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Can You Name the Most Listened Argentine Artist on Spotify?

Paulo Londra has a song in the Global Top 30 on the platform right now.

By | [email protected] | February 27, 2019 12:45pm


There are several unequivocal signs that you’re getting old. Your knees hurt when it’s raining outside. You complain about the music being too loud at a bar. You start to honestly enjoy shopping for home goods like pillows and kitchen utensils. But there is one that cannot be overlooked: you start to lose your grip on what is popular in music.

Don’t worry, this has happened to generations before us. Our parents didn’t understand the music we listened to as teenagers and their parents didn’t understand theirs, and so on. It’s a harsh reality but one that we must face and bancarnos, unless you wanna be one of those people that tries too damn much to seem *hip* (the fact that I used the word hip will give you a hint as to why I’m talking about being old).

This leads me to Paulo Londra… Who, you ask? My point exactly. If you would’ve asked me a couple of weeks ago who was the most streamed Argentine artist on Spotify I would’ve probably felt stranded somewhere between Soda Stereo and Lali Espósito, but never in my wildest dreams could I have thought that this trap artist from Córdoba was gonna be the one on top. That’s right, Paulo Londra sits comfortably at the cusp with more than 17 million monthly listeners, placing him 111th in the whole freaking world. Not only that, but he’s currently got the 23rd most streamed song globally, which goes by the name Adan y Eva.

So who is this guy? And why is he so popular? Well if you’re thinking he’s  some sort of Eminem wannabe whose life changed once he saw 8 Mile and then reached fame by winning a freestyle competition of his own… You’d be right. The Córdoba native once said of the aforementioned film: “I was shocked by how a white guy got respect in that culture, for that minute in which he had to show all his worth. I wanted to be like him, I’ve got Eminem right up there.” Londra’s career-defining competition was El Quinto Escalón, a rap battle that used to be organized in Parque Rivadavia and that became one of the biggest breeding grounds for rappers in Argentina.

After that came his first single Relax  which became a major hit single in 2017 and led to international fame and, of course, Spotify glory. Social media has become a huge factor in his rapid rise, as evidenced by his 5.3 million followers on Instagram  and the recent viral success of his Forever Alone video on YouTube, which garnered more than 14 million views in its first five days alone (and now sits at a whopping 31 million, and counting). The singer’s next step will be performing at Lollapalooza Argentina at the end of March.

So there you go, next time you want to surprise your friends into thinking you know what’s cool and stuff, crack open that Spotify and bring some freshly squeezed Paulo Londra into your lives. Or just put on the same Soda Stereo Unplugged you play every weekend and just act your age. Whatever works for you.

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