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Weekend Roundup: Macri Rests Up After Arrhythmia Scare And Moreno Gets Worked Up

By | [email protected] | June 6, 2016 11:13am


It was another grey weekend so cold that your frozen fingers couldn’t open any news outlets on your phone. At all. Of course. Well, lucky for you, here’s The Bubble with the Weekend Roundup so you can cherish those memories of being engulfed by blankets without giving away that you have no idea what was going on. Let’s get to it.


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  • After being hospitalized on Friday due to a “slight arrhythmia,” President Mauricio Macri spent the rest of his weekend at his Quinta Los Abrojos. According to the presidential medical team and First Lady Juliana Awada, he’s a picture of health and it was “nothing serious.” He’s now back at work today. What’s your excuse for hitting the snooze button? Read more: President Mauricio Macri Hospitalized With Arrhythmia

  • The head of the Renewal Front, Sergio Massa, said in an interview with Clarín that the tarifazo or sky-high increases in utility bills, transportation, etc. should be “revised” and the government should “recognize its mistake.” Speaking from Paris, where he was attending a leadership seminar, Massa stated that, “I have the feeling that what could have been done with a scalpel was done with a chainsaw […] Today’s prices are, for many sectors, impossible to pay.” Read more: Macri Administration Admits Sky-High Increase In Gas Cost Was A ‘Mistake’
Photo via Clarín

Photo via Clarín

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Photo: José Romero

  • According to Clarín sources, a French director is making a film about the former presidential candidate Daniel Scioli, with the opening scene being him accepting electoral defeat in November last year. Scioli is allegedly optimistic that the film could make it to Argentine cinemas by September, so mark it on your calendar. Read more: A Guide: Daniel Scioli For Beginners
Photo via Perfil

Photo via Perfil

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Go forth and how yourself to be well informed, my loyal Monday readers!