, in a growing, dizzying net of divergent, convergent and parallel times. This network of times which approached one another, forked, broke off, or were unaware of one another for centuries, embraces all possibilities of time. (JL Borges, The Garden Of Forking Paths)

“1 story. 7 different storylines. Countless endings.” Late Shift is not like other films. This one-of-a-kind interactive film allows audience members to determine the storyline via their smartphone. At certain “decision points”, the protagonist, played by Joe Sowerbutts (I know – haha) is faced with a choice. You vote on his behalf, and majority rules as the film keeps running seamlessly. This new kind of entertainment will be screening for free at Espacio Cultural Adán Buenosayres as part of the 19th edition of Buenos Aires’ premier film festival, The International Festival Of Independent Cinema (BAFICI). Take a date for delightful post-film disagreements.

7pm | Free | Espacio Cultural Adán Buenosayres | More info

Saturday 22

Producer to Consumer Market
Evidence of peanut butter in Buenos Aires! Via Facebook.

Evidence of peanut butter in Buenos Aires! Via Facebook.

Grass-root, self-managed, collaborative and collective, with lashings of “Social Economy” theory – smells like an Argentine farmers market to me! The Feria del Productor al Consumidor en la Facultad de Agronomía will be hosting their monthly attempt at humanitarian eating and selling with a market that puts consumers, producers, artisans and entrepreneurial types at the same (metaphorical) table to promote “learning and cooperative work.” Go and enjoy lengthy, philosophic chats with producers about exactly how they make the cheese, bread, wine and meat that you put in your mouth. Food for thought, heart and soul.

10am Saturday 22nd to 6pm Sunday 23rd | Facultad de Agronomia, Av. San Martín 4453 | More info

Dissident and Feminist Festival


Cross the Riachuelo into Avellenada for an afternoon of feminist fun in the autumn-sun. There will be theatre, music, poetry, an anti-princess and anti-hero playroom, artistic interventions, a market, books and whatever rebellious creativity you bring to the day. Take bizcochos, mate and your beautiful body for an “afternoon of rebellious joy and feminist love”. Not one less and hopefully so many more. Hosted by Amaguaña – Espacio de Géneros HLI.

2pm – 8pm | Free, of course! | Plaza Alsina, Av. Bartolomé Mitre 700, Avellaneda | More info

Jazz Meets Electro

Gillespi, or Marcelo Rodríguez as he was born, combines the organised human chaos and democratic genius of jazz with the exciting computer-weirdness of electronic music. This Saturday, this argentine old-hand on the trumpet, flugelhorn, EWI and electric guitar will be performing with  Alvaro  Torres, Rafa Franceschelli,  Sebastian Peycere and Alejandro Chiabrando to bring jazz lovers an absolutely unique night of electronic jazz and jazzy electronica. No show is not only not the same – it is radically different to the last. Open your ears to new sounds with established performers at San Telmo’s stylish Bebop Club.

9pm-Midnight | Tickets from AR $300 | Moreno, 364 San Telmo

La Prohibida


Image via

Spanish singing sensation, La Prohibida, is in Buenos Aires. Born Luis Herrero in Cádiz in 1971, La Prohibida started her stage career as La Perdida (she went from being the “lost woman” to the “prohibited one”) before truly breaking out in the indie and electropop scene in 2005. Somewhere along the way she went from being a travesti singer, to just being a singer. While tickets to her Friday night show in La Tangente are sold out, you can still get your hands on entry to her Saturday night spectacular in Palermo Club. She’ll be taking punters on a journey through time with performances from her latest album, “100 años de luz,” as well as renditions of old favorites, like No Busques Compañia.

9:30pm to Midnight | Tickets | Mostrafest, Jorge Luis Borges 2450 | More info

Sunday 23

Flash Mob

Be a part of something truly great – a Rocky Horror Picture Show flash mob! This Sunday arvo, fans, friends and anyone who likes spontaneously dancing in public will meet in Plaza Las Heras to learn the moves to Time Warp, before heading into Alto Palermo to delight the unsuspecting public with mass hip thrusting. Go with “voyeuristic intention” or just for the love of dance and silliness. And remember, there’s no crime in giving yourself over to pleasure. I mean, that’s exactly what a flash mob is – something delightfully pointless and unpolitical.

Via Giphy

Via Giphy

3pm-5pm | Av. Coronel Díaz et Av. Las Heras, Palermo | More info 

Massage and “Relax” Festival

Somehow in its journey into the Spanish language, the English word relax went from a verb to a noun, so you can say, “it is a big relax.” Well folks, get ready for a big relax this Sunday afternoon with the 1st Massage and Relax Expo, held by BA Holística y Alternativa. With Shiatsu, Reflexology, Thai Massage, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and many other kinds of dubious alternative therapies that nonetheless feel good and sometimes seem to work, you’re guaranteed to a day of all-knowing hands, lectures, products and much-needed R&R. If you’re not already excited, consider the following coyly worded question-answer from the Eventbite page:

Q: “Will there be free activities, like, for example, massage?”

A: “Yes, constantly, and we recommend you come in comfortable clothing.”

I’m there in my bath robe already.

11am-6pm | Sign-up for free online | El Palacio Eventos (Teatro Palacio La Argentina) Rodríguez Peña 361 | More info


Wildly successful theatrical “journey”, ‘El Huérfano Feliz’ (The Happy Orphan) is enjoying its fourth season at el Teatro Empire. This “sweet”, “intimate” and “acidly funny” drama-comedy centres on a fake conference about “The Role Of The Mother” (what else in a country of psychoanalysts?) and develops a series of anecdotes about the “social and political life of the country.” With darling of the independent scene, Antonio Leiva, playing the orphan, Juan Carlos Uccello acting as a (presumably) fake memory-coach and Leandro Soldano adding some guitar to the mix. Go if your Spanish is good and you’re keen to draw close to the heart of argentine culture.

8pm-9pm | AR $150 (2×1 for students, teachers and pensioners: $150 ($75 each), Tickets | Teatro Empire, Hipólito Yrigoyen 1934 | More info