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Viral Letter Asks Messi To ‘Think Of The Children,’ Melts Hearts

By | [email protected] | June 28, 2016 3:26pm


In more tear-inducing news (so many feels this week, we can hardly handle it), a Facebook post asking Leo Messi to reconsider retiring from the Argentine national team for the sake of the children has made the social media rounds and was even read out loud on national television by presenter Marcelo Tinelli last night. School teacher Yohana Fucks penned the viral letter that has since captured the hearts of Argentines.

“No matter how much love and dedication I put into my work, my students will never look to me with the same fascination as they do with you. And today they’re watching their greatest idol give up,” Fucks writes.

“Please, don’t give up, don’t make them believe that the only thing that is important in this country is winning. Don’t make them feel that they need to live to please others. Don’t make my pupils feel that second place is a defeat, that the value of a person is measured in how full of trophies their cabinets are, that losing a match is losing glory.”

Fucks is an elementary teacher from Entre Ríos Province, who shares the disappointment at Messi’s shock announcement.

So, in a nutshell, she asks him to think about the children and what he represents to them, to not let Argentina’s defeat define him.

The 29-year-old legendary sportsman announced he would be quitting the national team after Argentina’s loss to Chile in the Copa América final Sunday night. Argentines have since flocked to social media to express their sorrow and beg Messi not to leave them.

Here is the full letter: