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Vicky’s ‘Chill’ About Being Prosecuted For Flight Scandal

By | [email protected] | November 12, 2015 12:25pm


Remember that time our favorite mostly-naked superstar, Vicky Xipolitakis, flirted her way into the cockpit of Austral flight 2708 endangering the lives of a large number of passengers and filmed it all on her phone? Yeah, well, federal Judge Sergio Torres has recently prosecuted her and pilots Federico Soaje and Patricio Zocchi for “putting the safety of an aircraft at risk.”

No shit, Torres.

But, you know, Vicky says she is “chill” about this impending sentence because she’s a moral girl (oh yeah, she found God a few months back.)

The trio have been found guilty under Article 190 of the Penal Code (this bad boy can lock you away between two to eight years) and while the Judge deliberates over the final sentence of each individual, they have, in the meantime, been asked to cough up AR$250,000.

“I don’t want to broach the subject again, I only talk about it with my lawyer. It isn’t good for me and, what’s more, I don’t really understand anything about it, I am just happiness and joy. Fernando has already explained how everything will play out, so I’m chill,” Vicky told the world on Teleshow.

She added that she is “a good gal with a good heart” who doesn’t know “what wickedness is.” She then reiterated that she doesn’t want to talk anymore on the subject (while still talking about it…), concluding that the whole affair, “Is darkness,” and she, on the other hand, is “light, joy,” an innocent angel who doesn’t understand “any of those strange words that they use in the proceedings.”

The Judge has made it known that Vicky will still be able to go about her life as normal. If she wishes to leave the country she will have to get authorization. Other than this, the restrictions are very light.

Please don’t lock her up, she’s just a “good gal with a good heart,” guys.