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Tourist Shooting at Mar del Plata

By | [email protected] | February 3, 2015 6:56pm


Police sources have confirmed the shooting of a 53-year-old tourist yesterday in a central Argentine tourist hub, Mar del Plata.

The middle-aged man was shot at in the chest during a brief struggle during the attempted robbery of a local internet café. After the shopkeeper put up resistance, the four delinquents escaped onto the street and conveniently ran into the tourist who attempted to detain them.

The incident occurred at Avenida Jacinto Peralta Ramos 1800, and after the shooting, the four attackers hightailed it in a Dodge 1500 which was waiting nearby, presumably with another accomplice at the wheel.

The tourist has been committed to the General Interzonal Hospital (HIGA) of Mar del Plata, which only last October played host to another fifty-something wounded tourist, Patricia Escarpela, this time the victim of a home break in. The hospital has not disclosed the patient’s state of health.

Meanwhile, a young man has been detained after being identified by the shopkeeper. The suspect had presented himself at the police station with a cut across his arm. He has since been taken to the precinct where the police have identified criminal precedents.

So if you were thinking of heading to Mar del Plata for a quiet weekend, you might just want to hold your horses.