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Web-Based Version Tinder Comes To Argentina

By | [email protected] | March 30, 2017 4:59pm


These are hard times we face as Millennials: being forced to update apps to the latest version but not having the sufficient storage space to do so is one of the 21st century problems I for one think is a scourge on our generation.

In my case, Facebook was the first to go. Then, on a cold dark morning, I lost Whatsapp. “Please, God, no!” I begged. “Not Tinder. NOT TINDER.”

Well wipe those nervous beads of sweat from your lustful brow. Because Tinder is safe. Because its now available in an app-less, online form in Argentina.

Behold the wonders of

Argentina is just one of a few countries, alongside Brasil, Colombia and Sweden, to be joining Tinder online. The web based version is a little bit more limited than the dating service’s app counterpart though. We’re not sure what that means exactly, but we’re sure it’ll still involve enough swiping to give you repetitive strain injury.

It works in any place you have access to the internet, according to the app. So essentially, in giving us BA Wifi, the government is endorsing Tinder, right?

Before you get too carried away, remember that all the usual Tinder etiquette and procedures apply:

  • Every male with a topless mirror selfie is not worth your time
  • Feel free to give your ex a super like if you come across them. Just to show you’re fun. You’re cool. You’re so definitely over it.
  • Get ready for gratuitous photos of dogs, old people and mate to prove how down to earth your new dating candidates are.