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Vacationers Flock To Brazil And Uruguay Rather Than Argentine Beaches

By | [email protected] | January 12, 2016 5:41pm

playaNot Argentina. Photo via

You may have noticed the streets of Buenos Aires are eerily empty these days, and that’s because Porteños have fled the concrete jungle in search of more aquamarine pastures, generally in Brazil or Uruguay.

That’s right: turns out more vacationers are spurning local shores in favor of our neighboring countries’.

Tourism Minister Gustavo Santos recently announced that 2 million Argentines had bought “vacation packages” in Brazil this summer. Samuel Koch, the head of the Brazilian Association of Santa Catarina Hotels, told press he attributes the increase to the Brazilian Real’s devaluation. He estimated that until January 20th, approximately 75 percent of hotel patrons will be Argentine.

On his end, Uruguayan Subsecretary Benjamín Liberoff informed that Argentine tourism has increased by 10 to 12 percent, exceeding expectations. He attributes the increase to Argentines’ ability to buy dollars now, following President Mauricio Macri’s lifting of the cepo.

And effectively, the normally hyper-crowded beaches of Mar del Plata and neighboring towns are quieter than usual this year. “In the Mar del Plata, there’s only a 50 percent rate of occupation, which is 20 percent less than at this time last year,” Miguel Ángel Donzini, president of the Colegio de Martilleros, told press.

So if you’re looking for a bit of peace and quiet, you may want to think about sojourning to the Argentine coast. You’ll make it feel a little less rejected.

How Mar del Plata must feel right now. Gif via Tumblr.

How Mar del Plata must feel right now. Gif via Tumblr.