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What To Do In Buenos Aires This Weekend: Feb 19 Edition

By | [email protected] | February 19, 2016 5:15pm


It’s been a long week but the time to disfrutar is finally upon us and we have a list of options to make the most of this weekend.

Friday 19th

FILM: As part of its indie summer film collection Kino Palais (Posadas 1725) is projecting Paradise: Love for the second time at 7PM, which tells the story of a middle aged Dutch woman who travels to Kenya as a sex tourist. You can access the rest of the program and watch the trailer here.

SOCIALIZING: Let’s all take back the barrios of Buenos Aires like the good old times. A Facebook event inciting us all to get off our sofas and out into the streets to drink and chat with neighbors has gained much attention. The idea is to hang out the way we did before tinder, snapchat and the likes filled up our lost hours. Read more about here!

FOOD: Calling all vegans to the block. An animal product-less fair (AKA vegan festival) is taking place at Club Seitán (Anchorena 575). It cost AR$35 to get in but you get put into a raffle upon entering. It does all look rather tasty despite the lack of cheese.

MUSIC – OPERA: American-Canadian singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright will be performing his melodramatic opera Prima Donna in Teatro Colon’s main hall (Cerrito 628) at 9.30PM, during which a tribute film to soprano, Maria Callas, directed by Francesco Vezzoli and Cindy Sherman, will be projected. This is part of the Festival de Verano del Teatro Colon. The show will also be performed on Saturday 20th. Tickets available here.

MUSIC: James “J Dilla” Yancey will go down as one of the great hip hop producers of the late XX century and in his honour El Quetzal (Guatemala 4516) is dedicating its monthly Zulu Hip Hop Jam to the late American star. Be there at 11PM sharp. AR$30.

Rufus Wainwright (Photo via

Rufus Wainwright (Photo via

Saturday 20th

POOL PARTY & CHICKEN: The ultimate pool party is finally here. Thank the Lord for Chicken Bros and their love for partying and, um, chicken. Make your way to Recoleta from 2PM for an exceptional rooftop view of capital, mouth watering chicken wings and sweet R&B, Funky Disco & Hip Hop. AR$150 with a complimentary drink.

MUSIC: PM Open Air is on as usual at Punta Carrasco (Avenida Costanera Rafael Obligado 1221) for those who take pleasure in getting high to the sound of dope beats, Quilmes in hand and sunglasses on. The entrance is free from 3PM to 5PM as long as you are on the list.

PARTY: Though slightly out of the way, this sunset party at Green Parrot Wake Beach is a good excuse to leave the urban jungle for a few hours to spend time and chill by the water where DJs will be playing. It starts at 5PM but you can get there from 11AM to learn how to wakeboard.

FAIR: Drawings, craft beer, live music and buena onda at Feria de Dibujos Usados. Come along to share your artistic ideas, get inspired and browse around from 6PM for free. You must send an inbox to get the exact location.

REBELLION/FAIR: Who says only girls should wear make up? An event is taking place at Parque Centenario from 6PM where freedom of expression will prevail. It doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is, how much you earn or how you choose to look. There will be talks and make up sessions and tutorials as well as a bunch of photographers documenting it all.

MUSIC: Argentine indie rock band El Mató a un Policía Motorizado is playing at Club Cultural Konex (Sarmiento 3131). Doors open at 6PM and the show starts at 8PM. You can purchase tickets here.

MUSIC: Teatro Colon’s orchestra will be performing traditional waltzes in Plaza Vaticano at 8PM for the main evening of the Festival de Verano del Teatro Colon, for free.

FILM: As part of its indie summer film collection Kino Palais (Posadas 1725) is projecting Deshora for the second time at 7PM, an Argentine-Colombian-Norwegian film which tells the story of a couple who live isolated in the north of Argentina and find themselves in a bizarre love triangle upon the arrival of a cousin who stays with them as part of his rehab. You can access the rest of the program and watch the trailer here.

MUSIC: Funk and soul vinyl night at Club V (Corrientes 5008) waddup. It starts at 11.30PM and until 1AM, come in twos because the tickets are 2 4 1. That means AR$35 each. After 1AM it’s seventy paysohs each.

MUSIC: A quirky dress up party is going on from midnight to 5AM at Gascon 104 where various DJs will be playing. It costs AR$80 if you get creative with a costume or AR$150 if you rock up in your boring day clothes so come on, make an effort.

Chicken Bros (photo via Facebook)

Chicken Bros (photo via Facebook)

Sunday 21st

FAIR: There will be maid cafés. I shall say no more. Jigoku market.

FOOD: The seventh Feria de Gastronomía Sabores Venezolanos is on at 2PM is Galpón Milagros (Gorriti 5417). Read more about how to make the most of your time carb loading.

ART: Make your way to Teatro Mandril (Humberto Primo 2758) from 3PM for the Feria Kooperactiva. So.much.copado.going.on. This has buena onda written all over it.

FAIR: This is basically an excuse to get high with a bunch of people in the name of love, friendship and peace. There will be a barter-style fair whereby money cannot be used and instead you’ll have to trade goods for books, clothing, games, plants, anything. Intrigued? Make your way to the Planetarium at 3PM for San Valentin Cannabico.

MUSIC: La Historia Del Soldadoa chamber music performance accompanied by dancers and storytellers is taking place in Plaza Vaticano at 6PM. The performance is based on a Russian folk tale by one the most influential composers of the XX century, Ígor Stravinski.

FILM: As part of its indie summer film collection Kino Palais (Posadas 1725) is projecting Mar for the second time at 7PM, which tells the story of a thirty-something Argentine couple who holiday on the coast. You can access the rest of the program and watch the trailer here.

FILM: Pizza, Campari and Monty Python’s Life of Brian under the stars. Say no more and get your arse down to Borges 1975 for some British comedy gold. You must phone to reserve.

photo via

photo via