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Welcome to The Bubble 2.0

By | [email protected] | October 24, 2014 10:05am


Dear readers,

You’ve probably noticed by now that The Bubble looks pretty different today (i.e. not as shitty as it used to look). New logo, new design, new content. (We wanted to call our makeover “the Zellweger” but later decided it was in poor taste).

First, you’ll notice that our basic content – breaking news – is still there. So don’t freak out. We will continue to cover stuff that nobody cares about, like politics and the economy. We will continue to provide you with an easy way to understand the news and leave the media nonsense behind. We will continue to mock the government, and defend it (when necessary). We will continue to provide you with the facts and opinion from both sides of the aisle so you freak out when you try to figure out whether we’re “pro” or “anti” stuff. (No, we’re not trying to confuse you. We’re trying to make you think for yourself).

We will now also have a strong focus on lifestyle as well. Curated by our star writer Adam Corl, get ready for an (un)healthy dose of reviews about things you can see and experience in Argentina. Food, fashion, art exhibits, travel and hacking Buenos Aires. Because there is nothing wrong with having fun.

Also joining The Bubble family are three new exciting projects that we trust will become a part of your routine as well. And I know that “exciting” is probably the most overused word in the world for whenever a company is about to launch something new. “Try our exciting new Vanilla Coke!” is probably false advertising since there’s nothing exciting about that combination.

But in this case, I promise they are.

  • The Bubble Podcast: Hosted by legendary radio person Fernando Farías (BA Cast: The Buenos Aires Podcast), comes a weekly podcast that you can listen to while working out, riding the bus or standing in line at the Disco. Politics, pop culture and political incorrectness so you can catch up with whatever’s happening during the week. Available for free on iTunes for your listening pleasure, or listen to it live on Radio LED every Friday at 7 PM.
  • The Half Caff Newsletter: Formerly known as “Half Calf,” our awesome newsletter had to change names because the pun was so sophisticated that no one was getting it and people were calling it “Half Cow”. Whatever. (A bit of advice: never brainstorm while drunk). Fresh with your Monday morning coffee every week and handcrafted for those of you who are too lazy to even visit our site, our newsletter summarizes everything that happened the week before so you don’t look like a fool whenever someone mentions “what Cristina did” at work and you just stand there, confounded, while everyone laughs. Such a travesty should never be allowed to happen again. If you haven’t signed up yet, do it now. I promise you’ll have fun.
  • The Bubble Radio: Whether its fame or infamy, Argentina’s economy has been getting a lot of attention in the international news courtesy of our mortal enemies, the vulture funds. That is why we’ve made an alliance with the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and its radio station Desde la Bolsa En Directo to bring you fresh content about the economy and interviews with experts ready to help us understand the kind of clusterfuck we’re in. Listen to us live every Tuesday at 6:30 pm on Desde la Bolsa en Directo or find the interviews on our site after the show is over.
  • Project Dumb Box: This is our most ambitious project so far, and since it’s in its very early stages, all we can say is that it’s very, very secret. Also, we’re covering our asses so that if it fails, you will never know what it was.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve come so far since our beta launch last year. But everything we have managed to accomplish until now, it’s been without a doubt because of you, our loyal readers. So thank you for staying with us and choosing us even when we are still far from providing you with the amount of daily content we’d like to offer. Trust me when I say we’re doing our best to get there.

In the meantime, we will continue to be biased, informative, politically incorrect and most importantly, bullshit-free.

Today The Bubble stops being a website and becomes a digital media company.

Welcome to The Bubble 2.0.