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Uruguay Approves Gay Marriage. In Your Face, America!

By | [email protected] | April 11, 2013 1:45am


Following the road paved by its elder sister Argentina, Uruguay decided it was time to join the 21st Century and approved a bill to legalize gay marriage, becoming the second (mostly Catholic) country in the region to come out in favor of same-sex couples.

The bill had been passed in the Senate last week by a large majority and today 71 lawmakers out of 92 voted in favor of making gay love, not war. Ha! What a douchey thing to say. Now it’s time for President Jose “Best President Ever” Mujica to sign the bill into law. He is expected to do it tomorrow.

“I agree that family is the basis of society but I also believe that love is the basis of family. And love is neither homosexual nor heterosexual,” said a lawmaker from the opposition aptly named Fernando Amado after voting in support of the bill despite being center-right.

Congratulations, gays! Montevideo is turning rainbow-colored tonight.

This way Uruguay becomes the 12th country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage and the second in the region, although Argentina deserves some credit for being the brave pioneer who didn’t give a flying fuck about what religious conservatives opined in 2010 and approved the bill amidst dire warnings of eternal damnation and familial suicide. Almost three years later, society still stands, the gays are still gay, the straights are still straight (well, most of them anyway) and there’s even an Argentine Pope!

If the gay agenda’s evil plans to destroy the solid foundations of society have already been set in motion, then I’m sorry to say they are not working very well.

Meanwhile, in the United States… this.

Good luck, America. You’re on your own.

(Story via Buenos Aires Herald)