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Unleash Your Creative Side With These 5 Workshops

By | [email protected] | May 24, 2018 1:20pm

(Photo via Ceramicas García).

Let’s be honest, sometimes being an adult sucks. When you’re a kid, everyone is always encouraging you to express your creative side, whether you want to or not, but as an adult it’s easy to get swept up into the endless routine of work, home, and commuting. Well it’s time to break out of the monotony with these creative workshops, which will enable you to express yourself to your heart’s content (Madonna was definitely singing about needlepoint, right?). From ceramics to shoe-making, there’s something for everyone, and who knows, maybe next year you’ll be getting your work exhibited at arteBA (I mean, it’s unlikely, but dare to dream xo).


Indian Creek

There is a definite pop-culture trend for embroidery right now, but why buy something off Etsy (and pray that it will actually be delivered) when you can make it yourself? At Indian Creek, you can bet a bit of both. Run by Lara Tavacca, who has truly succeeded at turning her passion into a career, you can order her amazing embroidery online – I’ve personally got my eye on the Grand Budapest Hotel masterpiece – or join one of her embroidery courses to unleash the sassy stitcher within.

In the workshops, you will learn how to transfer a design onto cloth, discover different types of materials and backgrounds, find out about the various kinds of threads and how to use them, and how to use stretching frames. When you arrive at the workshop you receive a frame, scissors, raw material, threads and needles, as well as a little gift bag so you can continue your new hobby at home. They also offer a very mysterious sorpresita during the coffee break. How enigmatic. For more information, contact Lara through her website or at [email protected]


Cerámicas Garcia

(Photo via Ceramicas García).

(Photo via Cerámicas García).


Live out all your Ghost fantasies with a pottery workshop from Cerámicas García. Based in Villa Crespo, this option represents a little bit more of a commitment than the other options on this list, requiring you to sign up for a month’s worth of classes. However, this means that you know you’re getting a thorough experience and will get to walk away with enough ceramics to last a lifestyle, and the skills to make more to boot.

Want. Need. (Photo via Cerámicas García).

Want. Need. (Photo via Cerámicas García).


In the workshop you will learn how to model and glaze your own ceramics; rather than following a pattern, you’re encouraged to discover and develop your own personal style through various sculpture techniques. No previous experience is needed, as the groups are small which means you will receive plenty of guidance. The monthly cost for four classes is AR $1,250, while individual classes cost AR $400. This includes all the materials – clay, enamels, and pigments – and firing your creations in the kiln. If you are interested in participating or have any questions, write to them at [email protected].


Taller Cuarto Pájaro

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Taller Cuarto Pájaro are the overachievers of this list, offering a little bit of everything. They have a wide range of workshops available, so you can choose the skill that interests you the most. From drawing and painting to engraving and collage, the classes are small and personal so that you can feel like you’ve come away with both a tangible skill and a memorable experience. Particularly intriguing are the bookbinding workshops, which teach you how to construct and create your very own notebooks and agendas. How twee!

Run by a lovely Argentine couple, the workshop is located in Conventillo de las Artes, allowing you to tap into the building’s long history of cultural exchange and creation. Located directly opposite Plaza Tribunales, you can benefit from beautiful architectural views while you express yourself. Lush. For information on pricing and to sign up to workshops, contact them through their Facebook page.



(Photo via Monóceros).

(Photo via Monóceros).


I know, I know – some of the options on this list are terribly millennial. Well don’t worry, there’s options for the premature grannies among you all too. Monóceros is here to teach you all your abuela’s favorite pastimes, from crochet and doll-making to quilting and needle-felting. Run by Romina Choconi, who also makes adorable dolls that you can buy, these workshops cater for all levels of expertise, so that really anyone can join.

What is particularly nice about these workshops is that they require relatively little commitment compared with some of the other options on this list. While they do have longer courses available, the Introduction to Crochet class offers a short taster session that give you a first look at the skill and a grasp of the basics. The beginners’ session lasts two hours and costs AR $300, with all the materials included. To sign up, contact Choconi at [email protected], and take a look at the other courses on offer on her website.


Taller de Calzado

(Photo via Calzados Carrillo).

(Photo via Calzados Carrillo).


If all of these activities sound far too superfluous and you want to come away from your workshop with a concrete skill, try this footwear workshop. Located in the heart of the artisan’s district of San Telmo, this course aims to teach you how to design and create your own footwear. Be warned, this course lasts three months – it’s a bit of a commitment but come on, you learn how to make your own shoes!

(Photo via Mamacha).

(Photo via Mamacha).


Each module lasts four weeks and will cover various different aspects of shoe-making, from theoretical knowledge such as the history of footwear and the anatomy of the human foot, to practical knowledge such as how to make the shoes themselves and where best to purchase the materials. At the end of the course, you will have learned how to make sandals, ballet pumps, and mules. You get to choose your own materials, be it leather or synthetic fabrics, and will come away from the class with skills for life (think of it as unemployment insurance). This workshop costs AR $600 per month, and you can sign up by emailing them at [email protected].


With all these and more, Buenos Aires has endless options for getting crafty, so spread your creative wings and don’t be afraid to express yourself.