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Tucumán Sets Guinness Record With World’s Largest Humita

4,000 corn cobs and 163 kilos of squash were used to make it.

By | [email protected] | July 12, 2019 4:35pm

3056326w1033The biggest humita in the world (Photo via CENCOSUD)

We here at The Bubble have a special place in our hearts for Argentines doing big things. No, I’m not talking about big achievements in their respective crafts. I’m talking big sized 60-meter long salami or 4,000 kg chocolate Easter egg sort of feats. You know, the ones that somehow seem like a desperate attempt at achieving some sort of publicity but are nonetheless quite impressive in their own rights. And we have such a treat in store for you today.

Turns out that the nice people of Tucumán decided to make the world’s largest humita, which, in case you’re not familiar, is a traditional dish that dates back to indigenous cultures and consists of fresh corn and a bunch of yummy ingredients wrapped in corn husks and then steamed. The event took place in Tucumán’s bus terminal and required over 15 hours of hard work, with the watchful eyes of more than 1,000 attendees (and one official Guinness certifier) just drooling and yearning for a taste of the corny treat.

Photo via Infobae

The numbers for the event, organized by VEA supermarkets, are a sight to behold: 4,000 corn cobs, 163 kilos of squash, 8 kilos of red pepper, 16 kilos of onions, 12 liters of water, 8 kilos of cream cheese, 6 kilos of salt, 50 grams of chili powder, and 50 grams of cumin. To be able to eat at #Humitapalooza (as I have affectionately christened it), you had to bring some non-perishable food as a donation, so there was that nice cause behind it as well.