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Tribute To Sex Symbol Jeanne Moreau: French Alliance Screens The Classics

By | [email protected] | April 26, 2016 2:47pm


Jeanne Moreau: the actress, singer, film director, producer and screenwriter. Cannes’ best female interpretation in 1960. BAFTA’s best foreign actress in 1967. César’s best actress in 1988 and 1992. Truffault’s Catherine in Jules et Jim. Nouvelle Vague’s icon. A sex symbol on par with Brigitte Bardot.

The French Alliance is dedicating an evening of music and film to the French heroine of the performing arts on Thursday 28th April at 7.30PM.

The evening will kick off with singer Nana and the Orquesta Stupéfiant Indolent performing “beautiful songs and subtle melodies as a tribute to the freedom and beauty of Nouvelle Vague,” they say, some of which were written by Moreau herself. At 9PM, the night will carry on with a projection of the 1962 romantic-drama La Baie des Anges, a film by Jacques Demy. Be warned the film will be in French with Spanish subtitles.


Buenos Aires French Alliance (Córdoba 946)


Thursday 28th April at 7.30PM

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