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The Bubble’s List of Top Argentine YouTubers 2018

Who are our picks for must-follow YouTube creators of 2018?

By | [email protected] | December 26, 2018 5:17pm


Over the last few years, society’s notion of whom we collectively deem noteworthy has… shifted somewhat. We’ve gone from lionizing philosophers and academics to turning our attention to the somewhat more frivolous world of celebrity culture, and now even that is starting to come off as stale and passé. The people we’ve collectively decided to take our cues from are individuals like you or me who happen to have amassed a considerable following by simply talking directly into a camera and posting it online (as well as, you know, having a lot of talent and/or charisma).

That’s right, we’re talking about the specific brand of social-media influencer commonly known as YouTubers. Ever since the video hosting platform went live in 2005, hundreds of thousands of hungry young minds have made it their goal to broadcast their every thought, and millions more have decided to listen. Their influence is massive: According to the website’s own research, 86 percent of people ages 16 to 20 visit the website literally every day. With over 1.8 billion users a month, YouTube is Google’s single most-used service, ahead of even Gmail.

Of course, the trend is alive and well in Argentina, as the country has a large and diverse slate of massively successful YouTubers who are slowly crossing over into other media. Everything from everyday vlogging, beauty tips, gaming, politics, music, and much much more. And here at The Bubble we’ve decided to put together a list of some of our favorite content creators for the streaming website who rocked the year 2018.

To be clear, this won’t be a list of the Argentine YouTubers with the most amount of subscribers — you can easily find those numbers online, and to be honest it’s filled with stuff that we’re…  no longer the target audience for. Rather, this is a curated list of picks of creators who put out consistently entertaining, engaging, thoughtful content throughout the year, and many of whom you’ve probably heard of. We are listing them in no particular order. With all that said, let’s get right into it.

Martín Cirio

It would be disingenuous of us to make a list of Argentinean YouTubers who made a splash in 2018 and not include Martín Cirio, the often outrageous provocateur who — along with his alter ego La Faraona – has made a name for himself in the world of reaction videos, as well as providing delightfully scandalous sex advice. How do we categorize him? I guess he’d fit right in under the “Comedy” banner, though his style of comedy is decidedly not for everybody. Yes, his tone and delivery may be somewhat off-putting at first, but chances are you’ll find yourself going back for more of his wacky style of commentary. O no.

Te Lo Resumo Así Nomás

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a conversation about a particular piece of media you actually have no idea about? Did after-office drinks somehow turn into a discussion panel about the latest season of La Casa de Papel? Are your Argentinian friends knee-deep in a discussion about the bizarre 90s TV show Mi Familia es Un Dibujo, leaving you out in the cold? Or do you simply want to catch up with a long-running film series just in time to watch the new one? Look no further than Te Lo Resumo Así Nomás, a YouTube channel that specializes in humorous summaries of long-form media, which are often sardonic in nature, surprisingly detailed, and themselves filled with references and call-backs to other media. A laugh and a half.


ZEPfilms is one of the largest Spanish-language film discussion channels on YouTube, with a huge following of fans who tune in to the channel’s dedicated and knowledgeable film debates, commentary, listicle-type videos, and general fun facts. One of the things that distinguishes this particular channel from most other movie-based channels on YouTube is the distinct lack of mean-spiritedness, as each movie is tackled head-on and with complete honesty, in a style that is endearing in its earnestness without losing any of its entertainment value. A wholesome follow.  

Ceci Saia

Speaking of wholesome, Ceci Saia is the best friend you wish you had. A long-tenured YouTuber who has built a following thanks to her videos chronicling technology and geek culture, and whose bond with fans slowly developed into something much more personal and heartfelt. Her channel is filled with commentary, reviews and Q&As spanning everything from pop culture, literature (she is a published author), technology, travel and beyond. A good-vibes YouTuber if ever there was one, her channel is a much-needed dose of optimism in a digital world that’s increasingly shrouded in cold-hearted cynicism.

Alexis Moyano

I don’t know that we quite have the words to describe the work of illustrator / voice actor / animator Alexis Moyano, but one look at the above video should convince you to follow his channel for more of his peculiar brand of comedy. Having made a name for himself by producing delightfully bizarre animated skits such as El Sueldito and Casi Hacker for Muy Liebre, Moyano was able to finesse his Instagram and Youtube fame into an animated short series for Cartoon Network which can be found here. His style is free-flowing, confounding, and completely bizarre, and we are there for it.

Locos x el Asado

Another thing that we’re “there” for is YouTube channels that prominently feature shots of delicious food, and multi-platform all-stars Locos x el Asado have that in spades. A channel that’s dedicated to honoring (as well as putting its own spin on) the time-honored Argentine tradition of asados, the guys intersperse all the blatant food porn with the occasional comedic skit, Q&A, and sundry distractions. All of that is well and good, but it pretty much comes down to this: if you want to learn how to up your asado game, and you’re also a fan of close-up shots of succulent meat, this is the channel for you.


Life is tough, and sometimes you don’t really get motivation from all the places you’re supposed to be getting it. You know? Friends. Family. Community. A sense of duty towards your fellow man. A sense of the rapidly accelerating entropy of life. Sometimes, you need a little bit of an extra kick, and that’s where channels like Merakio come in. A healthy mix of travel, lifestyle, commentary and motivational videos, Merakio is in a constant push to get his viewers to leave their comfort zone, try new things, and pursue their true passions. He does this while being incredibly entertaining and watchable, and avoiding the preachiness that often comes with motivational YouTubers. A hearty recommendation.

Bajoneando por Hay

Bajoneando por Hay puts it all out on front street. The description in the About section of his Youtube channel opens with the disclaimer: “I am aware that it’s spelled ahí.” Don’t let the misspelled title fool you, though: this channel is well worth your time. A sort of low-budget version of a food & travel show, Bajoneando is exactly what you want to be watching at 4 AM after a big night. YouTuber Ramiro Terraza — also known as “Ramita” — has made it his life mission to show the world the art of “bajonear.” To bajonear, of course, is to consume very tasty, often low-quality, seldom healthy foods when you’re in an altered state of consciousness, often after a social event of some sort. This channel, then, is a tribute to those darkened corners of the night where the just and the righteous fear to tread, and speech is slurred and nonsensical.


One of my favorite things to do when I’m about to purchase a new piece of technology – most commonly a smartphone, since these stupid little devices have such limited lifespans – is to seek out video reviews of it, obsess over its technical specs, compare how it stacks up against similarly priced devices in the market, and then watch some more Youtube reviews. Suprapixel is a great channel for that kind of content, with the added bonus of being attuned to the wants and needs of the Argentine market (where everything is overpriced and nothing is ever good enough). Their videos are entertaining, easy to follow, and incredibly informative, and for those reasons they’re our pick for Argentine tech channel of 2018.

Paulina Cocina

If you’re anything like me, you were kind of useless in the kitchen for much of your life. I’m talking struggling-to-clean-lettuce level useless. For whatever reason, some of us grew up without picking up this very basic life skill. That is, until we discovered YouTube cooking videos! And then we lit up like Christmas, for we realized that cooking is actually a fun, relaxing activity that doesn’t have to be a stressful pain in the neck. This is thanks to channels like Paulina Cocina, who go to great lengths to teach us newbies the basics of cooking, providing shortcuts and easy recipes that are entertaining to watch and very easy to follow. Yes, even for those of us who are blind to measures, cooking times and the nuances of doneness.

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