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The Time Warp Tragedy Blame Game Is Useless And Idiotic

By | [email protected] | April 19, 2016 1:55pm


In the fallout of the Time Warp festival deaths, where five party-goers were killed after reportedly taking so-called ecstasy-based “Superman” pills, there’s been a fair bit of stupidity flying around.

I mean, no one could’ve predicted that people would try and take drugs at an electronic rave, could they? We’re not capable of precognition. We can’t read the future. People taking ecstasy? At a techno gig? Well I never.

While this should be raising serious issues about the way we deal with drug prohibition or, perhaps there’s even a glimmer of hope, regulation – it’s actually been met with some top class idiocy from politicians who have never attended, how you say, an electronic dance techno rave.

Take, for example, businessman Franco Macri. Yes, President Maurico Macri’s dad. He described the deaths as one of the Kirchner administration “masterpieces.” But taking a convenient swipe at what you consider the political opposition shouldn’t be the priority when five teenagers and young people are still in hospital.

“The electronic festival’s tragedy shows that this disgrace caused by drugs is the Kirchnerite government’s ‘masterpiece’.”

Security Minister Patricia Bullrich, who sounds like she’s smoking something herself, showed how out of touch she was by saying the following:

“Everything should be considered a drug even if the ingredients themselves aren’t drugs.”

Her ministry also presented a writ accusing Gustavo Russo, a court employee, for telling the coast guard (under whose jurisdiction the Costa Salguero, where the festival took place, falls) “not to bother the kids at the concert.” So yeah, everything is that guy’s fault. 50 years of the War on Drugs lands at this guy’s feet. He said that the focus should be on the “selling of narcotics” and not bothering people who were there for fun, noting some of the younger staff at the court would be attending.

The whole debacle is apparently bolstering the Macri administration’s claim that efforts should be double in the War on Drugs. Bullrich herself asserted that “we need to be a little bit more strict” in the fight against narco-trafficking.

Photo via Perfil.

Photo via Perfil.

I think we’ve tried that one. For about 50 years. Instead of fighting against drugs, how about trying to work with them? It’s just not becoming to lock someone up and throw away the key for the crime of eating too many Doritos and watching YouTube videos.

The current way of dealing with recreational drugs users is to confiscate, castigate, castrate and contain, basically, and it’s a system which definitely has everyone’s best interests at heart. Just, unfortunately, it’s time to accept that it hasn’t really worked very well. We’ve tried it out for quite a long time now, too. It’s had its chance. Maybe we should look at alternatives, so people don’t go to festivals, have a happy pill and end up in the morgue/under a bridge/stealing money from their grandma’s purse.

It would seem there’s still a long way to go before progress can be made on such a divisive subject, especially when there’s a healthy dose of misinformation and idiocy involved.