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Weekend Roundup: Mass Breastfeeding Protest And Messi Is Blond Now

By | [email protected] | July 25, 2016 11:33am

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You thought that because last weekend was the coldest that this weekend would feel warmer. You sweet, innocent child. While the beautiful weather on Saturday meant that you were outside all day, the intense cold of Sunday confused you to a point that you simply could not read the news. Right? Well, here we go with an update to get you on your feet.

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It doesn’t have any feet! Gif via Giphy

Or you can just appreciate the seal for a few more minutes because we can all relate to its struggle to get up. That’s okay, I can wait.

  • Former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was interviewed by several international media outlets including Al Jazeera. She spoke extensively about the four pending trials against her for illicit enrichment and corruption, saying that she was not afraid of going to prison and that she would fight back. Read more: Cristina Kirchner Calls For Release Of Social Leader Milagro Sala

  • President Mauricio Macri was also interviewed this weekend, in this case by TV personality and journalist Jorge Lanata for the TV show Periodismo Para Todos (PPT). Among the notable statements were hints at a reelection campaign and that apparently “the fun and games are over […] have your fun now because soon [the head of the tax collection agency AFIP] will find you and make you pay your taxes.” Nice Sunday night pick-me-up, thanks, Mac.

  • On Saturday, hundreds of people took part in a mass breastfeeding protest in a square in San Isidro. The protest was called to show support for a 22-year-old woman who was banned by police from breastfeeding her son in that same square, saying that it was illegal. Victoria Donda, a deputy who breastfed her child in Congress, was present among other famous people such as Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel. There were other teteadas across the country. Read more: Mass Breastfeeding Protest Organized After Woman Is Banned From Publicly Doing So
Photo via La Nación

Breastfeeding protest in Tucumán. Photo via La Nación

  • Two former employees of Argentina’s Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) stated on the TV show La Cornisa that former AFI head Oscar Parrilli had ordered them to withhold information on Ibar Esteban Pérez Corradi, the man accused of being the brains behind the triple murder of General Rodríguez, while he was on the run. Evidence had arisen on the same show last week that he knew of Pérez Corradi’s whereabouts from as early as August 2015 but did not follow through with a proper investigation. He has already been called into questioning and it does not look good.
Photo via La Nueva

Photo via La Nueva

  • I don’t know why we didn’t just start with this: football legend Lionel Messi apparently decided to follow in Taylor Swift and Aaron Ramsey’s footsteps and go very, very blond (is this platinum blond? Bleached? I don’t know much about hair beyond shampoo and hairbrushes). His wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, published this makeover on Instagram yesterday, but no news as to when he’ll actually return to the national team. Read more: Messi Sentenced To Jail For Tax Evasion. Don’t Worry: He Won’t Actually Go To Prison
Photo via Instagram

Photo via Instagram

Go forth and show yourselves to be well informed, my loyal Monday readers!