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Tril: Two Argentine Entrepreneurs’ Solution To An Age Old Question.

By | [email protected] | March 4, 2016 5:02pm


There is nothing more infuriating than being given numerous recommendations for a new TV series, film or restaurant and then, when the time comes to try them out, they all vanish from your memory and you end up watching a rerun of The Office or ordering takeaway instead.

Coming to the rescue are two Argentine entrepreneurs, Gastón Silberman and Esteban Brenman, who have developed Tril, an app that allows you to access the opinions of people you know and trust on the things that interest you the most. Through Tril, a user can recommend “Spotify songs, a Netflix series or in the future, a particular book” explains Silberman.

Brenman, who was also one of the minds behind Guía Oleo, Argentina’s online restaurant guide, explains the underlying concept behind the new app, which was born during a brainstorming session on a year’s sabbatical: “Tril offers you a space to discover cultural content without the influence of algorithms, ads or rankings based on people you don’t know.” On Tril there are no “best opinions” as is the case on other social media and recommendation sites; instead, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


Currently, the app offers users the ability to rate restaurants, music, films and TV series but in the near future it plans on expanding to include books, places of interest, hotels, shops and museums too. You can sign up to the app with your Twitter or Facebook profile, or you can create a separate Tril profile. Once you see something you like, be it a restaurant, film or song, the app allows you to comment, retril, save or share it on other social media sites. The useful location feature also means that users have the option of searching for recommendations on places to eat or drink nearby.

A key concept of Tril is that it allows users to follow others according to distinctive categories. “You can respect the opinion of someone about music, but your opinion might not be the same about places to eat” explain the founders. And, if you follow someone, this doesn’t automatically mean that they can follow you back.

Speaking to The Bubble, Brenman says that ultimately, Tril gives you “access to quality content curated for you by the people in your life who’s opinion you already trust, as well as the ability to further expand your network of influencers based on their taste.” Say goodbye to that empty, bemused feeling you experience when coming to the end of a TV series. 

Currently, Tril is only available to download for iPhone users, but by mid-year it will be accessible for Android too.

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