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‘Notebooks of Corruption’ Roundup: Business Leader Close to the Kirchners Takes a Plea Deal

Carlos Wagner is the last business leader to take a plea deal.

By | [email protected] | August 10, 2018 6:04pm

wagnerCarlos Wagner. Photo via Cronista

The former president of the Argentine Chamber of Construction, Carlos Wagner, is the latest business leader to reach a plea deal with the judicial authorities working on the case known as “the notebooks of corruption,” which investigates a bribery scheme between former public officials from the Kirchner administrations and the heads of the companies that were given the contracts to carry out the country’s main public works.

Even though Wagner initially refused to surrender himself, he then decided to collaborate with the judiciary and provide relevant information in exchange for a reduction of a potential sentence. The content of his confession is still unknown, but pundits expect it to be substantial, as he was extremely close to the Kirchner administration and worked closely with the companies competing for public works.

Wagner has also been indicted in the Argentine chapter of the Lava Jato case, accused of being the main connection between the team working for then Minister Julio de Vido and the construction company Odebrecht, facilitating illegal bribes between the two.

Most recently, he was quoted denying all allegations: “What they are saying is false. I don’t even know those three Odebrecht executives,” Wagner stated, referring to the businessmen with whom he is said to have colluded while at the Planning Ministry.