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This Viral Twitter Trend Compares Argentine Icons with Food and… Car Crashes?

Cristina, Chano, and yerba mate have all been touched by this weird fad.

By | [email protected] | May 6, 2019 3:04pm

Welcome to Argentina (8)Photo via Twitter user @EyRulo

Oh Twitter threads… What are you, exactly? Some people use them for live-tweeting events like the Academy Awards or the latest Game Of Thrones episode. Some use it to elaborate on ideas that are too vast to fit in just one tweet (an analysis of the current political clusterf$%k in Argentina, for example). And some are now using them as the ideal vehicles for making sharp, snarky visual commentary on some of the country’s most iconic symbols. And since we love getting a healthy dose of snark here at The Bubble, we’ve decided to take a closer look at this growing trend that you might have noticed on your timeline of late.

The idea goes like this: you get photographs of an iconic element of Argentine pop culture (Tan Biónica’s Chano, former president Cristina Kirchner, a colorful bag of yerba mate) and compare the photos’ color palettes to pieces of food or objects like cars, and then you build yourself a nice little gallery comparing both elements which you upload one by one to your Twitter thread. I have no idea how this began and I’m pretty sure we’re just experiencing the first days of a full blown “thing,” but suffice it to say that it is one of the funniest developments spreading through the Argentine twittersphere in 2019.

Without further ado, let’s dig in!

Cristina as Choripán

This one actually goes deeper than meets the eye and requires quite a bit of context to understand it in its entirety. For years, during Cristina’s two administrations, pro-Kirchner rallies were undermined by the then-opposition, which argued that people only attended because they were offered a choripán in return. The whole thing became a running joke/slander during CFK’s presidencies, prompting this glorious moment at one of her rallies and an actual post on her Facebook page in which she uses the choripán theory to explain the famous grieta that has come to define this country (God, I love Argentina).

So what did Twitter user and prankster @EyRulo decide to do? He combined Cristina’s infamously colorful and fancy wardrobe with the country’s unofficial national dish (the chori) and this glorious thread was born. If only Macri weren’t so damn boring with his dress code then maybe somebody could do some thread with him and flan… I’m gonna leave that out there to see if anyone takes my lead.

Chano as Crashed Cars

So in case you don’t know who Chano Carpentier is, he was the lead singer for Argentine pop band Tan Biónica, whose biggest accomplishments include winning a Premio Gardel, a Martín Fierro, and a Kid’s Choice award, and making Macri churn out his infamous dance moves during the Cambiemos celebration party at the 2015 victory rally (that’s their song Ciudad Mágica in the background, making all the Macristas lose their collective shit).

Chano is now navigating his solo career; besides being well-known for his horrible music, he’s also made a name for himself as a horrible driver. It all started in 2015 when he crashed into at least four parked vehicles in Belgrano and was then beaten senseless by their owners in you typical, run of the mill road rage news that has become all too common in this country.

But as if that weren’t enough, Chano crashed again in 2016 in Cañuelas and then again in March 2017 in Saavedra, this last time against a couple of parked vehicles (what’s with this guy and parked cars, BTW?). So in honor of this running joke that, fortunately, has left no deaths (yet) Twitter user @andres_krom created a thread that compares Chano’s wardrobe to the paint designs of several crashed cars. The irony in this one is so painful it hurts. Really.

David Bowie as Yerba Mate

This thread went certifiably viral last week, probably due to its delicately curated selection of images which is, honestly, top notch. Unlike the previous threads of Cristina and Chano, this one doesn’t really have a whole backstory to fall back on and just focuses on the chromatic beauty and richness of two things that would have, otherwise, never been mentioned in the same sentence: David Bowie and yerba mate. The result is truly stunning and, given how many images of Bowie’s wardrobe out there for the public to enjoy, the possibilities are truly endless.

The stylings of Mr. Bowie have been well documented as he was considered one of the most important revolutionary icons in the fashion industry throughout his life. But, not to be outdone, yerba mate packages have been developing quite a fashion sense of their own. Brands like Rosamonte, Cbsé, and Cachamai take pride in themselves, and seem to have taken steps to distinguish themselves from the competition. Mate and David Bowie… Go figure!

Photo via Twitter user @WilburyMax

I’m honestly so excited by the possibilities of this Twitter thread trend and will be on the lookout for the next one. Now that I think of it, there have to be more Argentine combinations out there. I don’t know, something with the eternal Mirtha Legrand, the over-the-top Moria Casán, or the meme-able Lilita Carrió? Maybe some proactive soul will take my cue (the Macri/flan thing is still on the table, just in case)?

Hop to it, twitterverse. It’s honestly better than talking about Game of Thrones.