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Woman Calls 911 After Mistaking Three Guys From Tucumán For Al Qaeda Terrorists

By | [email protected] | November 3, 2015 5:31pm


A huge police operative was under way yesterday afternoon after a woman called 911 to say she ran into the al Qaeda terrorists that were thinking of blowing up the Abasto and/or Unicenter malls this past weekend. Only problem is they weren’t terrorists: they were just three guys from Tucumán looking for a place to eat.

The incident, which was picked up by the local media today, took place as many were still dealing with the post-weekend paranoia that engulfed a large percentage of the population after local authorities warned that al Qaeda was thinking of striking in Buenos Aires for reasons that remain unclear. Their targets: the Abasto and Unicenter malls.

Because, as we all know, terrorists hate malls.

Yesterday, a woman called 911 to report the “suspicious presence” of three men that were driving around in a white pickup truck and had pulled over to ask her for directions. Their destination: the Abasto mall.

Apparently that was enough for the woman to put two and two together and realize that these were the terrorists everyone was looking for, so she decided to be a good civilian and call the police.

(Besides the whole “racial profiling” thing, I really don’t think terrorists would be asking for directions. That would make them really bad terrorists. But I digress.)

After her call, the Federal Police set up a huge operative in order to find the alleged terrorists. A chase ensued and the police set up a roadblock to intercept them on Ceballos 1200.

However, once the truck was pulled over, police officers demanded to see their IDs and learned that this was not al Qaeda plotting an attack on our soil, but just three guys from Tucumán that were looking for a place to eat.

Because things never get boring in this city.