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Viral Twitter Thread Encourages Users to Upload Worst ‘Quinceañera’ Pics

It's sparked over 22,000 RTs and 6,000 replies... for now.

By | [email protected] | June 13, 2019 2:59pm

Welcome to Argentina (25)Photo via Twitter user @garciaxoana

Let’s be honest… Is there really anything more Latin American than a quinceañera celebration? This cherished tradition is present all over the region, from Mexico to Argentina, albeit with a few specific variations from country to country. But at the heart of it all is an idea that has withstood the test of time: to humiliate the birthday girl with God awful pictures that she will forever be ashamed of (OK maybe that’s not the initial goal, but you know what I mean).

Argentine Twitter user Luli Gia (AKA @conurbanera) was one of these girls once and she decided to start a conversation  by posting her own ugly picture, along with the caption “let’s make an album with our worst quinceañera pics. I’ll get things started with this one of me caressing a plant.”

As luck would have it, the Internet was listening and Luli Gia’s wishes came true. And then some… Since her tweet was posted a couple of days ago, it has been transformed into a wall of shame in which people have been more than willing to upload their own piece of self-deprecating history to the tune of more than 6,000 replies. This thing, as you can imagine, has it all, from this girl whose dress caught on fire while entering the party, to a detailed account of a girl who was launched into the air by her friends  in celebration and landed on the mesa dulce before passing out (Tweet 1, Tweet 2).

We at The Bubble have been carefully selecting the best of the best from this glorious album, yet we encourage you to check it out from top to bottom for yourself. It is truly epic. Let’s go to the pics, shall we?

The girl in her father’s hand

The girl that entered the party inside a doll box

The girl that threw a costume party, and whose cousin came as an ape

The girl with the unfortunate cross fade

The girl with the newspaper-themed dress

The sparkling girl

The girls whose boob was exposed as a result of a hug from her sister

The girl who took her pics at a graveyard

The girl that was welcomed at the party by Chester Cheetah

The girl with the unfortunate wall in the background

The girl that was launched in the air without mercy

The girl that arrived at her party on a horse

The girl that landed atop the mesa dulce and then passed out

The girl whose dress caught fire while walking into her party