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Three Babies Found Abandoned In One Week In Buenos Aires

By | [email protected] | November 17, 2015 12:05pm


Three babies were found abandoned over a period of one week in Buenos Aires. The first case came last week when a baby was found in a gas station in the neighborhood of Mataderos after the mother allegedly left her child in the bathroom. The other two cases came within 24 hours of each other this weekend.

According to the City of Buenos Aires’ Counsel on Children and Teenagers’ Human Rights, there were 28 cases of abandoned infants reported in 2014 and thus far, there have been 21 cases reported this year.

The latest additions to this morbid trend were a newborn was found in a bathroom in the Argerich Hospital in La Boca wrapped in blood-stained blanket and with its umbilical cord still attached. Doctors could not determine whether the baby had been born there or was placed in the bathroom shortly after the mother had given birth. The child was moved to the neonatal center of the hospital with haste.

Photo via Clarín.

Photo via Clarín.

Less than a day prior, a woman had found an abandoned baby at the intersection of Córdoba and Jean Jaures in Recoleta. The child was immediately brought to Hospital Italiano where it was determined to not have undergone abuse.

Police precincts from the 11th and 19th commissaries have claimed temporary custody of both infants while evidence is presented in an attempt to locate the parents of each.

Article 106 of the national criminal code states that a person charged with abandoning a person unable to look after him or herself may face between two and six of years of prison. If any sort of harm comes to the abandoned person, the accused may face between three and 10 years of prison.

And according to Article 107, the minimum and maximum prison terms will be increased by one-third if the perpetrators of the crime are the parents of the abandoned.