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What to Do in Buenos Aires This Weekend: November 15th Edition

The Bubble's signature eclectic guide to making the most of your weekend.

By | [email protected] | November 14, 2019 10:51am

SushiPhoto by Florian Metzner on Unsplash

Hi! It’s another weekend and here we are, excitedly contemplating the many options the upcoming two-day break has in store for us, docile little wage-slaves that we are. And not only is it the weekend, it’s also a long weekend, as Monday, November 18th is the Day of National Sovereignty. This means we are blessed with the gift of an extra day of sleeping in and bad decisions.

Thankfully for you, we have a solid lineup of fun, stimulating activities: live music! Competitive voguing! Sushi! Jazz! Tango! Art! Dancing! Pretty much anything anyone would ever possibly want. So yes, the world may continue its spiral into craziness, Latin America may be in the middle of a couple political crises, and we are barreling wildly toward the end of another tumultuous year. But y’know what? We’re going to have a good time this weekend.

So without any further ado, here are this week’s selections!



We kick things off with a city-wide celebration of jazz. The 2019 Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival takes place all over town – everything from fancy venues to subway stations – and features a wealth of artists from all corners of the notoriously wide-ranging genre. We particularly recommend checking out Damsel Talk’s excellent live show, which combines jazz and improvisational theater, but you can scope out the entire schedule and see what tickles your fancy.

Various points across the city | Various prices | More Info


If you’re feeling very artsy this weekend, here’s a cool show you can attend for free. The Teatro San Martín hall will be taken over by the Mover La Lengua event, which will feature live readings which are also simultaneously performed as dance. You can see the full list of readers and dancers on the event’s Facebook page (linked below). It all sounds very high-minded and cool, so we’re definitely there for the social capital points.

 10 PM | Teatro San Martín – Av. Corrientes 1530 | Free entry | More Info


Look, we don’t really need an excuse to eat sushi. We want to eat sushi all the time. Our bodies’ natural state is one of craving sushi. But the country’s current economic climate makes it so that a sushi dinner is a rare indulgence, and one starts to feel a bit guilty about that. So make your way over to Hanami Events’ upcoming Sabores del Japón dinner, where you’ll be able to enjoy some delicious and authentic sushi at a price that won’t have you breaking open the piggy bank.

8 PM | Alto Hanami – Av. Medrano 1230 | More Info


Tango has historically been understood and coded as a very “macho” thing — everything from the romanticization of “she shot me down” male melancholy to the whole “art of seduction” weirdness that permeates the culture, it often appears to be rooted in very traditionalist notions of masculinity. So it’s refreshing to have an event that seeks to resignify tango as something more open and inclusive. The Queer Tango Festival takes place in various locations all over town, and is made up of workshops, milongas, and more. Check out the entire schedule on their website (linked below).

12 PM onward | Various locations | More Info



Y’know, some would say Dee Dee was the most Argentine of the Ramones – and it does make sense, seeing as how he lived here for a while and actually married an Argentine – but I think an argument could be made for Marky, the band’s long-tenured drummer from the classic lineup. Not only does Marky trek down to Argentina seemingly every year to play one of his marathon 42-song sets, but he also has the cocky demeanor and questionable hair down pat. Come check him out as he plays a set of Ramones classics.

8 PM | Teatro Flores – Av Rivadavia 7806 | AR $1500 | More Info


If you’re not familiar with Uruguayan artist Dani Umpi, it’s about time you changed this. A novelist, musician, and visual artist, he’s dedicated his career to exploring the stranger moments where pop culture and queerness connect. This Saturday, he’ll be performing at La Xirgu, an event that seeks to examine how we understand and interpret gender in today’s world. Aside from Umpi’s musical performance, there will be performances by Vedette and Putite de Mama, as well as talks by various authors and thinkers who specialize on the subject.

8 PM | Xirgu Untref – Chacabuco 875 | More Info


Another good way to spend a Saturday night is to transport yourself to Manchester in the early 1980s, a gloomy time where the music reflected the overall mood; dark, morose, claustrophobic, and also strangely cathartic. The good folks at Placeres Desconocidos put together a great party that celebrates all of this, so head on over for some good post-punky music and greyscale vibes.

Midnight | Otra Historia Club Cultural – Estomba 851 | AR $200 | More Info



The fact that Monday is a national holiday means that Sunday is basically Saturday (this makes sense, right?). So you’re allowed to go out and act a fool. A great opportunity to do this is Fiestas Turbo, the joyfully chaotic event that combines dancing, voguing, and dressing up into a multi-colored celebration of inclusiveness and fun. This time around, the theme is surrealist Egypt, so keep that in mind when you’re readying your outfits.

Midnight | Beatflow – Av.Córdoba 5509 | AR $200 advance, AR $300 door | More Info


If you’d rather spend your Sunday doing something a bit tamer, why not make your way over to Feliza for an evening of good, geeky fun? Trivia, tabletop games, role playing, arcades, karaoke, cosplay – pretty much everything anybody ever yelled at you in high school for being into.

6 PM – 1 AM | Feliza – Av. Córdoba 3271 | Free entry | More Info


If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely seen those mysterious flyers for El Club de la Serpiente that are stamped all over Palermo and thought to yourself “I wonder if it’s a weird sex thing.” Turns out it’s not! It’s a fun party dedicated to making you dance your cares away with disco, funk, and soul jams. I don’t know how disappointed you are to learn that it isn’t a weird sex thing, but it’s worth checking out nonetheless.

Midnight | Museum Live – Perú 535 | AR $390 | More Info


And finally for this weekend, why not head on over to Teatro Mandril to support some local artists? The new installment of Dibujadxs brings writers, illustrators, publications and fans together for a nice cultural exchange. Check out all the great stuff on display, buy yourself something nice and support independent artists in the process.

2 PM onward | Teatro Mandril – Humberto Primo 2758 | Free entry | More Info

Disclaimer: The dates, times, and locations for each of these events reflect the information that was available at the time this edition of ‘What to Do in Buenos Aires this Weekend’ was published. The dates, times, and locations are subject to change at the event organizers’ discretion. For the most up to date information, click on the ‘More info’ link when it is listed under the event summary.

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